Your Majesty,

This letter is a token of my love for you.
When I was in the university, I took Sociology 101 with Dr. M. P. K. Okyerefo. One day as he was lecturing, he said something that really got my attention. He remarked, “Men marry downwards the social ladder while Women marry upwards the social ladder.”

I was dumbfounded.

Why am I telling you this? My last letter to you was intercepted and something that was meant for your sole consumption, got into public domain. People have questioned how I’m gonna finance our wedding and visit to the 21 countries.
That day, I left the lecture hall with so much to digest. I made a covenant with God to work extra harder in order to land the kindda woman I envisage as a wife. I knew from that day that I needed to be a ‘king’ to marry a ‘queen’. I needed to be superfluously wealthy to do more than just touring 21 countries for honeymoon to flying my wife abroad for water birth delivery everytime she’s a month away from delivery.
Wealth is made in our minds and small small we shall grow together – I know you will understand this due to your spirit of discernment and intellectual capacity.

You are the kindda woman that men shall search a lifetime but won’t find: an endangered species among the 21st century.
I hope you will not have a problem with my inordinate taste for an Indian girl’s waist because You will be the most wonderful woman to have ever crossed my path in my love chronicles and not marrying you wouldn’t be an option.

Even if you do not feel the same at the moment, I can go through life knowing that I fell in love with the right girl.
An additional interesting observation is that you always look gorgeous anytime I see you in my trance and your pretty heart is where I wanna make my home. At night, I will hold you close like a Spanish guitar and gaze into your eyes without a blink.
Eeerrmm, Lady, I don’t know what you make of me now but all I can say is that I will love you forever. Our children will not be in a situation to say “Our parents are divorced, separated or whatsoever” I will learn to like what you like and despise what you despise.
I SHALL NEVER IN MY LIFE SCREAM AT YOU NOR THROW MY HAND AT YOU. Whenever you are down, I will give you a tight hug, pat you on the back, and whisper into your ears, “YOU ARE SAFE WITH ME AND I LOVE YOU MORE.”
I  can’t wait to share moments when we shall laugh over merely funny stuff: Like Beyonce, I will be your clown on your favorite channel. I also look forward to moments when we would exchange pleasantries all day: Times when a night away from home will seem like a decade in our hearts.
To be continued…
#InspiredBy: dear future wife series

#Author: Kwame Ernest Adu


#Dedication:to all the women in my life

#PhotoCredit: Elorm Kosi Deklu  Deks Media Gh