Whatever It Takes-Episode 13


Mrs. Amegashie noticed Akwasi was not himself. He looked like he was carrying the whole world on his shoulders.

“You are home early. Was Esenam out of town or something?” Mrs. Amegashie asked trying to get Akwasi to open up.

“Mom, could you believe that Esenam has locked herself in her room for three days and has refused to speak to anyone? She didn’t talk to me either.”

“Why, what’s her problem?” Akwasi’s mother asked.

“I don’t know, Mom. I think she had an argument with her Dad or something.”

“Liar! You know exactly why she’s doing that. It’s all because of you.” Enyonam stated confidently.

“Talking of Esenam, it’s been a while since I last saw her in this house. Akwasi, why doesn’t she come here anymore? Are you two fighting?” Mrs. Amegashie queried.

“I don’t know Mom.” Akwasi answered feeling a little bashed about the whole situation.

“Oh son, you can do better than that. You can’t tell me you don’t know why your fiancée doesn’t come to visit us – and especially you – anymore. There’s something going on and you can confide in us, you know. We are your only family” Mr. Amegashie cut in.

“Dad, as for me I’m not surprised she’s not set foot here after your son almost…….” Enyonam began.

“Just shut up, will you? Esenam is my business. No one is talking to you.” Akwasi cut in rudely.

“You two… don’t keep us in the dark. What is going on?” Mr. Amegashie enquired. Akwasi felt like the world was going to collapse on him. He knew if he did not act fast, Enyonam was going to let the cat out of the bag. He lied that he had an argument with Esenam and she took it too serious and broke off their engagement. Whatever Akwasi was selling, his father was not buying. He knew how level-headed Esenam was. He would not believe Esenam would break off their engagement over an argument.

“Son, I think you can do better. Did you cheat on her? Did she find out? Was that why she left you?” Mr. Amegashie kept the questions coming.

“That would have been far better than what exactly happened, Daddy.” Enyonam supplied. Akwasi go to his feet and charged on Enyonam.

“Shut up, busy body. Why are you always on my case? Can’t you mind your own business for once? Go get yourself a boyfriend or something and stop poking your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

“I won’t have you talk to your elder sister like that. Show some respect at least for those who are older than you.” Mr. Amegashie called him to order and turned to his daughter for explanations.

“Now Enyonam, you obviously know something that we don’t. Get it out already.”

“Akwasi behaved very badly towards Esenam. I know she is hurt. I would be t…..”

“Cut the act, young lady, and go straight to the point. What happened exactly?” Mr. Amegashie said impatiently.

“Well, I walked in from town some months ago to find Akwasi trying to force himself on the poor girl. Esenam was crying, begging him to stop but he wouldn’t listen. He tore off her shirt and if I hadn’t walked in that instant only God knows what would’ve happened. He doesn’t deserve a woman like Esenam. Esenam virtually run out of the house in her torn clothes and has since not showed up here. I met her in town the other day and she told me she’d tried to forget the incident but she couldn’t. She said she could never trust him again so she’d broken off with him. Dad, she told me she’d talk to you later, so I thought you knew.” Mrs. Amegashie was sorely disappointed.

“Akwasi, tell me your sister is making up that story. I know you two don’t get along. Please tell me you did no such thing.” Akwasi did not utter a word. Mr. Amegashie rephrased the question for him.

“Akwasi, is it true you tried to force yourself on your own fiancée?”

“I wouldn’t put it like that Dad. I was just testing…..”

“It’s true he tried to rape her. In fact, he tore off her shirt. And because she broke off with him, her father is threatening to disown her. He thinks the new church influenced her to break off her engagement with Akwasi. The last time I saw Esenam, she was really miserable.” Enyonam stated. Mr. and Mrs. Amegashie were saddened by their only son’s behaviour. Mrs. Amegashie could not understand why in God’s name Akwasi could do a thing like that.

“You’ve disappointed me, Akwasi. Is that how we brought you up? You are a disgrace to this family. How could you even think of doing that to your fiancée and a family friend? Now, how are we going to face her father? Our families have been friends for years and we were looking forward to marrying you two to permanently seal our friendship. We didn’t want to force it on you, that was why it came as a joy when you two fell in love naturally, now look at what you’ve done. Do you realize the damage this could do to our friendship with the Fiagbes? How could you disgrace us like this? I’m really disappointed in you Akwasi, I really am. Since you created this mess, deal with it yourself and don’t count on my help. Esenam didn’t deserve to be treated like that especially by you. I’m going to take away some privileges you have as punishment for that abominable behaviour of yours. I’m too heartbroken for your unacceptable behaviour right now to think straight.” Mr. Amegashie said and walked out of the house.

Mrs. Amegashie was devastated. She could not grasp why Akwasi would try anything like that on Esenam, his Angel, as he called her. She kept asking Akwasi why he did it but no response came from him. She stared at the TV set without really paying attention to what was showing. Enyonam and Akwasi left for their rooms. Mrs. Amegashie continued to sit in a shocked stupor as she tried to grasp the implications her son’s actions.

If you were Akwasi’s parents what would you do?

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