Web Of Mistakes Episode 10


“How did it go?” Richmond asked Evan as he got back from Jessica’s.
Evan smiled. “Smooth. I think she’s begining to like me. I’ve gotten the mum. She’s gradually getting fond of me. Can you believe it? She gave me a hug. Told me so many things about Jessica and entrusted her to me.”
“Great! I’ve always known Jessica’s mum to be nice and cool. She’s just like her daughter. Too trusting and believing there’s an angel on people. Well, its good news, we gotta celebrate.”
They both laughed loudly. They were succeeding, finally getting to nab their victim. Evan sat on the sofa, Richmond moved to the bar section of the dining and brought out a drink and two glasses.
Opening the wine took a while but sent the cork flying towards the ceiling, making a loud noise. Richmond and Evan cheered, they roared. Evan quickly filled their glasses and they began drinking.
“What’s the next move?” Richmond asked as he emptied his glass once.
Evan sighed, dropped his glass on a stool and said: “Hang around with her more often and get her to marry me.”
“How do you intend doing that?”
“Just play by the rules. Be the good guy I’ve always been.” He smiled, rubbing his chin.
Richmond frowned. “It isn’t going to be easy. Jessica’s not dumb. You think she’ll agree to just get married to you? Hell no! Listen, I know Jessica’s dream guy and you’re not even up to half of it.”
Laughing, Evan took a sip of his  drink.
Richmond filled his glass.
“You can’t be serious. I saw the look on her face. And her mum accepts me.”
“It isn’t the same look she gave Isaac!” Richmond yelled.
“Rich, its one step at a time. We just need to get Isaac out of the way. I know how to handle Jess. If she doesn’t marry me, I’ll be engaged to her, things will work out well.”
“Hmm. Isaac’s not the only one.”
Evan was shocked. He raised his brows. “Who else?”
“Her best friend.”
“She has one?”
“Yeah. She’s a counsellor, a good one. She’ll never let Jess marry you. She’s got instincts.”
“And who is she to make that decision?” Evan asked upset.
“D–n! They’re like sisters, inseperable. Boss knows about them.”
“Why didn’t he tell me?”
“Relax. I wouldn’t know. Haven’t seen her in a while though.” Richmond stopped, trying to recall certain things. “Yes, seems a week or two after Jessica took a leave which didn’t work out, Shirley disappeared. Its fishy.”
Evan stood up. Furious, he let the glass of wine fall to the ground. It shattered as it broke into pieces soling the toiled floor with the content and broken pieces. He was a violent person.
“Why are you telling me now?” he roared.
“Hey, come on. I thought you knew.” Richmond replied innocently.
Evan stared at Richmond with eyes expressionless. He tried to speak but couldn’t. The rage that boiled within him couldn’t let him say a word. He stamped his foot on the floor.
Richmond backed off. “It isn’t time for this. We just need a solution.”
“Get someone to give you enough information about her and her whereabouts.” He paused. He couldn’t let anything get in his way. He’d almost gotten his aim. “If she stands in, then we must get rid of her.”
“That’s not possible.” Richmond quickly said. “The Boss says Shirley stays alive.”
Confused, Evan gawked at Richmond, “Then how do we deal with this?”
“I’ll discuss with him. Follow up on your plan and don’t mess up. Clean this mess,” Richmond concluded looking at the floor with disgust. Their celebration had turned into somewhat a funeral – Evan and his rage. He hissed and walked away.
Evan sat down perplexed. How many more people have to die? Jessica, Isaac and Shirley, the so-called best friend. . . . . . He’d never wanted his hands that bloody, but he’d do anything for the money. . . . cool cash. He smirked.
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“Good morning, mummy.” Jessica greeted her mum as she strolled down the stairs. Beauty turned to her daugher and smiled.
“Good morning, you’re already dressed.” Mrs. Beauty still in her white wear handed Jessica a cup of coffee. “How are you doing?”
Jessica took the cup and had a sip. “Whoa! This is nice. I’m doing great mum.”
She smiled.
“Good. I made breakfast, lets eat.”
Jessica followed her mum as she led the way. They got to the dining, on the table were plates of fried bacon. The aroma made Jessica’s mouth watery
“Hmm. Delicious.” Jessica sat down and started eating. “You’re the best mum.”
Beauty was so happy seeing her daughter that way. Her favourite child, she’d do so much to make her happy.
Mrs. Beauty still to discuss some thing very important with Jessica. It all surrounded her happiness- her present life and future.
“Are you happy?” Beauty asked.
Absent mindedly, Jessica answered. “Sure.”
“I mean very happy with your life?” Mrs. Beauty asked again with a serious look, looking Jessica in the eyes.
Mrs. Beauty’s sudden change of look made Jessica stop eating abruptly. “I don’t understand you, mum. What do you mean?”
Mrs. Beauty asked the same question for the third time repharsing it: “With all that’s going in in your life presently, are you happy?”
“Mum!” Jessica breathed out alarmed, 
“You’re scaring me, why the sudden questions?”
Beauty took Jessica’s right hand in hers. She smiled cooly at her. “Tell me.”
Jessica cleared her throat still wondering why her mum was asking her such. She sipped water from a glass. “Well, yeah. If not that I was almost killed, I really do love my life and I’m very happy with it. I love you, Shirley, Charles, Dominic, Richmond and the rest of them.” She’d been careful not to mention Isaac, she really did love him but her mum knows nothing of what she felt for him. Her chat with Shirley really did help her a lot.
“What about Evan?”
Jessica saw it coming? She knew something of that would surely happen. Evan just wasn’t the man for her- Isaac was. Surely she was gonna break lots of hearts.
“I like him. He’s a good friend.” Jessica rolled her eyes. “That’s all.”
“When are you going to get married?”
Jessica roared with laughter. So, this was it? All the questions about her happiness was just because her mum want her to tie the Nuptial Knot. She’d have known better.
“It isn’t funny. I’m serious.”
“Have you picked a guy for me?” asked Jessica still laughing.
“I have.” Mrs. Beauty answered seriously. Her reply sent a chill down Jessica’s spine.
“You have what?” Jessica stood up and sat down almost immediately. “Who is he?”
Beauty wasn’t sure how Jessica would take it. All she wanted was her happiness and settling down with the right person. She certainly knew her choice was right.
“Evan.” The name came out slowly.
Jessca couldn’t believe what she just heard. She was dumbfounded. “Evan? Evan! Evan of all people? You don’t know that guy!”
“The little I know about him is suffecient.” Beauty firmly siad.
Jessica blinked back the tears clouded in her eyes. “Mum, I don’t love him.” She quietly said.
“You will learn to. He’s a great guy.”
“Look- I’m aware of that. I just don’t feel anything for him. He can’t give me what I want. I can’t marry him.”
Mrs. Beauty knew her daughter too well and saw the tears in her eyes. She felt she was too hard on her.
“Have you ever thought of marriage?”
Yeah, with Isaac, she said in her head.
“If I’m ready, I’ll let you know. If you really care about my happiness, you’d let me make my own decisions.” Jessica stood up, she sadly looked down at the left over bacons. A while ago, she was ready to eat them all, but now her appetite vanished. Oh, poor Jessica.
“I’m off to the hospital. Take care.”
Mrs. Beauty only nodded, watching her daughter leave. She wept.