Whatever It Takes-Episode 12


The doorbell rang consistently. Mr. Fiagbe was in the living-room but kept shouting for Elorm to come out of the comfort of his room to attend to the door. Elorm stormed out of his room angrily and went to the door. Akwasi, elegantly dressed, was standing there with a smirk on his face. Elorm rubbed his eyes to calm his nerves. He was really enjoying his nap before his father’s strident voice drew him out, and his mood wasn’t really top notch as a result.

“Hello, brother-in-law!” Akwasi said with a pat on Elorm’s shoulder.

“Hi! Come right in and close the door behind you.” Elorm said and walked to his room. Mr. Fiagbe grinned from cheek to cheek when he saw Akwasi walk in. He got to his feet and gave him a big hug.

“Hi, son. It’s been a long time since I saw you. How have you been?” Mr. Fiagbe asked and pointed to the chair opposite his for Akwasi to sit.

“I’m fine Dad.” Akwasi answered as he sat down. “Can I see Esenam?”

“That fool is in her room. She’s refused to talk to everyone in this house with the exception of Yayra. She’s locked herself in. All she does is go from the bedroom to the bathroom and back. It’s as if she’s not even here. All attempts by her Mom and brother to bring her out have failed. She thinks I’ll fall for that sentimental bullshit. She can kill herself if that will make her feel better but she won’t disobey me. I will not have that in my house. I think she would listen to you now. Go and talk to her.” Akwasi got to his feet and walked confidently to Esenam’s door. He knocked on it several times but no response came.

“Esenam, it’s me, Akwasi. I have come to see you. Dear, please open the door. I need to talk to you. I need to see your beautiful face.” He waited a while but Esenam did not pay any heed to him. He knocked again and again but there was not even the sound of a dropped pin from Esenam’s room.

“Esenam, please for the sake of God and for what we shared, open this door. I need to see you. I do care about you and I’m very worried about you.” Esenam still did not answer. She was on her knees praying to her heavenly father for strength to endure her trials. She completely ignored Akwasi’s plea and persuasion. Akwasi walked back to the living-room confused.

“Dad, are you sure she’s in there?”

“Yes, I am sure, as my name is Kwami. That has been the order of the day since Sunday.”

“You mean she’s been like that for three days?” Akwasi was worried.

“Well, that’s what she wants us to believe; I know she comes out when we are out of the house. She’s only doing that to get to me but I’ve won, don’t worry. She won’t go to that church again and that means things would go back to how they were before all that craziness started. You will marry her and there would be peace at last.” Mr. Fiagbe supplied.

“I hope so Dad. I don’t want her to suffer for my sake though. If she truly doesn’t want to be with me, I think I will get over that. I just want her to be happy,”

“That’s nonsense and you know it. She would have no choice than to obey. There is too much at stake for her to just ignore. Trust me, she would come around soon. She’s acting like a spoilt brat presently but she would get over it as soon as the reality strike her. She can’t live on her own. I know that for a fact that’s why I’m threatening her with that. Don’t worry about a thing, son. Everything would be well.” Mr. Fiagbe reassured Akwasi.

Akwasi left for his house more confused than ever. He was sure Esenam would never forgive him for what he did. He wondered what Mr. Fiagbe would do to him if he knew the truth behind the breakup. He drove straight home to find his parents and sister watching a movie in the living-room. He joined in, glad for their company because that air of depression just wouldn’t leave him.

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