Web Of Mistakes Episode 8


Carl smiled. 
“You were so angry at him. You screamed that day and cursed your late brother. You wished you could lay your hands on all his money, but Jessica had it all and getting her killed would get you something.”
“D–n it!” He hit the sofa. “That selfish brother of mine. He never cared about me. He was aware I was not financially okay, he couldn’t leave a single dime for us, he gave everything to that little witch – Jessica!”
Shirley and Carl listened attentively. Only the old man’s voice and his continous striking at the sofa could be heard.
“At that moment when the will was read, I felt like killing her there and then. It was written that if anything happens to her, I and Dominic, the devil, would have a greater share. I wanted to strangle her. My b—–d of a brother thinks nothing can be done to her. I pray she dies.” He concluded wickedly and spat again.
He was behind it after all. Anger and rage flashed through Shirley’s eyes. This devil in human form. How dare he! She found her voice and raised it.
“You conniving wicked old man! What did that poor girl do to you that you want her dead? Must you have her money?” She stamped her foot on the ground and pointed a finger at him. “If anything happens to her, I’ll kill you! You’ll surely die.”
Carl stood up and held her. She was already sobbing which gradually turned into wailing. He couldn’t find the right words to sooth her at that moment, he held her in his arms and stroked her gently.
Simon chucked. “I never said I wanted her dead. I only wishes and pray she dies.”
“Tell me something,” Carl said coldly, Shirley still in his arms, “You sent a man to kill her right? Eight months ago and you’ve never striked since then, you just scared the hell out of the poor girl.”
Simon was dazed. “What are you talking about? I have no idea what you’re saying.”
Shirley laughed mockingly, very loud. “Don’t pretend old man. You sent a man to kill her. From all you said, you don’t care if she lives or dies, you have a lot to gain from her death. Don’t deny it.”
Simon had had enough. He was fed up. This conversation was getting too long.
“You two, get up and leave my house. I’ve had enough. I hate my brother and his family. He died giving me nothing and I hate him more. I wish them nothing more than death, but I didn’t have a hand in whatever you’re telling me. Now bounce!” He roared angrily.
“Hun, lets leave.” Turning to Simon, “I didn’t expect you to confess easily, but with time, you will. I’ll be back and better get ready for me.” He dragged Shirley out. She hadn’t wanted to leave, she wanted to get the old man’s head off his body. Carl would hear none of that.
Carl banged the door hard. As they got off the doorstep, they saw the back of a young man running. Carl tried to chase him but it was too late. Seems he’d heard their conversation and ran off as he heard them leave.
They both walked to the car, saying nothing to each other, Shirley continued sobbing quietly. All she could think of was Jessica. People could be so cruel, how could she be hated by her own blood? That man was the devil and had to pay. She determined to see him and his accomplice behind bars. That would happen.
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Evan and Jessica sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and ate together the Kansas City- style barbecue. Evan really was a good cook. He wore his apron before cooking and had given Jessica a box of pizza to eat.
Kansas barbecue was kinda difficult to prepare. Jessica ate her pizza and watched Evan prepare her dish. She admired him for that. He made use of pork meat, beef and mutton meat, vegetable oil, onion, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, salt, paprilca, tomatos which are spicy and tangy flavour profiles. The pork was smoked. He added baked beans, French fries and cole slaw.
She had to admit that Evan was a traditional man. He had all the ingredients stuffed in his cozy kitchen, always ready.
In less than two hours, the food was ready, Evan insisted on serving Jessica. She finally let him have his way. The dish was delicious and very spicy. Jessica threw a glance at Evan who was enjoying his meal. He ate hungrily. She laughed heartily, “So, you’re this hungry. You made me feel like I’m the only hungry person here.” She took another bite of her fries.
Evan smiled. “I had to hide it. Thank you.”
“Thank you? What for?”
“You forgave me and even agreed to have lunch with me after I’d been such a b—–d.” He bowed his head in shame. Evan, such a good actor!
Jessica was touched, she fell for it. Oh, that heart of hers, too trusting. She took Evan’s hands in hers. “Evan, its in the past now. Just let it go.”
Brightening up, he said, “Jess, you’re such a kind hearted girl and so lovable. Thank you for everything. I feel so happy having a thoughtful and special lady eat lunch with me.”
Jessica’s cheek turned pink. Feeling shy all of a sudden. She nodded in reply to Evan’s flattering comment and smiled shyly.
In time, they were done with their meal. They just sat in the kitchen cracking jokes and laughing. Evan just made her feel so good. No man had every cooked for her, as long as she could remember and she hadn’t laughed out loud in months. Who’d ever make me feel much better? She asked herself in her head. Isaac. A voice answered her. Oh, Isaac, she thought. Now she felt guilty, he’d forgotten him in hours. She knew Evan didn’t want her around him, she never knew why. Probably it was because Evan didn’t want her falling in love with him, the normal jealousy.
Turning her head to the window, Jessica noticed it was getting dark. She glanced at her wrist watch. Almost 7 O’Clock. Wow! Time indeed flies fast.
“Evan?” Jessica looked into his eyes. “Take me home.”
He smiled, held her hands. “Spend the night here.”
She shrugged.
What is going to happen next? Will she spend the night at Evan’s?