Web Of Mistakes Episode 6


The door leading to Jessica’s office opened, a handsome man smartly dressed in denim jean and a light blue longsleeve shirt walked in.
Jessica looked up and smiled. “Hey, Evan what you doing here?”
Evan frowned. “Is that how you greet your visitors?” He sat down, univited.
Jessica laughed. “Uhm, ya most of the time, especially univited guests.” She laughed again.
Evan gave her a questioning look.“Don’t give me that look. I didn’t do anything wrong.” She said looking innocent.
Evan kept staring at her.
“All right, all right, come here,” She opened her arms.
Evan got up delightedly and welcomed her embrace.
The door made a sound which abruptly ended the warm embrace. “Who’s there?” asked Jessica terrified. She walked to the door, opened it and found no one around, she heard some light footsteps. Few minutes later, she heard nothing. “Evan, Evan,” Jessica called breathlessly as she ran back to her office.
Evan hadn’t followed her out, he just wanted to see her frightened. as she got to the door, she locked it and ran to him, holding him so tight. “He….he…..” she stammered whimpering. She held on to him, Evan didn’t let go of her. “He was here Evan, he came to kill me.”
“Shhh! Hush, calm down, okay?” said Evan patting her back.
Jessica freed herself from Evan’s hold. Her face turned pale, her lips quivering, her hands trembling. “Evan, he was here,” the tears came down slowly. She sobbed.
“Who was here?” Evan asked puzzled.
Jessica paced around her office for several minutes. She turned to Evan when she was done,
“The man that almost killed me the other night-”
“What night? What are you talking about?”
Jessica went dumb for the next five minutes, her eyes dropped to the ground, she kept biting her fingers, not saying a word.
Evan was getting impatient. He didn’t know how to deal with girls like Jessica, the emotional type. She was just too dramatic, easily scared and acting like a child. He couldn’t wait any longer. She’d better drop this attitude or he’d yell at her and walk away.
But he couldn’t. How could he even think of doing such a thing? He had to stay and play the good guy, be her hero, get the b—h to marry him, get the money and kill her. This ain’t easy at all, he thought.
Grudgingly, he raised her head up placing his fingers, the thumb and index on her chin. His gaze met hers? “Jess honey, tell me, what night are you talking about?
Jessica turned away from him. “You don’t know? Oh, yes you don’t know. I can’t say, I can’t, can’t can’t!” she walked back to him, held the collar of his shirt, shaking him, he didn’t move. “Take me outta here Evan, I wanna go home.”
Jessica was rumpling his favorite shirt. Forcefully, he took her hands off him and shook her violently. “Jessica!” bellowed Evan. “Don’t touch me that way! What in the name of God is wrong with you? Let go off me!” He pushed her away.
Jessica really had it with Evan. It was her weak moment, the moment she needed someone to be there for her. When she needed someone to talk to.
With the tears falling from her eyes more heavily this time, she stormed out of her office and the hospital. She must have heard her name being called by different persons, she couldn’t even recall their voices. She didn’t look back, she carried on, cried more and more till she was out of the hospital. As she got to the street, she started running.
Isaac sat on the bonnet of Evan’s car, he sighted Jessica running and went after her.
“Jessica!” he shouted.
She didn’t look back, she kept on running.
“Jessica!” he called out her name again, this time, running to catch up with her.
She looked back, saw him and increased her speed.
“S–t!” Isaac. He increased his speed too. He could outrun her and catch her. All he needed was focus and determination. She’s a pretty good runner, he thought.
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“This is the receiver,” Carl said pointing to the receiver of the small caliber .22 pistol he was holding. He tossed the gun and caught it with a finger. “Here’s the magazine catch, the trigger, trigger guard, slide stop…..” Carl continued lecturing Shirley.
Hands on hips, Shirley gawked at Carl and the gun. She wasn’t a bit interested in his boring lecture, all she wanted was to know how to shoot and not the parts of a gun. How will you know how to handle one if you don’t know the parts? A voice in her head asked. Immediately, she pushed those thoughts aside.
“Darling, whatsup?” asked Carl smiling.
Not being able to pretend to enjoy the boring lecture, Shirley sighed and was about to speak, Carl interrupted.
“Uh-uh, I don’t want you complaining like a baby. I left home ’cause of this.”
Shocked at his mocking statement, Shirley exploded, “First of all, I was not about to complain or whine. Secondly, I’m not the reason you left your home.”
