Web Of Mistakes Episode 12


Days rolled into weeks, weeks into months. The master mind had not yet been caught or even found. The name Bett had given helped a little, they couldn’t get back to Chicago. Mysteriously, Bett’s knee didn’t get any better which didn’t let him travel and Jessica’s cell hadn’t been ringing, there hadn’t been service to contact her.
Her enemies had been close, very close and Shirley had left the enemies there with Jessica. She blamed herself. If anything happened to Jessica, she’d never forgive herself.
Carl on the other hand, had a strong feeling that Dominic is the master mind. Shirley would hear none of that. They fought over the issue, but Carl gave up on it. He really wondered why Shirley didn’t feel that way, why she wouldn’t believe him.
Shirley liked Dominic the first day she’d seen him, she had no doubts about what Carl had told her. She just never wanted to believe Dominic would be capable of that. Dominic- ‘the-Devil’, hmm.
* * *
Jessica couldn’t believe it! Isaac was married? How come he never told her? He’d said he loved her, how could he trick her like that? She sobbed.
Her hands were trembling as she held his marriage certificate, the wedding pictures and the recent one with his family. She’d been a fool. How could she fall for the wrong guy? She stared into empty space.
Isaac walked into the room, surprised to see Jessica. “What are you doing here?”
Jessica tossed her head. The tears flowed. “You must be very surprised.” her voice choked.
“Are you crying?” he rushed to hold her.
“Don’t you touch me!” she yelled.
Isaac couldn’t understand what was happening. “I’m not Evan,” he didn’t know if what he said was the right thing
. “Its me, Isaac.”
“The more reason I hate you!” she barked.
Isaac confused, stared at her. What had gotten into her? Before he could utter a word, she had spoken.
“You’re a b—–d, lying fraud!” she flung the documents she held at him.
He bent down and picked them up, startled. He took the marriage certificate, it was his. He’d been married but she was dead. The wedding pictures startled him, that wasn’t the woman he married, he hadn’t married again. He was surprised he was the groom. The pictures were fake. Now he got it. Evan and Richmond! S–t!
Isaac gathered the documents, stood on his feet and faced Jessica. He didn’t know what to say or do. He knew holding her wasn’t an option but that was what she needed at that moment. He thought and though… Nothing. He just had to say something.
“Jessica, these are lies.” He scratched his head, searched her eyes. “Once I was married but she’s dead. I never had any kids. Those are Evan’s-,” he didn’t finish. She hadn’t let him.
“Evan’s what?” she shot at him. “You want to pin your whole mess on him? Don’t you dare. Evan opened my eyes, he’s the guy I should be loving not you!”
“No, Jessica, don’t say that.” He moved closer, an inch. She didn’t move, just continued sobbing. He kept moving, finally getting close to her, he grabbed hold of her and began soothing her.
Jessica fought in Isaac’s arms, to let him leave her. Isaac was stronger, he had the upper hand. She became aware of how weak she was in his arms. She sobbed quietly for some minutes.
There was little calm.
Later on, she began raining quick blows on his chest, he held her hands to make her stop.
“You decieved me, you broke my heart” she kept saying. Isaac steadied her, tried kissing her to bring her to listen to him.
Evan and two of his men walked in. The door had been ajar. “Let go off her,” Evan ordered.
Isaac freed Jessica at once. She hurriedly mopped her tears and strolled to Evan’s side.
Evan held her hips, deliberately provoking Isaac.
“Hun, you have anything more to tell him?” Evan questioned with an evil smile.
Jessica tossed her head this way and that before she could get what she had to tell him. She recalled, couldn’t believe she forgot that. She held up her face, looking Isaac in the eye. She neither smiled nor frowned. Neither happy nor sad. Her expression was blank, Isaac couldn’t read it. “You planned to kill me, right?”
Isaac couldn’t say a word. He was stunned at Jessica’s question. What the hell did she mean by his plan to eliminate her? He was lost, couldn’t think straight, do or say a thing. He kept on gazing at her. He tried to speak, he lost his voice.
Jessica continued. “I know you’d deny it. So, please save yourself all the explanations. Look behind you,” her arms remained folded. “There’s a piece of paper, read it.”
Isaac moved like a robot. Obeying Jessica’s command. He saw the piece of paper, it read:
Yes, I’ll kill her.
I’d do what it takes.
He swallowed hard.
“Its in your writing,” she said calmly. 
“You plotted to kill me. Anyway, its all over. I’m doing you a favour by not filing a case against you. Just get out of my life!” she sounded cruel.
“Jessica, listen to me,” he finally found his voice, “I didn’t mean to, it wasn’t my plan-”
“Evan and I are getting married.” she spat out.
Evan chucked, “We’re engaged.”
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Isaac was gone, far away and from her life. He, the b—–d that agreed to take her life. And she loved him, more and more. She wondered why he hadn’t killed her the many times they’d been alone together. Did he have a change of heart? Was he told to hold on? Or had he fallen in love and couldn’t harm her? If he was actually the guy, he supposed to have sustained an injury on the head. She was sure she hit him hard. All these ran through Jessica’s mind. She had this feeling to give him a second chance, but didn’t listen to it. She was done with Isaac and wished to move on with Evan. 
