Web Of Mistakes Episode 5


Sorry for the delay guys, we had a bit of challenges but its all solved now, enjoy episode 5, episode 6 will drop soon
Morning seemed to have come too quickly. I couldn’t even get enough rest, the man lying on a large foam, shirtless thought. He scratched his head, sighed deeply. He laid back in bed, hoping to get more sleep. Few minutes passed, his eyes remained shut. He was unable to sleep. He hesitated before he got up from the bed. He walked round the small room pacing. He was affluent, but he chose to live in a small apartment. Peace of mind and rest were his reasons of choosing such a small place.He didn’t seem to be getting peace. Some thing was wrong
He walked to the night stand, turned on the table lamp. He picked up his wrist watch, it was 07:00 a.m. He grabbed his cell phone, dialed a number and waited for response at the other end.
“Its too early, isn’t it?” a male voice over the phone said.
“I know, but I’m restless. Come over and give me every detail,” he demanded.
“I’m going to be so busy today. I don’t think I’ll make it now,” the other voice responded. His brows creased.
“Be on your way. No one should know you’re leaving. I’ll be waiting.” He didn’t let the man at the other end speak, he disconnected the call. I’ve got a bad feeling about this, he thought. Nothing must go wrong. Absolutely nothing.
In a flash, he was in the bathroom and out. He dressed hurriedly. By the time he was done, he stood in front of the wall mirror and smirked, checking out his clothing. His hair was short, side parted. He wore cargo pants and a polo shirt, boots on his feet. He was about leaving the room when he noticed his hair was slightly rough. Taking a brush, he put his hair in order and smiled.
The door bell rang.
He ran to the sitting room, opened the door and welcomed his guest.
“Sit,” he ordered. Evan sat on the chaise longue. The unknown mysterious guy sat on a rocky chair.
“Evan, fill me in.”
“She’s so pretty. I like her a lot.”
“You know what I mean, tell me everything that happened last night.”
“I get the feeling she likes Isaac. That good-for-nothing low life! Almost all my woman look at him. I don’t know what he’s got that I don’t have!” Evan’s anger towards Isaac was still fresh. He was also jealous of him.
“Evan!” the unknown guy cautioned,“Don’t take it personal. Continue.”
“It all went well. We ate, danced and had fun. I believe Richmond put that scumbag in his place. Lets get rid of him now.” he pleaded.
“Isaac is so useful. Its a shame this would be his last job with us. When Jessica dies, he must go with her.” They laughed wickedly. Isaac turned away. He’d been listening to their conversation. He wasn’t gonna die. They will. He swallowed hard. I must live.
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The journey to Orlando was tiring. The road had bumbs and all that, it just wasn’t smooth and it was too long. Shirley was already having pains around her neck and hips. She stole a look at Carl. She envied him. He was enjoying the journey, she thought. It didn’t surprise her. It was his job, he must have done it a hundred times, who knows?
Her eyes drifted to his hands on the steering wheel, she began wishing. Shirley wished she was that wheel so that Carl could touch her. She had always longed for his touch, his hands on her…..
“Shirley?” Carl called again. He put one hand on the steering and shook her with the other. She moved and gave him a serious look. Carl laughed.
“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of what to complain about, huh?” She’d been complaining since the start of their journey. He loved her whining a lot. She reminded him of his younger sister. Shirley also looked cute when frowning.