Carl was making a face, wanting to say a few words, she held up her index finger, “You know what? I’m so bored of your lecture…. Its not fun and interesting, I’d prefer staring at the wall to listening to your blabbings. Just teach me the main thing and not this rubbish, okay? No protests, I’m the one in charge now!” she concluded.
Carl couldn’t say no or even utter a word. She’d won and he couldn’t do a thing except follow her lead. She’s in charge now. He liked this other side of her though he’d never seen it before. He was happy she knew her rights and could speak up for herself.
“What do you mean by she knows her rights?” He hit his head and shook it. “She’s a lawyer, a good one.” He reminded himself.
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Breathlessly, Isaac caught Jessica’s arm. She flung it to let go but Isaac was too strong for her. He held her arm still. Jessica tried to fight him with all her strength. It was all in vain, getting no where.
“Hold still!” Isaac screamed at her trying to steady her and at the same time escaping her blows and kicks. He carried her from behind, she opened her legs wide forcefully trying to bring herself down. Fortunately, her denim jean helped her. Isaac wasn’t letting go.
“Let me go!” Jessica shouted, “Common, put me down!” She’d called undue attention to herself and Isaac.
Passers-by stopped to watch the show Jessica was putting on.
Isaac dropped her. She faced him.
Little children stared, mouths agape, they mistook her for a crazy woman. Her hair was rumpled, she was making noise in public, so so embarrassing.
Gradually, she became aware that people were watching her, she and Isaac were not alone. Unaware of her appearance, she turned her head and smiled to a little baby. Shocked, the baby started wailing, Jessica grinned and waved to make the baby calm down, the wailing increased.
Confused, she turned to Isaac and asked, “What’s wrong?”
Isaac gasped, nodding his head in astonishment. Now he knew why the little baby had been frightened. Jessica looked like a witch, a witch is an understatement…. more like a ghost. She’d been crying, her mascara had run over her eyes to her face…..her hair was something else.
Clearing his throath, he uttered some words, “No, everything is cool,” Turning to the crowd already staring at them, “She’s my sister, I can take care of her, thanks for your concern, you can all leave now.” He smiled and made a gesture.
The people murmured, then began to move to their various businesses. Isaac took Jessica’s arm and made her follow him to a quiet street.
“Isaac,” she said quietly, “What’s going on? How come I scared that little baby? Children are never frightened by me.”
He smirked. “You should see your face.”
She put her hands on her face as if searching for something on it. “What’s up with my face?”
He looked around and saw water gathered in a place. “Go look your face there,” he motioned Jessica.
She hurriedly ran to check her face, “Jesus! Witch!” she bellowed.
Laughing, Isaac said, “That’s you.”
Giving him a questioning look, she asked, “Are you scared of me too?”
“I’d have never even chased you if I were.”
“Hey, before I forget, why did you run out of the hospital, are you okay?”
“Does it look like I’m okay to you?” Tears clouded her eyes, they almost fell. She had just been reminded of the unexpected event which occurred at her office. She backed Isaac remembering Evan’s treatment, Isaac wouldn’t treat me any better, she thought.
She was mistaken. Isaac walked towards her, held her fingers, gently cuddling them, he then embraced her. He cleared his throath. “I know I’m not supposed to get even close to you or touch you.” He paused, then continued, “I just can’t help it, I hate seeing you this way, I don’t like the way you fled the hospital like an insane woman.” He sighed deeply. “I don’t want any of that, I… I want you happy.”
By the time Isaac had finished his speech, Jessica was already comfortable in his arms, her breathing was now steady and she could think clearly. Who’d have thought a bodyguard could really give her what she truly wanted, she wasn’t scared or troubled around him. She felt peace, an inner calm she’d never felt in a really long time. She didn’t want to think further, Isaac was all she needed at this moment. He calmed and soothed her.
“Thank you.” the words came out of her mouth slowly, but filled with gratitude. She had no idea when they did and was surprised.
He didn’t respond, he just held on tight to her. It had been long since he got close to any woman. The woman he’d once loved was brutally murdered by…. He’s forgotten all about it and didn’t want to think about the past, just about the present and forget the future too.
A beat of silence ticked by. Both Jessica and Isaac were speechless, just enjoying the company of each other. Nothing could be heard except their heart beats.
Jessica raised her head and looked into his blue eyes, those eyes that made it difficult for her to move the very first day she saw him.
Isaac looked down and stared into hers. Minutes later, they were kissing. Jessica clung to him, as if she’d never let him go. Isaac did same.
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Isaac’s cell phone rang, that brought the kiss to an end. They never wished it to end. Letting go of Jessica, Isaac brought out his cell from his pocket, flipped it open. The caller was Evan. Before answering, he looked around to make sure Evan nor his other men had not seen him smooching Jessica.
