“Pills N Potions” season 1 episode 8


They would have gone to the extreme but surprisingly, the Human Resource Manager, Joe and Ama barged in on them. Apparently, he was following Appiah from work all along. Rumor had spread throughout the work place that Appiah was now living with Dede under the same roof. He followed him to confirm and lo and behold, he met them kissing.
Appiah upon seeing them stood up immediately and acted like nothing had happened.
“Sir, I wasn’t expecting you, you are welcome. Please have a seat” Dede said offering them and a seat.
Ama looked very furious while Appiah on the other hand tried hiding his face. One could not tell what he was hiding from. Whether out of shame, hiding from Ama or for the fear of losing his job, or from Joe.
He noticed the furious look on Ama’s face. It was obvious that he had a lot of explanation to do.
“Well, I thought you will be mourning and that’s the reason why we are here. To offer our condolence, but it seems we are mistaken” Joe said. As much as he was taking matters lightly meant he was going to react in the right time. His statement meant that he needed a lot of explanation for what he had seen.
Dede however, was ready to stand up for herself, her actions and even Appiah. Ethically, she wasn’t supposed to be flirting around with her boyfriend at the workplace but this time around, she had every right to do what she wants because she was in the confine of her own house.
“Sir, yeah, it’s true am bereaved, I was just enjoying the company of my boyfriend.” Dede said. Her statement had worsened things now. It has breached the conditions that kept Appiah working.
Appiah was definitely not happy about it. He didn’t know how to speak for himself, especially with Ama being around.
“Anyway, we are here to offer our condolence. May she rest in peace” Joe said.
“Thank you very much. I appreciate it “Dede said.
“Since Appiah our accountant is here, there is something I would like to put across. it’s such a coincidence to have met him here, because sooner or later I was going to contact him” Joe said.
Ama, who was sitting beside him, wondered what he was going to say. To her she knew they were only coming to offer their condolence to Dede. Any other reason was completely unknown to her.
“What is it Sir?” Appiah asked.
“Let me be quick, the company want to review its labor force and as part of this we are sure to lay down workers” Said Joe.
That was a blatant lie. He was trying to send a signal to Appiah for failing his part of the conditions. That statement was a clear indication that he was actually going to fire Appiah after seeing him kiss Dede.
“Let me see you at my office tomorrow morning “Joe continued. “ We will be on our way then”
Ama didn’t say a word yet her facial expression was enough to what was going on in her mind. Appiah needs to figure something out quickly before he resumes work the following morning.
Nothing had really changed in Danny’s marital home. His wife Helena, all the time kept nagging and accusing him of things he knew nothing about. Danny had left home and had taken shelter in a hotel for the past two days. Things were too unbearable for him to handle. This attitude of his wife was driving him away all the time.
At the hotel, He tried getting in touch with the one lady who for a short moment had given him reason to smile, Dede. Yet she was not reachable. What bothered him was how Dede got to know of his brother Appiah.
He wanted to see Dede at all cost, but had no idea of where she could be. His only option was to ask Appiah. Something he never thought of doing, coming face to face with his brother yet that was the only way out, if only he wants to see Dede again.
He quickly drove off from the Hotel and went to Appiah’s apartment only to meet his absence. However, everyone in the neighborhood knew that Appiah was with Dede which was only 15Km away from Appiah’s place. Upon asking, they directed him to Dede’s house. Without wasting anytime, He quickly rushed there; little did he know that he was going to find Dede there.
Appiah by then had already left for work leaving Dede alone at home. Danny knocked the door several times and to his surprise, Dede came to open the Door.
On the other hand, Appiah made a swift theft to a restaurant where he was going to meet an unknown lady before going to work. Apparently, that was a usual hanging out place for him and that lady. He arrived earlier than their usual time and by then the lady had not arrived.
He ordered for a cup of coffee while he waited for this lady to show up. No one really knew the relationship that existed between him and that lady.
Before he could take a sip of the coffee that was served before him, the lady he had been waiting for showed up. It was Helena, Appiah’s brother’s wife.
To be continued