Web Of Mistakes Episode 3


**** **** **** ****
Shirley just couldn’t wait to arrive at the station. She knew Jessica had already kicked against it. She was weak and scared, she never wanted to have anything to do with guns, her distrust for the cops, but she was in danger, serious danger and she had to help her. Even if that means going against her wish. D–n Jessica’s fear and her distrust! Her life was more important.
“Leah, can I see Detective Carl?”
A beautiful young lady, in her early twenties with blonde hair. The secretary of Carl, replied,

“He’s busy right now, I can call him if you can’t wait.”
Shirley’s face turned from that sweet smile she gave Leah into a slight frown.
“Call him, it can’t wait. Tell him its me.”
“Yes ma’am.”
Shirley saw her dial a number and heard her talking, she probably said, “its urgent. . . .Shirley.” She wasn’t sure. She just thought that she was betraying her bestfriend in the name of helping her.
“Looking beautiful as always,” said Carl, breaking into her thoughts.
Shirley’s cheeks turned pink. She was embarrassed. Carl made her that way. He was handsome, with dark hair, a body that any girl would kill for. She’d always had a soft spot for him. A crush on him.
“Carl, I didn’t come here for you to flirt with me.” warned Shirley.
“C’mmon, I’m not flirting with you. Just acknowledging how beautiful you look,” he defended himself.
“Well, thank you. Can we talk now?”
“Sure. Come in.”
Carl started walking and Shirley followed behind. He opened the door to his office revealing a beautiful room. The wall was decorated with gold medals, a well planner. There was even a flower pot on his desk. That amused Shirley.
“Even a man keeps a flower pot in his office?” she raised a brow.
“Its none of your business”, Carl replied feeling a little bit awkward. “Sit and tell me what you came for?”
She sat. “I don’t want you to tell anyone or make it public, let this just be between you and I.”
“I can’t promise you anything.”

His reply made her feel weak. Her only way to help Jessica seemed to have been shattered. She was desperate for help, she knew that but she wasn’t going to let anything come between her and Jessica. She never wanted Jessica to know she spoke to a detective. It all had to be a secret.

A frown. Shirley frowned and gave Carl a serious look. “I’m just asking you to keep this confidential and nothing else. Just between you and I.”
“If its all that important, it would be best to make it known so as to help you get a quick solution,” he protested.
“Carl”, she called his name calmly, “Its so important to me, but I don’t wanna make it public. Yes, I’m so desperate, but if you can’t keep it a secret, I better be on my way.”
She stood up to leave. Carl stopped her. He studied her face hard. He’d never seen her this worried. Whatever the problem was, she must be willing to do anything, but not everything. She didn’t want it to go public.
“Sit down”, ordered Carl as he comfortably balanced on his chair and crossed a strong leg on the other.
Shirley obeyed.
“Tell me everything. It’ll be between us.”
Shirley took a deep breath as she told him the whole story. How it started, who she suspected, how to find them. Make them or him rather, confess and free Jessica. To get them from tormenting the frightened innocent girl. She told him of Jessica’s fear, her not wanting to get involved with the police.
Carl understood it all. Now he knew why Shirley wanted it a secret. She really valued her friendship.
They agreed to meet up and discuss things later on. They had a secret. It would lead to many more. Something Carl always wanted. So did Shirley. . . . Unknown to them.
**** **** **** ****
Jessica walked into the hospital building looking good, with that same cheerful smile on her face. Saying hello and giving patients who were her friends kisses as she kept on walking.
She greeted the receptionist and asked if she had any patients, she was told no. Jessica told Christabel, the receptionist that she wasn’t gonna leave and she could see patients. She turned and walked away.
Few hours later, Jessica began treating some little children that had bruises on their arms. A blonde little girl shrieked as a result of the pain.
“Doctor! It hurts.”
“I’m sorry, darling”, replied Jessica soothing her arm, using a soft tone, “It’ll hurt a little, then it’ll stop.”
“I don’t want it hurting me,” the blonde girl said again, crying.
“It won’t, come here.”
The little girl jumped into Jessica’s arms and put her arms round her neck, Jessica patted her back.
The door opened. Richmond walked in. With the serious look on his face, Jessica knew that something wasn’t right. She let go of the little girl, took her and the rest of the kids out of her office and instructed them to wait for her.
Richmond didn’t move, he just stood still as Jessica did all she did with the kids. His behaviour towards her made her worry more and more.
Silence. There was just silence in the room. No one was willing to talk. Jessica couldn’t remember doing anything wrong. What does he want? Why won’t he talk? Jessica was nothing but confused. She couldn’t stay quiet, she began walking.
Richmond caught her arm. “Where are you going?” he asked.
“What? How dare you ask me that?” Jessica asked, fuming. She continued,

“You came into my office, I was attending to my patients. Made me send them out and you’re refusing to talk. If you don’t want to speak to me, you can leave. I have other things to do.”
Not acknowledging what he made her do and what she had said, he released her arm. She held on to it as if he’d snatch it again.
“Jessica, you were on leave.”
“Not anymore, I changed my mind.”
“Why? You need rest.”
“As much as I need rest, I need to work. To get my mind off certain things. Resting won’t get me anywhere. It makes things worse.”
“How do you get to know when you haven’t tried it, huh?”
“I have. It doesn’t work.”
“What about dinner?”
“Told you I won’t come.”
“Told you it was important! I wanted you to meet a friend of mine.”
“I don’t want to. Why should I meet him, huh? Who is he?”
“I just want you to. I won’t take no for an answer.”
“I should think about it shouldn’t I?”
“No,” Rich said. Exhaling, he continued,

“Just be there for me, please.” Giving her a baby look, he took her hands into his, pressed and kissed them.
“Oh, Rich”, Jessica looked at him with pity. He was used to this, behaving like a child, an innocent one just to have her say yes. She couldn’t say no. Couldn’t resist. There was nothing she could do.

“Fine. I’ll go with you.”
A smile lit up his face. He grinned. A big grin just like a child whom his mother had agreed to something he wants badly. He moved closer. Gave her a soft kiss on her temple and forehead. “Thank you, Jess. See you tonight.” was all he said. He walked, left her staring at his back as he moved.
She sighed, called the children back in and resumed treating them.
…..to be continued.

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