Web Of Mistakes Episode 11


Jessica couldn’t concentrate on the medical records she’d been going through. D–n it! Her mum had ruined her morning. How could she ever think of choosing a marriage mate for her? Evan made it worse. He hadn’t been taking her calls. She really needed to know what he had told her mum that made her think of marriage.
Sure, Jessica wasn’t getting any younger, she’d get married someday and not at that moment. All she needed was time. Time for everything. She prayed the time would come. She thought and hoped time would give her the opportunity to be with Isaac. The kiss they shared still lingered in her memory. She didn’t know much about him, but she loved him at first sight and wanted to always.
Day dreaming, she never knew Isaac was actually standing in front of her admiring her pretty face.
He had sneaked into the office just to spend time with her. Evan travelled far away, Richmond was no where to be found. He never knew when they’d strike, things would be more difficult if Jessica’s heart was away from Evan. More time to save her and himself.
“Hello?” he finally said.
“Hey!” Jessica held her hand to her chest. Her heart skipped a bit. “Isaac! You startled me.”
“I’m sorry. You were busy when I got here.”
Looking around, she asked, “Sorry? Busy with what?”
“Your thoughts I imagine.” He sat.
“Oh. Where’s Evan?”
“To? He never told me.”
“Never mind.” He immediately changed the subject. “Actually, I’ve been thinking of the kiss we shared, it never left my head.” he shyly admitted.
Jessica grinned. “Thought I was the only one. You’re good at hiding your feelings.”
“What can I do? The men I work for don’t want me to.”
Jessica stood up, walked towards him and took a chair opposite him. “They maybe doing the right thing. Do you think we have a chance? Will it last?”
He ignored her question. Pulled her seat close to his. His gaze met hers. “Do you love me?”
His question surprised her. She never expected that. That didn’t matter, Isaac’s full of surprises…. The answer mattered. She blushed. “I… I,” she lost her voice, her face lowered, her eyes gazing at her fingers.
He didn’t let her talk. “I love you.”
She immediately raised her face and looked into his blue eyes, oh, those lovely eyes. She grinned. “Say it again,” she whispered.
He took her hand into his arms, held her by the waist and softly whispered into her ears, “Jessica, I love you. From the day our eyes met, I knew you’re a very special person. I swear, I haven’t stopped thinking about you. Do you feel the same way?” He raised her face.
She nodded. “Yes, I do.”
He laughed.
“What’s funny?” she asked.
He touched the tip of her nose.
“You never told me.”
She laughed too. “You’re the guy, I’m the lady. You’d tell me first.”
Isaac silenced Jessica with a kiss. A very passionate kiss which awoke all sensations in her body. She clung on to Isaac, recieved him into her and gave him all she could. D–n! She loved Isaac so much.
Minutes later, the kiss broke. “The people you’re surrounded with are not who you think they are. Do be careful. Please take care, I’ll be back for you.” Isaac let go of her and moved to the door.
Jessica couldn’t understand all he had just said. She held his shirt and grabbed his arm. They struggled a little. Isaac won. Jessica was not able to do a thing. She cried out loudly. How could he make her happy a minute ago and now make her weep like a baby? Isaac, how dare you do this to me? She didn’t get the chance to tell him about what she discussed with her mum.
The wailing continued.
**** **** **** ****
Outside the hospital building, Isaac recieved a call from Evan.
“I need to see you at the airport, I’ll be arriving in an hour’s time.” Evan commaned.
“Yes, sir. Would you be needing anything?”
“No, just you and a vehicle.”
“Okay, sir.” Isaac ended the call.
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“HEY! Stop there!” Shirley shouted at the young man she was chasing. He didn’t listen to her. He kept on running. She hadn’t been much of a good runner but she was gonna try her best. She continued running behind him.
Minutes later, she could see Carl coming in the opposite direction. She felt relieved at once. She’d been scared that the strange man would hurt her. Seeing Carl gave her more strength and courage to go on. She knew he’d save her if any harm came to her.
The unknown guy slowed down as he saw a man coming face to face with him, he tried turning back but this lady was also chasing him. Who the hell where they? They were in his neighbourhood and wanted to hurt him? He’d had enough trouble for the day.
There was a little fence just ahead of him, the man wasn’t anywhere close to the fence, the strange lady was but he could outsmart and outrun her.
Shirley already brought out the pistol Carl had given her. The young man wasn’t complying, so she felt it was time to act.
As he changed direction and ran towards the small fence, Carl noticed Shirley was with the gun and ordered her to shoot. Wasting no time, Shirley shot at his right leg.
He fell off the fence immediately. Blood oozing out. He held his right knee and tried to climb. He couldn’t. It hurt so much. He was in pain.
Shirley couldn’t believe she got her target. She thought she’d miss but she didn’t. She and Carl ran to him and faced him. They got to see that he was a young boy. A strange mark on his right cheek, one gotten from a dagger or a blade. His face – hard and rough. He matched the perfect description of Bett Simon.
