My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 19


Luckily for us, nobody sustained any injury. We stood up and found out that the bus ran into a kiosk.

I look around me and observed that some passengers have gone to their destinations including the useless girl. I saw one woman selling guava so i decided to buy before taking a bike to my house.

Me: *knock* *knock*

Samuel: i dey come na who dey outside?

Me: your father from village.

Samue: haa idris, na wow for this your work oo.. Since morning na now you dey come.

He opened the door and i made my way to a chair closer to our television.

Samuel: wetin happen? Why plaster dey your head like this?

Me: *silent*

Samuel: talk na, na who do you this make i go finish the person one way abi na buy accident?

Me: hahahaha, Samuel you no go understand abeg. Today the kind things wey happen i no jux understand at all.

Samuel: *dragging a chair* abeg tell me wetin happen!

I told him everything that happened from my work place, how stephanie broke my head with a telephone, how she gave me another slap, how she left a note with her number on it and everything that happened inside the bus. Samuel was just laughing as he was listening.

Samuel: wait oo, first day for work na im this girl carry telephone smash your head?

Me: na thunder go fire you, see as you say “THIS GIRL” like say na ordinary girl she be!!

Samuel: abeg na wetin she be if not ordinary girl?

Me: na my Stephanie you dey call ordinary girl i think.

Samuel: wait oo, na your stephanie, na you get her?

Me: no na your father get her.

Samuel: taarh, dat girl with over bad character, make we talk about another thing jare. But you f—-d up oo..

Me: how?

Samuel: i like the way you play that girl but you for no bone am like dat…

Me: dat useless girl? Abeg forget about her jare. If you see the way she bone me enh, you go pity for me i swear.

Samuel: that’s why you do her like dat?

Me: yes oo, abeg wetin you cook?

Samuel: aaah, indomie dey oo you go chop?

Me: no i go pop, you no know say hungry won kill me here, buy the way see guava wey i buy oo..

Samuel: *collecting the guava* no probs.

He brought my indomie and i ate. Then i called my mum and told her about my job and she was very excited. I also promised to be sending money for them regularly for their upkeep, feeding and anyother thing they wish to have.

After that, we watched wrestling together before moving to bed to catch some sleep.
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i got up early and prepared for work or should i say going to meet stephanie in her house. Chaii my body dey sweet me like mad. So i go finally visit this girl.

I finished doing everything i need to do so early and woke Samuel up.

Samuel: *yawning*

Me: Mumu, your mate don dey prepare for work you still dey sleep.

Samuel: you don dey go her house?

Me: yes na, till i come back.

Samuel: wait first, you never tell me?

Me: tell you wetin?

Samuel: i don call the guy in charge of that cyber cafe over there. Him don tell me the price to make one better obituary paper but i no know if you go like make we paste your obituary paper for her or village?

Me: hahahaha, na you go die idiot. Abeg i don go ooo.

I said and left Samuel to sleep.
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