My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 15


I run so fast and hide myself inside an uncomplited building.

Samuel: *stopped and was breathing fast* where did he go?

Boy 1: i no know oo, maybe he go dey here somewhere.

Boy 2: *panting* he go be true, him dey here somewhere.

Samuel: make we search for am quickly abeg.

I just hid myself looking at them. After one hour of fruitless search, they stood up and went home.

Me: chaii, so na so dem for tag me as mad man. But wait oo, why i come behave like this na?

I thought as my mind flashed back. Oh yes i remember. That afternoon was so hot. I decided to take a cool bath to chill myself. As i was about to enter inside the bathroom, Hassan called me and broke the goodnews to me making me to run outside halfly or one quarter naked.

Me: but wait oo, if to say na work i get for oil company na so i for come out come disgrace myself. NO, if to say na to travel go abroad go marry na so i for take disgrace myself, NO. But as they just tell me about STEPHANIE i won mad. But the girl fine oo. Chaii if she smile for you enh, i love that girl like mad.

I said sitting down in the uncomplited building. I waited till everywhere was dark, very dark before going home.

Me: *knocked on our door*

Samuel: i dey come.

Me: *knocked rapidly again, i don’t want anyone to see me*

Samuel: *angrily* i say i dey come na!!!

He opened the door and immediately he saw me, he hold my neck tightly and gave me a chokeslam.

As i was lying helplessly on the floor, he drew me inside and i layed down on the center of our carpet.

Then he walked to the room and brought out ropes, strong ropes.

As i saw him coming with ropes, i tried to run but he ran at a great speed delivering a deadly spear to my back.

I fell down again and he tied me..

Samuel: chaii, my best friend don mad oo..

He said as he sat down opposite me..

Me: *weakly and was tied strongly* no be so, i never mad!

Samuel: na so them they always talk. Mad man no know say him dey mad thats why him dey eat s–t!

Me: Samuel i swear i never mad.

Samuel: story for the gods!

Me: you no believe me..

Samuel: no!!

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I took time and explained everything to him. He took my phone and called Hassan to confirm about the Job and it was true.

I was still tied down when Samuel started laughing. Seriously, the laugh was very annoying.

Samuel: so because of this girl you don mad like this?

Me: abegee, free me.. No be me you use practice wrestling now now.

He continued laughing, stood up and brought out his phone. I was still tied down when he took several photos of me with the caption: MADNESS ON WEDNESDAY.

He uploaded them to twitter, Facebook, instragram and so much more. I knew its just a matter of time because i would soon be famous when people started to like his post.


I was sitted in my new office. My boss STEPHANIE is yet to arrive. I left home so early to avoid those guys from seeing me..

When i entered inside the company, i had a short interview. Did some paper work which included signing and my office was given to me because stephanie need a PA so urgent.

I was sitted in my office when my Telephone rang ontop the table.

Me: hello

voice: come to my office right now.

Me: wow, its stephanie oo.. She has arrived.

Time to look into those beautiful celebrity eyes once again.
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