My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 17


Chaiii, wetin be this na… Which kind wahala i come put myself like this? I asked myself as i stood in front of her door unable to do a thing.

From nowhere, i just summon courage and enter inside. The next thing i saw baffled me, a flying telephone.

Me: *na which day telephone start to fly na*

i asked myself but before i realised that she threw her telephone on her desk at me, it was too late


then blood start dripping, did i said drip? It started gushing from my head as the telephone broke into pieces.

I looked around and observed that the environment was dark, very dark. Then i saw a white unicorn, and white cloud surrounded with angels.

Then i saw peter pan and twinkle bell, i held twinkle bell in my hand and sprayed her dust on my body, then i started to fly. I was flying high and fast before George of the jungle came and we both crashed on a big tree and i woke up…

Me: *woke up from my trance* where i dey?

I looked around me and everywhere was painted white. I was lying on a bed with green sheet. My head was covered with plaster and it hurts alot.

Me: *fuming, getting angry and annoyed* wetin be this rubbish na? She dey mad? Infact make she come make i slap stupidity out of her. Because say she fine, get long hair, her lips dey kissable, she get nice boobs and big a-s, because she get cute eye thats why she think say she go fit treat the mighty Idris like this? E b like say craze dey worry her. If i no deal with her today call me idiot. Nonsense and rubbish!!!!!!

She entered, wow she just entered inside my ward.

Stephanie: *with her American accent* what is nonsense and rubbish?

Me: my middle names ma

Stephanie: hahahaha

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she couldn’t hold it anymore, surely surely this guy is a clown.

Stephanie: and i thought you were angry at me oo.

She said sitting down close to me.. My heart commot from my chest go hide they beat for my ynash.

Me: *looking her at her eyes* am i mad, am i stupid? Do you know who you are to me??

Stephanie: *looking seriously* hmm, who am i to you?

Me: *summon ojuku’s courage, namdi azikwe’s courage and nelson mandela’s* you are the nicest and most beautiful boss i have ever worked with.

Stephanie: wait you said i am nice? What about the injury i inflicted on you…

Me: oh this *pointing at my head* its not an injury but vitamin C and iron, it strengthen my bones and skull.

Stephanie: hahaha, proof it?

I stood up and nod the wall with a great force, i felt my brain coming out in liquid state through the plaster. It got to my mouth and i tasted it. hmm so e dey taste like salt.

Stephanie laughed at this and a tear drop down her eye, then i made the mistake of my life.

Me: your laugh is beautiful!

Stephanie: you said what?

Me: your laugh is beautiful!

She came close to me, held my face, position it wella and


this time, i was the referee at the war between batman and superman. Superman no too strong self, see as batman beat am won kill am, after him go dey claim god. Mtcheeew!!
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