“No, I was just thinking of other things. I’m becoming used to this horrible trip.” Carl laughed again. She loved the deep roll of his laughter. Focused on the road ahead, he said,
“You’re whining, again.” She ignored his statement. Looking at the sky ahead, she began to grumble, “Carl! Its almost night, look the sky is getting dark and we havn’t gotten to Orlando! Are we gonna sleep on the road? I told you we should go by air and by road in this police Jeep of yours!” The Detective remained silent as she kept grumbling. She continued, this time talking to herself. “Now what’s going to happen to us-me?” she quickly corrected herself. She kept on talking and talking like an insane woman. She hadn’t realized they’d gotten to their destination till Carl opened the door of the Jeep. Seriously frightened, Shirley screamed, “Carl! Are you nuts, why are you opening the door while still driving? You want us to crash?” Carl was shocked. He looked critically at Shirley. He blinked his eyes twice, then burst out laughing. Carl couldn’t control himself, he kept on laughing and laughing. Seconds rolled into minutes Carl was still laughing at the beauty who was insane that sat in his car. Shirley, realizing the reason Carl was laughing became ashamed. She wished her words could be swallowed. She used her hands to cover her face for some minutes. She had been blabbing when they arrived. God! What’s wrong with me? She asked herself in her head. I’m gonna make myself look stupid in the presence of the man I love! She cried. Now he thinks I’m crazy, why didn’t I pay attention? Shirley wanted to cry. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life! She didn’t say a word. Carl stopped laughing and started unloading his and Shirley’s bag like nothing happened. Shirley didn’t do a thing, she just watched Carl and follwed him. She wanted to help, but by using his hands, Carl said she shouldn’t and she obeyed. She looked around the place they were and noticed that they were in the premises of a hotel. It was already too late to visit Jessica’s uncle. The stars were in the night sky, shining brightly. The lights of the hotel made the compound so beautiful. Beautiful electronic bulbs were placed on the trees, decorating them. The lights blinked. Shirley smiled as she looked at them. He smile turned into a grin when she saw other lights forming the name of the hotel. SUN RISE, SUN SHINE. Carl watched her a little and smiled. She hadn’t smiled since they arrived. He called her and they began walking towards the entrance of Sun Rise, Sun Shine. A guard, placed at the entrance of the building opened the door for them. They met the receptionist, a sweet lady. Carl booked a room for them, while Shirley looked around.
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Dominic sat on the sunlounger below the sunshade at the front of the conservatory in his garden. Tools lay on the floor scattered all over. The rake was by his left close to a heap of dried leaves which he had been raking, a wheel barrow was around the corner painted red. Hand fork, shear and a watering can still littered the garden.
Dominic laid his back on the back of the sunlounger, he put his hand on his forehead. His breathing was hard and deep. It shows he was tired. He took a sip of the drink in his hand and sighed. He peered at the garden, he’d done a lot of work but there was still more and more. The vegetable porch was neatly arranged, they were greener than ever, healthy. The flowers were carefully trimmed and neat. The weeds were gone and some new seeds were planted. The lawn was mowed, it shone. He still had to clear the heap of dry grasses, grease the mower, rake and other tools. Daggers still had to be collected and sent to his shop.
Sighing, he stood up and started to complete his chore. He took hold of the shovel, used it in hurling dry grasses and other dirts into the red wheelbarrow. The wind tossed some back littering the neatly swept garden. Sand got into his eyes, he jerked which sent the shovel out of his hand, the shovel fell on the wheelbarrow. The wheel barrow tumbled upside down, landed on the edge of the rake, the handle of the rake went up and struck the sunshade.
Dominic managed to get the sand out of his eyes, opened them and saw that the place was a mess.
His face went red, hot with anger. He hissed, a long hiss. Stamped his foot, dug his fingers into his hair which were damp from his pespiration. He was getting out of his mind. He’d been up this early to clear his garden and its just a mess. He kicked the shovel, it hurt his foot.
“Ouch!” he screamed, hopping.
At that moment, his cell phone rang, he limped towards it, he saw the caller ID and started calming down. It was an important call from one whom he’d loved and grown up with. He flipped the cell. “My sweet, cousin,” he greeted, forcing a smile, though she couldn’t see it.
“Hello, Dominic”, Jessica replied cheerily.
“How are you, cousin?” he asked.
“I am good, Dominic.”Jessica called excitedly. “I want you to come over tonight. I’ve got friends I want you to meet.”
Grinning, he said to the phone, “Anything you want, dear cousin. What time do you want me there?”
“Is 7 all right?”
“Yes, it is. See you.” He disconnected the call. Oh, at least the day won’t be as bad as I thought. Dinner at Jessica’s would be a delight. Meeting new friends. Shirley would be there too, wherever Jessica went, she went too. An inseperable pair, very unlikely. A doctor and a counsellor. Jessica, the carefree type, easy going, optimistic and easily scared. Shirley, the braver of the two, soft hearted, pessimistic and hardly scared.
