Web Of Mistakes Episode 4


“Mummy, which dress do I wear?” asked Jessica bemused, holding a black dress, a blue skirt and blouse and looking at the wall clock at the same time. It was obvious that she wasn’t thinking straight.
“Baby, relax. I understand its an important dinner, but you don’t have to act this way”, taking a critical look at her daughter, Beauty knew Jessica wasn’t listening to her, she carried on with what she was saying, “If you do, you’ll behave badly. I choose the black dress.”
Nodding her head in appreciation and without uttering a sound, Jessica ran back to her room to get dressed. Few minutes later, she was out. From the stair case, she spotted Richmond. Not looking bad, she thought. She scrutinized him like her eyes were like a security camera. She stared at his golden hair, which were a little bit spiky. It sparked. Her eyes went to his body, it was covered with a black suit, a bow tie and trouser, with brogues on his feet. Her eyes went from him to the next guy to him, then the other standing. Unlike the way she examined Richmond, she inspected the standing guy from his feet.They were covered with boots, his legs with a black jean, and his arms with a denim jacket. His face-hard, strong, so beautiful. He didn’t smile, his pink lips were formed perfectly….She loved what she saw and was contented. Their eyes met.He’d been staring at her too. His gaze was so strong, Jessica couldn’t move, she didn’t even have the guts to say a word. Her heart began racing faster and faster, she was sweating. Those blue beautiful eyes locked to hers told her something. They stood apart, the distance between them was much but they seemed to be close, so close. Jessica felt she’ll never move, till she heard Richmond’s voice.
“Jessica? Are you okay?”
Recovering from her fantasies about the blue eyed guy, Jessica replied, stuttering,

“Ehm…yes, I’m okay.”
“Come down, please.”
Jessica started walking down the stairs. When she got to the last step, Richmond was already there, waiting for her. She strectched out her hand and he took it into his palm. They walked together to meet the other guests.
“Jessica, you look gorgeous. Attractive in your close-fitting dress.”
“Thank you.” She sat down and crossed her legs. Using her hands to fan herself.
“I’d like you to meet my friend, Evan. Evan, meet Jessica, my colleague and friend.”
Jessica stood up, smiling, offered her hand to Evan for a handshake. He took it and held it firmly. “Nice to meet you, Evan.”
“Likewise. You’re pretty.”
“Thank you.”
“Lets go then,” announced Richmond.
Jessica became a little sad. Richmond hadn’t introduced her to the other man who never sat down. She wondered why he didn’t. But she shouldn’t care. Its Evan she should know. But her heart yearned to know the man she couldn’t stop staring at-the way his eyes made her feel, she had never felt that way before. She’d seen guys as cute as he was, he was different, he was…..
“Wait a minute”, she bravely voiced out her feelings, she desired to know him.
“Why should we, beautiful?” Evan asked staring at her with libido.
“Who’s that guy?” she asked, pointing to the blue eyed man. “You didn’t introduce me to him.” Her eyes met his, smling coyly. Her smile made him feel uncomfortable.
Evan and Richmond made eye contacts. Their faces changed from the smile they had to blunt expressions. They both turned to look at the guy wearing a black jean,he gave them an I-have-no-idea look.
Jessica noticed the expressions on Richmond’s and Evan’s faces. “Did I say or do anything wrong?”
“No, no”, Richmond replied waking up from his supposed thoughts. “I’m sorry. Its just that I forgot to introduce him. He’s not that important you know.”
Jessica felt hurt a little hearing that a beautiful guy was not important as Richmond said. She defended him, “Why did you bring him if he’s not that important?” Jessica asked mimicking Richmond’s accent.
“He’s just a bodyguard of mine.” Evan said wickedly. “He’s not given much importance. He is Issac.”

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Disregarding whatever Evan said, Jessica moved closer to Isaac. His smell, scent was good. She felt a lot more better close to him. They shook hands, she refused to let him go. “I’m sorry about the stare, but I don’t regret it.” she whispered those words into his ears. He responded to a nod. She frowned, but quickly turned to a smiling face.She didn’t know why he didn’t speak. Maybe his boss asked him not to.

 “We can all leave now.”
No one said a word,Evan and Rich led the way, Jess followed, but moved slowly. As she got to the door, she stopped on purpose, Isaac got there. He waited for her to move, she didn’t. “Ma’am, please move.They’re waiting for us.” Jessica’s lips curved into a smile. She gave him an alluring look. Her lips moved.
“I thought you wouldn’t ever speak.”
He cleared his throat. “My boss doesn’t like it when I speak to his woman. I don’t want trouble,” he said flatly.

*** **** **** ****
“I love this place, Evan. Thanks for bringing me here!” Jessica shouted.
“I’m glad you do.”
Drawing herself closer to him, she shouted, “Speak louder, I can’t hear you, the music’s too loud!”
Raising his voice, he spoke, “I said I’m happy you love this place.” He looked around, couples where dancing. He gestured towards her, “Come, lets dance!”
She grinned. “Give me a minute!”
Jessica finished up the spaghetti casserole on her plate, drank a little water.
“I’m ready!” smiling Jessica said.
Jessica was really happy tonight. Gazing at Isaac gave her Joy she couldn’t understand. She was happy she said yes to Richmond. She got off her seat and went to meet Evan.
He took her by the waist, pulling her closer to his body, placed his two hands on her waist. She placed hers on his neck. They danced slowly. The music was slow too. They changed dance steps as the rythm of the song changed…..slow and fast. But it was so loud.
**** **** **** ****
“I don’t want you to get close to Jessica, she’s not for you.” said Richmond angrily.
“I know that, sir,” Isaac replied innocently.
Those words of Isaac-I know that sir, got Richmond fuming. His eyes turned red. The smile he’d always give Jessica was no more there. He chuckled wickedly. He walked towards a wooden door, a small door leading to an old room before the main entrance of the club. Richmond used his fists to hit the wall 3 times.

“You know?!” He yelled at Isaac. “You know!” he repeated. “But you let her get close to you. What the hell did she tell you? D–n it!” He struck the door, again.

Isaac didn’t move. He just stood there watching his boss. Richmond always behaved that way when he was mad. He had even beaten up a woman several times in the name of chanelling out the anger he was unable to control. No one dared to stop or challenge him, whoever dared to, would regret it. Isaac knew a lot about his boss, sometimes he thought he knew too much and that Richmond would get rid of him. Soon. Very soon.
Richmond asked Isaac the same question for the second time. Isaac remained silent. Furious, Richmond rushed to him, shook him violently and grabbed him by the collar. He just couldn’t lift him off the ground. Isaac was much more stronger than Richmond. In a futile attempt to lift him up, Richmond hit Isaac on the chest causing him to stagger for several minutes. Isaac regained his balance. He didnt fight back.
“Talk! Tell me!” Richmond screamed again. He was fortunate Jessica couldn’t hear him do that ’cause the music was too loud. She’d never believe Richmond could scream that way.
“All right, all right. I’ll tell you” Isaac said, walking backwards away from Richmond who was snarling at him, saying some wicked words. “Don’t look at me that way! I didn’t get close to her. That woman is smart, she noticed the way you and Evan looked at me when she asked to be introduced to me. She only apologised. That’s all.” Trying to calm him down, Isaac continued. “I know what you want with her, I understand it all and I’m not going to get in your way,” he paused, thinking about what he now felt for Jessica. “I don’t want your wrath.”
Losing the tie around his neck, to get some air for he was sweating, Richmond said, “I hope you don’t ruin my plans, if you do, you die.” He walked away.
…..to be continued.