“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 4


University Teaching Hospital.
Daniel’s mother got to the scene of the incident almost immediately and met his son. She had almost fainted when the driver who saw Daniel helped her and promised to take her and Daniel to the hospital as quick as possible, who knows if miracle could still happen? The woman had been crying since she saw Daniel. Someone who she spoke to in the morning, would he just die like that? She kept wondering.
She had been in the reception with the man, still crying when the Doctor
attending to Daniel walked out, holding his stethoscope in his right hand.
“May I ask, who are you to the patient?” He asked Daniel’s mother and the man.
“I’m his mother, what’s wrong with my son!” She grabbed the Doctor.
“What of you, Sir?” The Doctor asked the man.
“I only saw his body and contacted his mother, I don’t know him.” He replied.
“I’m sorry, but we tried our best. The young man is dead.” The Doctor said. Daniel’s mother went down instantly.
** ** **
Alex laughed aloud.
“Hope you guys are sure you killed that fool for me?” He asked as his laughter turned to a sudden frown.
“We shot him by the head, Alex. Even if he’s crawling, he’s supposed to be in either hell fire or heaven by now.” Alex laughed again.
“That kind of person can never make heaven. I’m sure he’s burning in hell presently.” The guys laughed.
“What of the balance, guy?” One of the guys asked.
“I know you love money so much.” He grinned as he handed over an envelope to one of the guys.
“Thanks for the neat job.” He said.
“You definitely know what we are good at, Alex.” The guy laughed.
“So, what do you intend to do with the chick you asked us to bring?” One of the guys asked.
“If she won’t marry me easily, she will marry me by fire by thunder!” He
“Alex!” They hailed him.
“You should get going, guys. Let me attend to her.” He shook them again as he walked into the house. He had sent the guys to help him eliminate Daniel and bring Nora to him. He had promised himself he would deal with Daniel after he had gotten the beating of his life from him the day before.
“Dreams are coming true!” He jubilated as he walked inside. He had locked Nora up in a room.
“If you won’t love me easily, you’ll love me by force!”
** ** **
“Doctor, please tell me it’s a lie!” The woman screamed.
“Please keep calm. I know I ought to be telling you this in the office and
probably I shouldn’t have told you directly, but, I just have to.” He said.
“So, the guy is finally dead?” The man asked as he buried his hands in his palms, crying too.”
“I’m sorry.” The Doctor replied.
“I’m so sorry, madam. Please I have to leave.” The man dashed out of the
hospital. He wouldn’t want to suffer for what he didn’t do.
“Please see me in my office, Ma.” The Doctor said. Daniel’s mother was just weeping as she sat on the floor. The Doctor himself wasn’t sure she heard him
“Please, right now.” The Doctor led the way. Daniel’s mother managed to stand up. She didn’t even know she wasn’t in her wrapper any longer, she was in her black underskirt, her scarf had also removed while she was rolling on the floor weeping. She entered into the office and sat down as the Doctor had told her.
** ** **
Alex bustled through the oak door, he put on a smile as he entered into the room he had kept Nora. He looked so happy that he had conquered Daniel and at last had Nora to himself.
“Nora.” He called out as he sat by the edge of the mattress. Nora opened her heavy eyes, earlier, her nose had been stuffed with chloroform to make her sleep. She had been in shock, shouting and crying because of Daniel. She had disturbed the atmosphere of the car until the guys made her sleep by force. As she opened her eyes, tears rolled down her face again. Even while she was asleep, tears were still rolling down her face. It was indeed a big shock to her, she never expected what happened within a minute. Still wondering, she remembered he was shot by the head and her head jacked up instantly.
“Are you now awake?” Alex enquired from her, his smile suddenly changed to a grin. Nora looked into the face of Alex and dimmed her eyes, struggling to see him properly.
“Alex!” She exclaimed. Alex brushed to his feet as he laughed.
“This is me, dear.”
“What!” She exclaimed again.
“You’re the one!” She stretched her index finger as she quickly knelt on the bed.
“Alex!” She shouted again.
“What’s happening now? Nora, you’re here with me now, let’s forget everything!”
“Are you out of your mind? Alex where’s my husband? Where’s Daniel? Where have you kept him? Alex!” She began to cry.
“Can you see now, this guy is making you cry now, I can’t withstand seeing tears in your face!”
“It seems you’re crazy, Alex! What have you done to Daniel?” She questioned.
“Just take life so easy, Nora. Let the sleeping dog lie..” Nora interrupted.
“What’s the meaning of this! You kidnapped me? Where’s Daniel? Where’s my husband? I hate you, Alex!” She shouted. Alex stood akimbo with a frown on his face.
“What on earth is your problem, Nora. It’s been a while, you know what happened back then, don’t you? We didn’t separate, I was flown abroad for treatment, only for me to return and hear that you’re with another guy. I still care a lot for you, dear.” Nora hissed.
“Where’s Daniel?” Alex chuckled.
“I have said it earlier, Nora. If you won’t accept me easily and happily, you’ll accept me forcefully!”
“Alex! Let go of me!” Nora screamed.
“Stop shouting because no one’s here to save you. Don’t beat about the bush because you’re mine already, Nora.”
“No! Daniel! He was shot! Where’s Daniel? They shot my husband,
Where’s Daniel?”
“One thing is that, even if Daniel took tricycle, he would have gotten to hell fire by now, dear. If you don’t know what that means, my love, Daniel’s gone already.” Nora froze.
** ** **
to be continued