Whatever It Takes-Episode 11


The taxi pulled up at Esenam’s gate twenty minutes later. Esenam looked at her watch again and her heart missed another beat. She was very late. She hoped her parents would still be at church. She entered the compound and saw her Dad’s car parked in front of the garage. She was so assailed with great panic that her knees wobbled. She knew she was in deep trouble. She could feel it in her bones. She tried using the backdoor to the house and realized it was bolted from inside. She thought of sneaking into the garden for a while but knew that would only compound her problem.

She walked cautiously through the main door and met her parents in the living-room.

“Good afternoon Mom and Dad.” Esenam managed to say.

“Good afternoon sweetheart, how are you? I didn’t see you this morning.” Mrs. Fiagbe responded warmly.

“I’m fine, Mom. I had to leave a little early for an appointment. I didn’t want to wake all of you so I asked Elorm to tell you.” Esenam explained.

“Liar!” Mr. Fiagbe shouted and turned to his wife angrily. “I told you that church is not good for her. Do you now see the kind of influence they are having on her? She lies so naturally now. It’s like a part of her. She lies through her teeth without feeling any remorse. She had the audacity to look me in the eye and lie that she was out for an appointment. If I ask her right now what appointment she had to honour so early in the morning, I will hear some more lies. Does she think I’m stupid? Is it not a fact that she is coming from that church? Now Esenam, tell me you didn’t go to that church I’ve warned you about. Tell me you haven’t set foot anywhere near that church today.” Esenam could not utter a word. She stood rooted to the spot with her eyes downcast. There was no way she would lie about going to Church. She thought it was better she said nothing at all.

“You see! She thinks she’s smart. She had the nerve to disobey me. God, what has gotten into you? I thought I made myself perfectly clear the last time. The fact that I’ve been quiet doesn’t mean I’ve changed my mind. I’m giving you the last warning, Esenam. I don’t want to see or hear that you’ve entered that Church ever again. You would force me to take very drastic measures if you do so. If you value your wellbeing, you would do as I say. Now, clear off from my face. The sight of you and your wayward ways make me sick to the stomach.”

Esenam stormed out of the living-room in anger. She could not understand why her Dad was being so obnoxious. It was not like she was doing anything illegal or wrong. She was just trying to do the right thing by serving God the way is required of all humans. Was that too much for anybody, especially her Dad, to understand?

She entered her room and threw herself on her bed, and suddenly her whole body started shaking as tears racked her. Why was she being tormented like this by the very person she needed the most support from? Why was it so difficult for her own father to embrace her new life? What was she supposed to do? Should she give it all up? She knew without a shadow of a doubt that she did not want to stop serving God with a whole soul. She wanted to be counted worthy in God’s eyes and the only way to gain that was to serve Him without letting up.

She prayed silently for strength from God to help her keep her zeal and integrity. In the living-room Mrs. Fiagbe urged her husband to go easy on their daughter. She tried to convince him to accept Esenam’s decision to fellowship elsewhere since she had seen some positive traits in how Esenam related with people ever since she started fellowshipping with that church.

“I don’t think they are influencing her negatively. Don’t you see how helpful she is around the house these days? We should let her be. Who knows, maybe something very positive would come out of it all.” Mrs. Fiagbe stated.

“Just listen to yourself! You are equally crazy. You’ve pampered her too much; that is why she behaves that way. You are always making excuses for her. She has no reason or excuse to disobey me. I am her father. I gave her life!” Mr. Fiagbe fired back.

“It is God who gives life. He only uses us to make it possible.” Mrs. Fiagbe replied as she fought to keep her cool.

“You are always playing God with everyone. We are human beings too. We have our needs and wants. It is not always that our decisions would be in line with what you want but you have to support it. Try and open up a bit and stop behaving as if you are the only one who matters here. You are the head and not the God of this house.”

“Look woman, I don’t want to argue with you! That child needs to be disciplined and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m doing this for her own well being. Stop behaving as if am against her.” Mr. Fiagbe said and got to his feet.

“Walking away, right? So typical of you. You always love to have the final say, don’t you? You really disappoint me, Alfred. I’ve stomached a lot of your selfish attitude. We are not your assets that you can control anyhow. We have blood running through our veins just like you and it’s about time you considered that fact. I’m tired of being relegated to the background just to please you. Marriage is a give and take situation. I am tired of giving all the time. This unfair treatment must stop.” Mrs. Fiagbe left the living room, leaving Mr. Fiagbe in total shock.

They’ve been married for thirty-two years and he had never heard Sylvia talk like that to him. He was even more shocked with the bitterness she had expressed in her little speech. Had he been that horrible as a husband, or she was just exaggerating? He blamed Esenam for everything. If she had obeyed him all these would not have happened. He was resolved more than ever to ensure that she cut links with the people who had brought nothing but arguments to his household. He did not deserve that kind of chaos in his home. There was total peace and harmony in his home until Esenam joined that church. He would have to be firmer to ensure that things don’t change for the worst. Esenam must obey him, after all, was that not what the Bible admonished children to do?

Ok now Esenam and her mother is just being annoying, why can’t just tell that bearded head call himself man of the house but knows nothing about what’s going in there the truth when the chance comes?