He’d always had an eye on Shirley, beautiful with big, round grey eyes, brown hair, thin lips……. He came back to his senses before he got hard, day dreaming of Shirley.
He quickly carried out his work with joy. The anger already vanished, hearing his cousin’s voice and thinking of Shirley. Within 30 minutes, he was through, got into his house, bathed, dressed up in his best tuxedo. Looking himself in the mirror, he was dead handsome. He smiled and said, “Perfect.”
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“Who was that?” asked Carl flipping through the pages of a book. The book contained the names of Jessica’s relatives.
“Jessica,” replied Shirley calmly, “She’s mad at me!”
Carl looked up, he looked into her eyes. Her gaze met his, she searched his face.
“She wants me to meet this friend of her’s, she says his Evan, bla bla bla. I told her I won’t be there. Its so unusual for me not to be with her.” Sadness swept over her. She swallowed hard and blinked back the tears. “I miss her so much. I had to lie, told her I’m in LA visiting my parents.”
“Won’t you call your parents to let them know?” His gaze never leaving hers.
She smiled lightly, “No, Jessica trusts me much. And I can’t tell my parents lies. Don’t wanna lose the trust it took me years to earn.” She felt so lonely. She’d never been away from Jessica since they’d met. Now, she was and she was with a Detective who’d laugh over any mistake she made. She just wanted to go back and live her life, forget about hunting Jessica’s killer-to-be. No, no, she musn’t go back, she’d rather and lose Jessica’s trust just to protect her.
Carl knew how she felt. She’d risked a lot to be with him now, trying to protect her friend. He’d made fun of her and made her felt like a baby. He was just making things worse for her. He felt sorry. He gave her an I’m-sorry look, when she tossed her head to gaze at him.
“What?” she asked.
“I’m sorry, so sorry.” he reached for her.
“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” she bowed her head. “I brought you into this. I should be apologising, I-”
“No, no,” he cut her off. “I know this is very important for you and I’m not making things any easier. I’m sorry.” He took her hands into his and pressed them. “I know you feel lonely and sad. Know that you’re not alone, I am with you, we’ll go through this together. While you risk your life protecting your friend, I’ll risk my life for you.” He threw her into his arms. “I’m here, don’t be afraid.”
She held on to him, tight, so tight. Never wanting to let him go. She sobbed. “Thank you, Carl. Thanks so much. I promise-”
“No promises. Just assure me that we’ll get to the bottom of this together”
She smiled. She’d been waiting for those words. Now they were out, she hugged him more tightly. “Just you and I, together till the end.”
Releasing himself from the embrace, he smiled at her, “Lets go have breakfast.”
**** **** **** ****
“When do we start?” Shirley asked Carl as she finished her glass of wine. They both had a sumptous meal. Carl used the servet to wipe food particles from his lips before giving Shirley an answer.
He cleared his throat. “Shirley, this is going to be very difficult. You know that, right?”
Remembering what she had to do to get there, to be with him, to save Jessica, Shirley knew it would be so difficult and dangerous. It could cost her life.
“Yes, I do. Its gonna be dangerous as well.” She replied confidently.
“Are you sure you are prepared?” Carl asked again. He was so worried about her.
“I am ready for anything.”
“Do you know how to use a gun?”
“A gun?” she repeated.
“Yeah.” Carl leaned backwards to rest his back on the dining chair. “You’ve gotta learn how to use a gun. Its to protect yourself when necessay. I could teach you.”
Shirley sighed, then leaned forward. “I’ll let you teach me. But I never dreamt of holding a gun. I dread hearing the sounds of bullets in the air, even killing someone. I’ll do all for Jessica’s sake.”
“Pretty nice speech.” Carl drawled.
Ignoring his remark, she continued. “How long will it take?”
“Depends on you, on how fast you learn and catch things. I think it’ll take us two or three days, your brain works fast.”
“Hmm”, she scoffed. “Thanks anyway. Lets begin now, we shouldn’t waste time.”
“Yes ma’am.” Carl got off his chair, moved to Shirley’s, took her arm and they strolled out of the restaurant together. As he opened the car door to sit down, he said, “We’ve got to find a shooting range. You’ll learn quicker there.”