“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 5


Daniel’s mother ran out of Doctor’s office, crying profusely. She had picked up her phone so as to call her other daughter and get all those who needed to know but she could’nt. She was out of control already, crying and wiping her tears almost immediately. There was something different about her character that minute, she was shivering and panicking as if she got all the necessary people informed, Daniel would come back to life. Everyone in the hospital knew something happened. Soon, she rushed back into the hospital, wiping her tears as she rushed to the Doctor again.
** ** **
Gloria marched to her seat as she got to the office and placed her head on her two hands that had been placed on each other. She prayed for some minutes before she dropped her bag down beside herself and switched on her electronic system. She had directed David inside to see the director while she started her own work for the day. She didn’t know, but she could feel a twinge of happiness in her mind. She had been longing to win a soul for God, but she didn’t know how she would approach anyone she met. At least, heaven was happy over the soul and over herself who just won one soul into the kingdom.
“Thank God.” She didn’t know when she closed her eyes and said the phrase. Resting her back on the chair, she swiveled the chair as she began to think of how she started preaching to David. Suddenly, her mind deviated, she wasn’t thinking about how she preached to David again, she began to think about David himself. He was tall, light in complexion, handsome and cool. Though, he was an unbeliever but she had preached to him already and he had confessed God as his saviour.
God… she just beamed. Is it David? She just chuckled as she swiveled the chair again. Is he the one? She wondered as she closed her eyes for a moment. God, please let me know soon. She muttered with a sincere heart. Suddenly she opened her eyes and met David before her. His hands were on the table and his body, drifted forward as if he was looking at her face closely.
Gloria’s heart lost a beat as she saw him. Has he heard my utterances? She wondered as she sat up and David stood upright.
“You are muttering incoherent words, Gloria.” He smiled. Gloria didn’t want to believe that David didn’t hear all she had said.
“Incoherent?” She raised her brows.
“Sure.” David raised his shoulders with a smile.
“I’m here just to appreciate you for your lecture today..” She cut in,
“I’m not a lecturer, what you have to do next is simply to start attending church services.”
“Sure, I have started.” He laughed as he pressed some buttons on his i-Pad and passed it to Gloria. “Please punch in the address of your church.” He said. Gloria smiled.
** ** **
“I’m Alex! He stole you away from me because I travelled, Nora.”
“Alex, let me go!” Nora screamed.
“I have told you earlier, Nora. If you scream from now till tomorrow, no freaking body will hear you!”
“Alex leave me! I hate you! Where’s Daniel?” She cried.
“I can’t leave you, Nora. You’re the air I’m breathing, you’re the sweat I’m sweating, you’re the shadow following me, I can’t…” He hardly finished his false confessions when Nora landed a slap on his cheeks. Alex held on to his cheeks quickly while Nora climbed on the mattress as fast as she could, if she could run out of the house. Alex followed and grabbed her even before she could leave the room. He pushed her to the mattress as he bounced on her and started beating her up.
** ** **
David had driven down to his own place of work as he thudded down his chair and swiveled to the right, thinking. He had been a man of great enjoyment, a fornicator, a drunkard and many more to his memory.
“No one..” He just said silently as he shook his head. He had been engulfed in thought, wondering as if no one had ever preached to him. He could remember when one of his friends was having his wedding and the Pastor mounted on the pulpit to preach the gospel, he had thought all the young man of God would say would just be concerning love, warnings in marriage, but he was shocked to have heard him preaching about eternity. He carried his i-Pad and walked out of the Auditorium. In his heart, he had concluded within himself that no one could convince him to Christ at all! How did Gloria manage to hook his heart! He had been wondering. He just opened his last drawer and brought out a big book, new, dusty and dirty. He had kept it there for so long and that’d be his first time of getting hold of it. It was his Bible.
** ** **
to be continued