“Pills N Potions” season 1 episode 7


Rapha didn’t make it. The Doctor confirmed the news and indeed it was a heart breaking experience for both Appiah and Dede. Rapha was really dead and gone. She had lost a lot of blood and this somehow contributed to her death.
Life they say is unpredictable, who is actually to be blamed of Rapha’s death? Her relationship with Appiah actually began when she was most vulnerable and heart broken.
She was lonely and hurt at that time. Her boyfriend who she had loved very much, her first love to be precise had broken up with her on her birthday. The worse of it all was the very day she broke her virginity with the guy. It was only after the act that Rapha’s guy knew he wasn’t much in love with her.
That was just pathetic. Rapha was so much into her boyfriend. He actually made her to believe that he loved her very much and could do anything to make her happy, only to break up with her, right on her on birthday and even after having sex with her.
It was one of Appiah’s usual visits to Dede’s house when he met Rapha in a terrible state. She was weeping her heart out. Dede by then had gone to the market leaving Appiah and Rapha alone. Appiah gave Rapha the listening ear; he gave her attention and promised her that he was going to be there when she needed someone to talk to.
Emotional healing really takes time and in that state, you need friends and loved ones to be there for you. It’s nearly impossible to heal on your own. Rapha couldn’t involve her sister Dede because she wasn’t aware of that relationship.
She kept if from her because she knew Dede will never approve it. Appiah was the only neutral person Rapha had at that time. She began visiting him at home as time went by. On one occasion, Appiah tried consoling her when she was crying about this same guy and how he had treated her, they ended up kissing and eventually had sex.
To Rapha, it felt good at that time, she could not hold back, she just gave in and enjoyed that moment forgetting that Appiah was in a relationship with her sister, Dede.
Back at the hospital, Dede cried bitterly for her lost, Appiah on the hand was also deeply hurting. What Dede couldn’t understand why Rapha was bleeding which resulted to her death. She began suspecting that perhaps, Rapha was pregnant. Due to the sudden news, she couldn’t ask the Doctor but instead she asked Appiah.
“Appiah, was Rapha pregnant” Dede asked.
“Come on Dede, how possible? and if she was then am the one responsible for that pregnancy right? Appiah asked.
“Just answer my question Appiah, was she pregnant? Dede asked him again.
“No, she wasn’t.” Appiah lied.
Dede knew there was something fishy going on however she got blinded once again by love. Appiah consoled her and took her from the hospital to her home. For several days Appiah stayed with her, cooked for her and cared for her.
He always made sure that, he served her breakfast even before he goes to work. Dede appreciated his kind gesture. To her it seemed that Appiah was a changed man. In as much as they lived together, they slept in a separate room all this time. Rapha’s death broke Dede down completely.
One evening, Appiah returned home to meet Dede crying while going through Rapha’s pictures. All the memories of them growing together resurfaced. Appiah upon seeing her went closer to her and sat beside her.
“You miss her right? He asked.
Tears couldn’t stop running down from Dede’s eyes.
“Appiah, she is the only family member I had. How could she leave like that” Dede said crying bitterly.
Appiah placed his arm around her neck giving her way to lean on him.
“Dede, I can feel your pain, I know what you are going through but am here for you. You can rely on me, my love” Appiah said.
His words were comforting, the mood was right. For several weeks they had not felt this way or come even this close after Dede discovered Appiah’s relationship with her sister. There was an instant click. They began kissing. Their breath got heavier as it got intense. From just a lip to lip kissing, it ended up in an intense deep French kissing.
They would have gone to the extreme but surprisingly, the Human Resource Manager, Joe and Ama barged in on them. Apparently, he was following Appiah from work all along. Rumor had spread throughout the work place that Appiah was now living with Dede under the same roof. He followed him to confirm and lo and behold, he met them kissing.
To be continued