He’d help her heal. Her mum will comfort her, she’d be happy she was marrying Evan. Shirley too would be there. Shirley’d kill Isaac when she’d hear all he did. Jessica smiled weakly. There was hope anyway.
She took out her cell and dialled Shirley’s number. Not reachable. She sighed, “As usual.” She dialled her mum’s number. It rang. She thanked God silently.
“Who is speaking?” Mrs. David’s voice came over the phone. The typical one of an old lady.
“Jessica. You remember?”
There was silence.
“Oh, oh, yeah,” came the voice again. “Shirley’s friend.”
Jessica smiled. “Yes, ma. Actually, I want to speak with her.”
Mrs. David laughed.
She couldn’t discern why she was laughing.
“I’ve not heard from my daughter in months. Ain’t she in Chicago?”
Jessica was dazed. She put the phone on her other ear. “No ma, she’s been with you for the past three months.”
Silence again.
“Could it be that I don’t know what I’m saying?” the old lady wondered. “Speak to her father.”
“Yes, Jessica,” the man’s voice was calm.
“I need to talk with your daughter.” Jessica pleaded trying to calm herself down. Hoping that Mrs. David was wrong.
She wasn’t. “Shirley hasn’t been here for months now. Is there any problem?”
“Ehm, no sir. Thanks.” she hung up.
Shirley wasn’t with her parents? She told her she was with them. Had she dialled the wrong number? Jessica checked her cell, cross checking the number she’d dialled, it was correct. Her parents also confirmed it. Jessica was perplexed. The more she thought about the call she made, she had many more unanswered questions. The only person that could supply the answers was Shirley herself, but Jessica couldn’t reach her.
Had Shirley lied to her? It was obvious. How could she and why would she do that? They’ve been bossom friends right from the first day they met at the University. They had a friendship most girls envied – inseperable, being each other’s confidants, no secrets, no lies, no betrayal. Why the hell did Shirley do this? She’d been keeping a secret from her. Was it something wrong Jessica did? She’d have just told her.
Hot tears flowed down her cheeks. Were her close friends going to keep betraying her? Isaac whom she’d fallen in love with turned out to be her enemy. Now Shirley had lied to her. Surely, she’d the wrong people as friends. She wept bitterly. Shirley was her only hope, without her, she’d be empty, all alone.
Evan’s voice slowly crept into her thoughts. “Don’t make them a priority. You can always be without them. If you let them know you’re gone for good without them they’ll let you down and crush you.”
Isaac and Shirley had crushed her, now she’d live without them and shut her heart.
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“My wedding with Jessica has been fixed,” Evan announced over the phone. He smirked.
“Congratulations. Nice one. When’s the date?” a deep male voice replied.
“Two weeks time,” Evan answered his Boss, beaming with smiles. Things were finally falling into place.
“Good. Don’t f–k up,” Boss ordered.
“I have something else to tell you.” Evan changed the subject. He stractched his head. The line was silent, prompting him to continue.
“I journeyed to visit Bett hoping to get him to scare Jessica one more time. We argued and he finally agreed to do it. As I was leaving, a man and woman stopped, I saw them running. Probably chasing Bett. The man, we don’t know. The woman matched the description of Shirley.”
Evan could hear mumblings over the phone. He shrugged. “I haven’t heard from Bett in a while. Shirley’s not even here in Chicago. They must have done something. What do we do?”
The Boss kept still for 30 seconds. “Send your boys to Orlando. Find Bett. If it happens that the man you saw is messing with us, kill him. Shirley, don’t touch her. Isaac should go.”
“But,” Evan protested, “they are working together.”
“My word is final.”
The line went dead.
Evan flung the call, it smashed against the wall. D–n it! This little mistake shouldn’t ruin our plans, if it did, I’d show the Boss. He collapsed into the chaise loinge, closed his eyes. He rested. Hadn’t rested in a while.
**** **** **** ****
“Richmond!” Isaac raised his voice at Richmond. “What did you and Evan plot? How dare you?”
Richmond crossed his legs, smiled and cast a look at the alreday furious Isaac.
Isaac flew into a more greater rage. “You sit back there and tell me nothing? How did Jessica find my marriage certificate? S–t!” He grabbed Richmond by the collar and got his a-s off the sofa. He pushed him to the wall. “When did Evan’s family became mine?! Answer me!”
Richmond stayed still. “Let me go.”
Isaac let him go, knowing Richmond wouldn’t talk. “You all will pay.”
Richmond let out an evil chuckle.
“I warned you. You crossed the line. Had Evan and I not planned that, she’d have never agreed to marrying Evan. You’re fortunate the Boss still finds you useful. I’d have shot you if I were him.” He paused and stared at the troubled Isaac, sitting, looking devastated. “A call from Evan came in. You are going to Orlando.”
Isaac was shocked. His eyes glared at Richmond. “To finish me off, right?”
“Maybe.” Rich gave an evil smirk. “The Boss would let you know. You can’t refuse.” Rich concluded and walked out.
Isaac’s life was in a mess. How did it even begin? The Boss, Evan and Richmond. They’d ruined it. Tears flowed down his cheeks.