“Who’s calling?” Jessica managed to ask without looking Isaac in the face, knowing he was delaying in answering.
“Ehm… Evan.” he stammered. He answered.
“Isaac!” Evan yelled, “Where the hell are you at?”
He backed Jessica.
“Is there any problem?” Isaac asked, unsure if that was the right thing to say.
“I need you to go find Jessica. She stormed out of her office about an hour ago, I couldn’t go after her.”
“What do you mean you couldn’t go after her?” Isaac was annoyed. If he hadn’t chased Jessica, she might have been lost, all by herself and terrified. What kinda guy was Evan, doesn’t he have human feelings? “Ehm, I’m sorry for sounding like that,” he quickly apologised, Evan was the boss.
“Hold on please.”
He turned back to Jessica, “Evan wants me to find you, I’ll tell him I’m with you and take you back to him.” Jessica tried protesting, Isaac didn’t give her that chance.
“She’s with me, found her when I went to get something. She’s a mess.”
Relieved, Evan said, “Please fix her up, tell her I’m sorry and I love her. Bring her to my place when you’re done.” He hung up.
“Jessica,” he said, turning to her, “he says he loves you, he is sorry for whatever happened between you two.”
She scoffed. “I don’t want to meet him.”
“I’m sorry, but I’m just following orders, he’s my boss. We are going to make you look nice, then we’ll head to his apartment. Wasn’t it tonight you’re supposed to host a party, introducing Evan to your cousin and friend?”
“Oh!” exclaimed Jessica, remembering the dinner she invited Dominic for and which Shirley turned down. Thinking about Shirley made her feel weak. “I don’t think it will hold anymore. I am not in the mood for that. Can you please hand me your cell phone? I want to make a call.”
Isaac passed his phone to Jessica’s unsteady hands, she quickly punched certain numbers and dialed. Without looking at the screen of the cell after dialing, the cell was on her left ear within seconds.
“Yes, what is it?” A stern male voice asked.
“Huh?” confused Jessica made a sound. “Dominic, is that you? Its me Jess.”
Isaac wasn’t comfortable at all with Jessica’s call, he moved closer to her.
“The dinner is cancelled. I’m sorry. Shirley’s not in town and I’m not myself. Please.”
Dominic remained mute for several minutes.
“My dear cousin, please.” Jessica pleaded childishly.
Dominic was touched. “Alright dear, I’m okay with it.”
Jessica knew he wasn’t okay, but she had other things to think of. “Bye.”
The phone was taken immediately from her by Isaac. “We have to go now.”
She nodded in agreement.
“Lets begin by getting outta here.”
* * *
Finally, touching a gun and ready to shoot, Shirley was so excited. She stood straight with her legs apart, holding the .22 Caliber on both hands. Her hold on the pistol was firm. The board was far ahead. She was poised, ready to go.
“Wait!” Carl stopped her.
Frowning, she gave him a weird look, surrendering, he said, “Don’t look at me that way. I just remembered you need these glasses for your eye protection and ear muffs so you don’t lose your hearing. Here.” He handed them to her.
“Thanks.” she smiled sheepishly.
Carl grinned.
She had trouble putting them on. She turned to Carl, pleading with her eyes.
He laughed. “You should ask for help.” Walking close to her, he took the muff and glasses from her and helped her with them. She smiled in return. He put on his ear muff and eye protection, had his pistol and they were good to go.
“One more thing, maintain your stance and don’t-”It was too late, Shirley hadn’t been listening and she was so excited about handling her first gun.
She had already shot into the air, missing the board, her target, the force she used made her lose her stance. She started to fall.
Carl turned to her-the sound of the gun cut him off his warning speech-dropped his gun and caught the falling Shirley. He caught her by the waist and lifted her feet off the ground like a baby.
“Open your eyes,” he said softly.
Her eyes had been shut, she knew she was to fall.
Opening one eye, she saw the face of Carl, giggling, she opened the other and childishly asked:
“What happened?”
Carl smiled back. “What happened is when you are too impatient to listen to instructions.”
He didn’t believe he said that. He was supposed to get angry, shout at her, but he didn’t. Something was happening to him. Something really strange but he liked it.
Taking a deep breath, Shirley smiled at him, “Mr Police Officer, I thought you’d yell and beat me up, you didn’t. You are nice.” She bit her lips.
Blushing her looked away from her never-ending gaze. He felt shy at that moment.
“I guess you’d have hated me. I don’t want that.”