Web Of Mistakes Episode 7


Isaac had turned Jessica into a princess. The supposedly-witch-looking Jessica was now more of an angel. She was all dressed in blue stilleto heels, a sleeveless, fitted dress and a purse to match. Her hair neatly tied back in a bun. Silver earnings on her ear lobes dangled, her lips were bright red. She was gorgeous!
Evan, smartly dressed in a black coat went to them.
 “Hello, my queen,” he said, taking her slender arm and kissed it. Jessica wasn’t pleased to see Evan, she forced a smile. She hadn’t wanted to see Evan or even meet with him, Isaac had forced her saying he was just following orders. She had wondered if that was the same Isaac that had rescued her from her own self.
“I’m glad you could make it. I was worried and you know….” Evan was saying.
“Lets go in. Isaac, wait outside.”
“Yes, sir.”
Evan led Jessica into his huge mansion. Jessica looked back at Isaac, she didn’t want to go with Evan, Isaac is the person she wants to be with. Meanwhile, Isaac refused meeting her eyes.
Few minutes after they left, Richmond strolled into the compound, straight to Isaac.
“You were with Jessica, today?”
“I wasn’t.”
“How come you knew where to find her?”
“It was an accident,” Isaac lied, not wanting Richmond or Evan to find out that they both kissed.
“I was tired of waiting for Evan, so I went to get a cup of coffee. Coincidentally, I saw Jessica, was about consoling her, Evan called.”
“Hmm.” Richmond eyed Isaac. He hardly believed Isaac, but had no proof to doubt him. “I hate to say this, but if you get on the way, if you try to shatter our plans, you’ll have to die first. Lets hope your c–k and bull story is true. Evan’s a better man for Jessica, you’re no match for her.”
Isaac remained silent. This irritated Richmond more and more. Fuming, he departed from Isaac.
**** **** **** ****
At Evan’s mansion, he made Jessica feel special. He apologised for his rude behaviour earlier that day giving an excuse that it was due to his having a bad morning.
Jessica wasn’t listening to Evan.
 She was wearing a white wedding dress. Isaac dressed in a denim jean and longsleeved white shirt, running towards Jessica with a smile on his face. The wind was blowing quite strongly, which sent Jessica’s hair flying in the air as she ran to meet her prince charming.
As the gap between them closed, they both stopped abruptly looking each other intently in the eyes and grinning, with their hearts beating very fast, their breathing heavy. Minutes later, they were in each other’s arm. Isaac stroked her back gently, murmuring few words into her ear.
His mouth was so close to her right ears, his breath on it caused her to feel tingling sensations, she was pleased. She giggled like a baby. He had said he loves her.
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Evan couldn’t help but stare at Jessica with his mouth agape. He had been talking to Jessica for over fifteen minutes. She hadn’t responded, she just looked away and smiled. He heard her murmur Isaac.
He was filled with rage. I knew it! He thought to himself, Jessica was getting to like Isaac, he had to do something quick. Get rid of Isaac. He couldn’t let Jessica see or sense his anger, he just had to take things easy and remain calm.
“Jessica,” he called slowly, tapping her hand for the 5th time. He shook her gently.
“Huh?” Jessica made a sound slowly returning from the world of fantasies to reality. She sat up straight and faced him. She cleared her throat . “I’m sorry, you were saying?”
Evan laughed loudly, trying to be nice.
“Baby, I’ve been talking to myself since we walked in together.”
“I’ve been with you all this time, haven’t I?” She added, unsure of what she said. Did I go anywhere? She asked herself.
Evan grinned. “Yeah. Your body was present but your mind, far, far away.”
“Oh.” Jessica realized she’d been thinking of Isaac. Wasn’t that real? Oh! How could I have thought of him when Evan’s here. “Awww.” she made a face. “Evan, I’m really sorry. You know I have a lot of problems. I can’t seem to stop thinking about them.” she refused meeting his gaze.
“I understand, dear. I talked to your mum. I asked her about the night you talked about, she told me everything. I was a fool for not knowing, not even asking. Such a thing, I’m sure you’re so scared to tell anyone about it.” He paused. He looked her direction, she was looking down, playing with her fingers. He drew closer to her, lifted her head up and stared into her eyes.
She tried to look away.
“Jess, look into my eyes.”
She obeyed. Saw the pain and concern in them. She studied his face. He was really concerned about her. He was a friend, but Isaac, oh Isaac.
“I know and understand what you are going through right now. I feel all your pains. I am willing to scarifice everything to be in your place.” He took her hands and kissed them.
Her eyes never left his face.
“I will protect you and always be there for you. I will never leave. Wish it had been me that found you and not my bodyguard.” He said that word spitefully.
“I now get all that you’ve been through . I promise to lay down my life for you.” He smiled. Mission accomplished. She now had a soft spot for him. Her face was readable.
Jessica looked into his eyes and was lost in thought. Evan’s words really consolled her, she felt alone no more. In a very long time, words hadn’t had much effect on her, Shirley consolled with her hugs and sweet talks, Isaac did with actions. But Evan was different, he had used words only. His actions could help me more and more. I can get to trust him. There was this doubt in her, but she couldn’t place her fingers on it. She exhaled.
Evan didn’t give Jessica a chance to speak, he stood up, lifted her from the chair and took her to the dining. “I guess you’re hungry, my queen.”
That was when Jessica felt her tummy grumbling. She had not eaten a nice meal that day, just had coffee in the morning and roughly took some snacks. 
“Yes, I am.”
“What would you like to eat?”
“Anything.” she really couldn’t think of what to eat.
Evan smiled. “Anything, it is.”
He was handsome when he smiled. She just noticed it. He had smiled several times at her, she had never looked at him the way she did today. She had drawn closer to him.
“Anything.” she chuckled.
“I’ll cook anything for you.” He took her hand leading her to the kitchen.
She was surprised. “You cook?”
He just chuckled.
Great! He’s so cool, I wish I had given him a chance. Richmond sure knows what’s best for me. She smiled lazily.
Jessica couldn’t help but stare at the neat and magnificent kitchen. It was big and spacious, stuffed with every kitchen utensil. Evan was really a rich man. She wondered why he lived alone. She brushed the thought aside….. All she wanted was to enjoy his company at his home.
He left her and went through the cupboards. When he was done, he looked at her smiling, “My princess said anything.” He laughed loudly again. “Let’s eat barbecue. Kansas city-style. Don’t worry, you’ll eat snacks as you watch me prepare it.”