“Who are you!?” he managed to scream in pains.
No reply.
He continued: “Why did you shoot at me?”
Carl frowned. “That’s what you get for not listening. Police.” Carl showed him his ID. “What’s your name?”
“Bett,” he called his name shamefully. His heart began thumping very fast. How did they get to know him? Had they seen him with Evan, heard their discussion? He couldn’t place his fingers on it. Evan had promised him he’d never go to jail and the police won’t ever know. Why now? Or Evan had set him up? He had so many questions going through his mind.
“Bett Simon, right?” questioned Carl.
Bett tried acting tough. “You wanna make me repeat it again? Just tell me, what do you want me for?”
Carl squatted to be in the same level as Bett. Bett sat on the ground as a result of his wounded knee. “I can make things easier for you. You want that?” He raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah.” Bett shamefully admitted.
“Lets get you treated first, you’re losing blood.” Carl studied his injury. “Give me your jacket.” commanded Carl.
“What?” Bett shrugged.
“Just do it.” Carl insisted.
Bett finally obeyed. Took off his jacket and handed it to Carl. Removing his jacket, he revealed his white T-shirt and strong arms.
Shirley watched in silence as Carl and Bett had been talking. She watched Carl use Bett’s jacket to tie up his injury – where she’d shot him. As Bett yelped in pain, she felt remorse for shooting him. She felt his pain. But whatever.
Carl finally put Bett at the back seat of his car. It took long for him to actually persuade Bett to come with them. Carl needed Bett to start trusting him, to make things easier.
All three were seated in the car. Carl just wound down the windows. He faced Bett. “You know Jessica Jack, right?”
Bett shrugged. “Uh-huh.”
“Do you hate her?” Carl questioned calmly.
“Am I suppose to love her? She took away everything from us.”
“Oh, no she didn’t. She inherited it!” Shirley retorted.
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Bett threw a glance at her then back to Carl. He snarled. “Whatever.”
Carl grinned. “So, you would actually celebrate her death?”
“My family would.”
There was dead silence. Carl silently studied Bett once more. Making up things to tell him hoping he’d speak up.
“Who hurt your face?”
Tired of being questioned, Bett cried out in frustration, “I need to get to a hospital so I can be treated. Later! Please!”
“Nope.” Carl shook his head. “Not till you tell us what we want to hear. You don’t want to spend the night in jail, do you?”
The word ‘jail’ frightened Bett a lot. He stuttered. “I. . . I …. I don’t. It was a cut I got cause I messed up.”
Carl nodded. “You didn’t do a job right?”
“What was it?”
Bett refused to talk. He couldn’t really say a word. He had been warned never to talk about it. He shrugged.
Carl smiled. “Let me see your leg.”
Bett innocently stretched the leg for Carl to see, hoping he’ll do something about it.
The opposite was the case, Carl hit his leg hard.
“No! Don’t!” Shirley cried.
Bett groaned in pains.
Carl ignored Shirley. “Are you ready to talk now?”
Bett still groaning, stole a look at his poor knee, he couldn’t snatch it back from Carl’s reach. It hurt so much. Tears welled up in his eyes but couldn’t fall. “I was asked to stab her to death eight months ago.” he confessed.
Shirley, shocked at his confession, filled with rage, tried to strangle him.
Carl was fast enough to stop her. After several minutes of calming Shirley, he resumed his questioning.
“Who sent you?” Carl bellowed, he threatened to hurt Bett’s leg and throw him in jail.
“A man. He offered me money and many other good things. I was so desperate, I accepted the job.”
“Give me a name.”
“Evan. He gave me a dagger, dark black clothes and sent me to Chicago. I secretly followed Jessica throughout that day. I attacked her at night.”
Evan? That name rang a bell.
“Jessica wasn’t alone, right?”
“Would you be able to recognize the lady that was with her?”
“Nah. Jessica was my tarrget. I only concentrated on her.”
“Bett. She’s your blood. How could you?”
He went silent for few seconds.
“Didn’t have a choice. Needed the money. Dad told me to hate her.”
“Your father knows?”
Bett shook his head. “He doesn’t. Evan tried to make him, but he refused. So, Evan secretly used me, but I messed up. He gave me this scar the next day. I got a head injury too. Jessica gave it to me.”
“You deserve it all,” Shirley shot at him.
Bett said nothing.
Carl started the car and drove Bett to a small clinic. Carl felt nothing but pity for him. Sure, he almost killed someone but he wasn’t to blame. He was used. He would help.
That name ‘Evan’ sure sounded familiar. Mr. Simon’s name was cleared. They were getting closer to the truth. Things were gonna get bloody. Carl had to just hide Bett from Mr. Simon for the time being. Things were just so complicated.
Shirley cried as usual. Thank the Lord they didn’t succeed. They had gotten a lead. The criminal would soon be caught. If not Mr. Simon, who? It dawned on her that Jess had told her about him.