My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 16


I ran like flash, no zoom and entered inside her office.

Stephanie: *looking disgusted* goat!!! Can’t you knock?

She shouted!

Me: *smiling and grinning, wow she just called me a goat, i loved this* sorry ma.

I said with the sweetest smile. To her greatest surprise, i went outside, close the door and knocked.

Stephanie: *laughed but tighten her face immediately, did she just laughed* Come in!!!!!!

She barked.

Me: *chaiii, i swear she just laughed, i swear she just laughed oo* yes ma….

I said but as i entered, i started to shake like a scared dog, a christmass goat, a dieing donkey, or a wet leaf. The face i saw was not the face of my beloved but a face of a wild, untamed BEAST.

I felt one drop, two drops, three drops and wait ooo, no be piss i dey pi ss for trouser?

Stephanie looked at me and saw me shaking like a leaf. I saw the sign of happiness on her face but was masked by a wild frown.

Stephanie: *hahaha, like he is scared for real? I love this. I will make sure i make his life a living hell*

Me: *chaii, why we dey look ourselves eye ball to eye ball for body na, i don dey piss self*

Stephanie: *yes keep shaking like a dieing donkey, soon enough, i will watch your obituary on AIT*

we kept looking at ourselves for over ten minutes.

Stephanie: *shouted* why are you staring at me like that.

Me: sorry sir..
I looked on the floor.

Stephanie: sorry what?

Me: sorry sir. Sorry i mean sir, sorry i mean Ma sir..

Stephanie: look at me now.

She shouted, i looked at her.

Stephanie: tell me the truth, are you mad?

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Me: yes sir.

Me: sorry i mean no sir.

Me: sorry i meant yes ma, no no ma.

Stephanie: *tried her best to hold back her laughter. She has gotten a clown as a PA. The more she wicked him the more pleasure she feels* Idris..

She called my name. Chaiii, the thing sweet me enh, i don even piss finish, remain to mess. If to say i no dey the front of these fine girl enh, i for tear one hot mess.

My file was on her desk. She has gone through it already.

Me: yes ma

Stephanie: we will be going to shoot a film next tomorrow. I want you to go through these script.

she said giving me about seven papers.

Stephanie: go through it and edit it.. Change some little words to big words but it should synonymous. A dictionary is inside your drawal, use it..

Me: *collecting the scripts* yes ma….

I said and moved to my office. Immediately i closed the door, stephanie laughed so hard. The thing sweet me enh.

Na so i go dey do the editing as her laugh dey replay for my head. My telephone for table ring but i dey think of her laugh and i forget to pick it.

The telephone kept ringing but for where. After two hours, a tall and slim lady came to my office with a sad face.

Slim lady: stephanie has been calling you for two hours and you refused to pick up. She wants you in her office now.

She said and left

Me: iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Two hours!!

Now i know that the sad face is meant for me. I don die.
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