Web Of Mistakes Episode 2


“I’m sorry. I never heard you knock and I didn’t know you walked in.”
“What’s up with you, Jess,” Shirley asked, sitting on the bed. She held her hand. “Talk to me. Your mum is sick worried about you and your brother is. We all are. Why don’t you say what’s wrong and together, we’ll help you out?”
“I want to. But I don’t want to tell mum. She’ll want me to do things I don’t want to do. She’ll die of worry. I don’t want that.”
“Then tell me, speak to me. What happened to you.”
Jessica opened up. “That same night. The night I was almost killed. I dream about it almost everyday. I am scared, I feel like I’ll soon die. I dreamt about it today. Just some few minutes back. I don’t feel safe anymore.”
This time, tears were clouded in Jessica’s eyes, she let them fall, washing her eyes. She choked several times while speaking. Drawing near to Jessica, Shirley gave her hand a light squeeze and gave a big hug. She tried the best possible way to console her friend. Jessica was hurting and she knew it, she was hurting too. She couldn’t bear to see her that way, she had to do something and do it fast. Jessica’s life was in danger and she needed to help her. If anything happened to Jess, she would never forgive herself.
“Jess, calm down. I’m with you now. Come on, no need to cry, you’re safe with me.” She dried her tears.
“I know.”
“I suggest we investigate this matter, I know you have no enemies but you have one now. We have to get to the bottom of this.”
“No, Shirley. I don’t want to have anything to do with the police, I don’t want to involve them. I don’t just want to.”
“We’ll investigate privately, no one will have to know.”
Jessica pressed. “Guns and the rest will be used, the same police.”
“You’re not helping matters. Its your life we’re talking about here! Listen. If you don’t think about yourself, think about us-me, your mum and your brother. Your only family. Don’t you think you’re being selfish?”
Jessica saw sense in Shirley’s statement. She still refused to comply. She refused to believe someone would wanna harm her. That still frightened her. She was strong willed. “I understand. Shirley, its my life. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding. If the attempt on my life repeats itself, I will heed your advice.”
D–n it! She’d be dead then. Shirley was sure her friend had gone nuts. Didn’t she love her life?
“Then think about the real person in question if you think its not you. You could help save her life.”
“I’m a doctor, I save lives.”
“Jessica!” Shirley tried sounding cool. Inside, she was burning with rage. “At least, let the cops know and they’ll do their job. I’m a lawyer, I’ll help.”
“I insist. They promised to help my dad, didn’t they? They failed. The case is closed now. I don’t have faith in them.”
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Jessica was being unreasonable and she knew it. Her dad had died quite alright, but he was killed, poisoned, by who? No one knew, not even the so-called cops, she’d given them everything just to save her dad, yet they failed. She vowed they were all useless and didn’t want to have anything to do with them. Shirley should know, but her friend still had faith in them. Mistakes do happen, don’t they? And she was sure the person behind it was all smart, very smart. He covered all his tracks. She would help herself and she would do so without the cops only if the second attempt comes again. Was she even sure what to do? She didn’t know were that strong will came from, but she was going to heed to that. D–n the police for now! Shirley gave up. She perceived Jessica spoke all that cuz of her dad’s sad death. They’d all forgotten about it.
“If you don’t want to contact the police, what should we do? That’s only what I have in mind.”
“I don’t know yet, I’m confused.” She knew Shirley was hurt.
“Come here,” said Shirley opening her arms.
The night had been so cold and seemed endless. Shirley had been tossing from one side to the other side of the bed. She couldn’t sleep, so many things on her mind. Especially about Jessica. Jessica’s cries, her confusion still replayed in her head like an audio player. Sleep just refused to come. Tired of tossing in bed, Shirley got up, switched on the lights. She went to get a cup of coffee and decided to distract herself. She got to her desk, her office in her house and began going through some files. She chose to read the one about a couple, who want a divorce and each of the parent wanted custody of the child. Reading it was fun, she laughed, smiled, frowned as she went through it. Suddenly, she recalled something! It had to do with Jessica.
“Oh no!” she whispered.
**** **** **** ****
“Shirley, can you explain what you’re doing in my house this early?” asked Jessica frowning. Her hair rumpled from her beauty sleep and she needed more rest.
“Jess, its so important.” Shirley replied worried.
“Sit down. Shall I get you something to eat?”
“No, thank you. Can I talk?”
“Why do you think someone wants to kill you?”
Jessica wrinkled her nose. “I don’t know. Shirley, please lets not talk about this.”
Straightening up, Shirley continued.
“Your dad did have enemies while he was alive.”
“Obviously!” shouted Jessica, getting upset.
“Relax, you don’t have to scream. Your dad’s enemies haven’t been caught. Your dad left you a fortune–”
Jessica didn’t let Shirley finish. “Yes, he did. My other relatives were upset, they kicked against it. They all wanted to be part of my father’s will but they weren’t.”
“How was their reaction?”
Taking a deep breath, Jessica started talking, answering Shirley’s questions truthfully.
“Uncle Simon was so upset, his wife cried, they hoped to get something from my dad. My mum and Charles were happy for me, Dominic was too. He received something from me.”
“And if you die now, who’ll get everything?”
“Dominic would, Uncle Simon and his family.”
“And you said that Simon was so upset when your dad left him nothing?”
“The person who might want to kill you is one of your relatives.”
“What? You’re out of your mind, Shirley, you don’t know what you’re saying.”
“Jessica, think about this, you have a lot in your name, you’ve got money. In our society today, people kill for money. Who else would benefit from your death if not your relatives? Uncle Simon for example, was so mad at you, he wanted the money.”
“Oh my God!” exclaimed Jessica dumbfounded. She began to see reason.
“And if I die, he’ll have a reason to claim a part of the money. He might be the one who wants me dead.”
“Probably. When did you see him last?”
“I don’t know, maybe when father passed away.”
“Where does he live?”
“Faraway at Orlando. I’m scared, so scared.” Jessica was shaking. Again.
“Don’t be sweetie, I’m here.” They shared a sisterly hug.
To be continued
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