Unknowing Alpha Episode 1


It all feels like Déjà vu. Alpha sits alone at his table, reading one of his many books. And I, I’m on my side of the cafeteria, with Liam and Paisley beside me, chattering about a gist I don’t care to catch. Sat in front of me is my barely touched pizza.

“It’s a new month, Beth,” Paisley says. “I can’t believe you’re still drooling over some guy who doesn’t even know you exist.” I smirk. If only she knew.

“It’s Beta,” I say, loving the sound of my new nickname. Soon, news of the newly birthed Alpha and Beta love story will be the hottest news. How cliché.

“Beta?” Liam asks. “Beta as in Beta wolf? The hell did that come from?”

“You’ll see,” I say. I rise to my feet and stroll towards Alpha. I can hear my friends call my name, trying to revive me from what seems to be the death of me.

Memories of my first encounter with Alpha flicker in my head, and from the way everyone stares at me, I can tell the ‘coke’ drama is still fresh in their memories. They’re probably expecting him to give me the cold shoulder once again. Well, watch this, suckers.

Alpha looks up at me as I halt at his table. His eyes glitter in a way they never have. For a few moments, I lose myself in his mesmeric brown eyes, paying no mind to the nosy pupils gawking at me.

“Take a picture?” Alpha suggests with a sly smile that turns my legs into a messy puddle. Still staring, I slide onto the seat opposite him.

What words can I use to describe how supernaturally beautiful he looks this morning? There’s a smile on his face that’s never been there before. I can only hope I’m the reason behind his smile.

His eyes return to the book he’s been reading, making me snap back into reality. Envy takes the best of me, turning me red-hot. I should be the object of his undivided attention, not some stupid book.

“I read these books too,” I say, hoping to regain his attention. “Suspense and action. They’re great.”

Alpha looks away from his book. I should be proud of myself for achieving this in a split second, but I can’t get past the unimpressed look on his face.

“It’s mystery,” he says. Mystery. I give myself a mental kick for letting it slip my mind.

“Yeah, what I mean is, it’s a really fast paced mystery novel. That’s why I said action.” He stares at me with that look in his eyes that makes me feel like I drank a cup of stupid before heading to his table.

“So, mystery is your thing?” he asks.

Not even close. I have better things to do than tangle my brain in the name of solving some pointless mystery. But what’s the harm in making him believe we have something in common?

“Yes,” I say. “Totally. It’s one of the many things we have in common.”

Punctuating my sentence with a sheepish smile, I look away and curl my fingers in my hair. He stares at me for a second too long. I hold my breath and pray he doesn’t see through my lie.

Smirking, he closes his book and trains his eyes on me. My eyes twinkle with an excitement I don’t attempt to conceal. In barely even one minute, I succeeded in capturing his attention. This doesn’t come as a surprise, though. I know just how hot I am. And Alpha Jordan is not immune to hotness. My smug smile melts away as Alpha hands me his book.

“Here, I’m sure the mystery girl you are is dying to consume it.” My face pales. I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding somewhere, because the only thing I’m dying to do is watch a raging fire consume it. There is no way in hell I’m reading it.

“No way,” I say.

“No?” Hiding my disgust behind a simper, I push the book toward him.

“It’s not that I don’t want to read it, but…” He raises a brow, making unsaid words die on my lips.

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I lean back in my seat and draw in a deep breath. Wide eyed and unblinking, I stare at the priceless work of art before me. Holy cursed goodness, why does he have to be so hopelessly cute? He says a word or two, but I’m hopelessly gawking at his pink lips, and the words don’t make it to my ears.

“What?” I ask. Hitting me with a killer smile, he points at me and touches his lips. I blink. Once. Twice. Everything is still in place, so I know I’m not dreaming. Holy fudgemonkey cow! Alpha Jordan has just asked me to kiss him. And in public.

I sweep my eyes around the room. Everyone is staring. They are just as surprised as I am. I look back at Alpha. We’ve shared a kiss already, but I could never have guessed he was one for public displays of affection. It’s not that I’m complaining or anything, but…

“You might want to close your mouth,” he says. “People are starting to stare.”

“What?” I ask.

A sudden whoosh of self consciousness steals me over as I realize my mouth is agape. A familiar, blood boiling laughter dances to my hearing. Liam. I glare at him. He claps his right palm over his mouth to suppress his laughter, but fails at it.

The other witnesses of my shame are in what seems to be a laughing competition. My cheeks turn a demeaning shade of tomato. I hope they all die laughing. Alpha chuckles.

“That look on your face when you thought I asked you to kiss me.”

“I didn’t…” I seek to hide my perverted mind behind an excuse, but words fail me.

“Yes you did,” he says.

“That explains why you were gawking at me like an…” Trailing off, he shakes his head.

“Go on,” I say.

“Never mind.” I’m no fool. I know he meant to say I was gawking at him like an idiot. Okay, it’s official. I’m a love struck moron. That explains why I’m such a hopeless puddle around him.

“Back to why I can’t take the book,” I say, in a bid to restore my dignity. “Since you’re already reading it, it wouldn’t be fair to just interrupt the flow, you know.”

“I don’t mind,” he says. “It’s my forth time.”

“Are you kidding?” I ask. He’s read this book four solid times and it still looks like an unsold book in a book store? How on earth did he achieve this? I pick up the book to have a closer look. My mistake.

“It’s yours for a week,” Alpha says. “I need you to leave an honest review on the author’s webpage once you’re done. It would mean a lot to him.” Unable to conceal my disgust, I roll my eyes

“Do I have to do this?”

“Aren’t you the one trying hard to impress me? Well, here’s your chance, and not your spoilt rich girl act.” Winking at me, he vacates his seat and swaggers out of the canteen.

I stare at the book before me. I should go dig myself a grave, because I will definitely die of boredom before I even make it past the first chapter. I make a mental note to never approach him when he’s with a boring mystery novel. This is going to be the most boring week of the century

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