Viasat1 Premieres A New Telenovela 'Paula, For Love or Money' On Feb 4

Los Herederos Del Monte (16)
Viasat1 is set to premiere a new telemundo series, Los Herederos del Monte, a Spanish telenovela which translates to Paula; For Love or Money. This passionate story revolves around five handsome and hard-working brothers, who following the death of their adoptive father, will have to confront an unexpected heir.
Paula; For Love or Money premieres Thursday, 4th February, 2016 at 6 p.m., replacing ‘Direct Flight’ which ends on Wednesday. It encompasses every genre that comes with telenovela.
Programmes Manager at Viasat1, Anthony Mintah Jr., says the introduction of Paula; For Love or Money is a feather in the cap of the channel. “At Viasat1, we are known for our excellence when it comes to telenovela and soap operas. You can mention Storm Over Paradise, Eva Luna, Hidden Passion, The One Who Couldn’t Love, Aurora, Behind Closed Doors, Tempest, Forever Yours, and many more that caught the attention of our cherished viewers. Paula; For Love or Money will take our viewers to a journey of love, hatred, passion, betrayal, revenge. For the next eight months, our viewers will be enchanted into this captivating story that will keep them at the edge of their seat, and it will be on too”
He added that “We continue to balance our content for the cherished viewers, and although telenovelas generally appeal to females, our male viewers will also be interested in Paula: For Love or Money, as the storyline is centred on five brothers.”
The Del Monte brothers (Juan, Pedro, Gaspar, Lucas, and Jose) were from poor families, but were adopted and raised by a rich couple. The brothers were raised together to be hard-working men and proud to bear the “Del Monte” name. For many years, the brothers have taken care of the family business, “La Arboleda”, the most prosperous ranch in the region.


the day of the oldest brother Juan’s engagement party to Julieta, his girlfriend of 10 years, the family lawyer reads the will of the brothers’ recently deceased father. Nobody ever imagined that Paula del Monte, a beautiful and elegant woman, would appear at that moment and become a true threat to the five brothers.
Paula, having been persuaded by her mother Sofia to do so, shows up at the engagement party and claims to be the sole biological daughter of the deceased Mr. Emilio del Monte. She arrogantly demands an equal share of the inheritance and is determined to do everything to protect her interest, even living at the ranch with her bothers.
However, the Del Monte brothers are not willing to share what has taken them many years to build, especially with a stranger. Although they will confront Paula, there is nothing they can do because their father left a video saying that he wanted them to welcome and accept her as a sister.
Things will get twisted and Paula will find love in the middle of her plans for revenge and justice. She will not be able to resist the strong attraction she feels for her adopted brother Juan, who feels the same way about her. She will not be able to control her feelings and emotions. From then on, she will have two goals: to own the ranch and to get Juan’s love.
Meanwhile, Juan’s fiancée Julieta faces another problem. During a short break up with him, she had an affair with Juan’s brother Pedro. When Juan later finds out about it, he feels betrayed and ends their relationship, leaving him free for Paula.
Will Paula take her chances? Her arrival to the ranch will shake the lives of her adopted brothers, provoke the angriest reactions and arouse the strongest passions. Paula will fight to fulfill the promise she made to her mother- to own the entire Del Monte property, without suspecting that she herself will become a victim, like everyone else, of a cruel deception.
Paula; For Love or Money will bring back to your screens some known faces from the world telenovelas including Mario Cimarro. It premieres this Thursday, 4th February, 2016 at 6 p.m. on Viasat1, and will air at the same time from Monday to Thursday.
Source: Alfred Sarpong I