Unknowing Alpha Episode 2


Grunting my frustration, I roll over in bed and reach for my ringing phone. My groggy eyes find an unknown number on the screen. I answer the call.

“Hey?” Silence greets me from the other end. “Brad?” I ask. Getting no answer, I try again, “Henry? Uhm…Justin?”

“Sleep well?” the caller asks.

Oh my gosh! Alpha! With a hopeless grin, I bolt upright in bed and clear my throat to scratch out the remnant of my grogginess.

“Hi,” I say. “I mean, how did you get my number?” Once the question slips out of my mouth, I realize there is no greater fool than Bethany Howell. Not every girl wakes up to a call from Alpha Jordan. Hell, he doesn’t even have their numbers. But here I am, giving him the impression that he’s bothering me. We’re supposed to be an item, so technically we should be done playing hard to get. How frustrating can I get?

“Am I interrupting something?” he asks. Although I should still be in bed, I’d be plain stupid to tell him he interrupted my sleep. What would he think of me if he knew I stayed asleep till 10am? I don’t want to find out.

“No,” I say. “Good morning, Alpha.” I double check my voice, making sure it hovers between normal and sugar coated. I don’t want to scare him off with an overly artificial voice. His next words cut through my thoughts.

“Do you have any plans for today?” My mouth goes dry as I grope for an answer. I bite my lower lip to interrupt a blossoming grin. Is this him yearning to spend a day with me? My relationship with Alpha is too good to be true. When reality is too good to be true, it only means things are about to get bad. I’ve seen this in tons of movies.

“I’m free,” I say, although Brad and I already made plans to go out today. But that was B.A.E – Before Alpha Era.

“Why do I have a feeling you have a date with Brad or some other guy?” he asks, but doesn’t wait for me to answer. “Scratch that.”

“Is this a date?” I ask.

“What does it matter?” he asks. “We are going out. Why be so interested about adding a tag to it just yet?” Alpha’s words translate as: Yes, this is definitely a date. But I want us to take this slow. A grin spreads across my face.

“Uhm…I’ll go get ready.”

“Okay.” He hangs up.

I punch the air and squeal like the love struck teenager that I am. Alpha and I are going on a date. Here comes the best day of the rest of my life.

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Finding the right outfit eats up my time like a virus eating up memory space. If only I had a clue where we’re going, I’d be able to choose the perfect outfit. Leaving a pile of clothes on my bed, I settle for a denim jacket, a white camisole, and skinny blue jeans.

I stare at my under-dressed self in the mirror. My eyes droop, baring my displeasure. Light makeup has never been my thing, but Alpha loves to have an undisturbed view of an underdressed girl’s freckles. And since I’m out to impress him, oh well.

I move to open my windows just in time to see a car steering toward our house. My heart does a flip turn, but a second look at the beast of a car steals the jitters from my stomach. How is it possible he drives a car that’s a million times the price of mine? He obviously rented it, which is what worries me. Where did he get the money to rent it? Not even if he saves for a millennium can he afford a car like this. So how is it possible he’s in this car?

Placing my questions on hold, I exit the house and step in toward the car to have a closer look. Alpha is really in a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.

The driver’s door gives way, letting him climb out of the SUV. He looks hotter than he’s ever been, if that’s any possible, considering that he’s always drop dead gorgeous. The glittering black car behind him gives him a billionaire look I can’t get past. My gaze stays fixated on the car.

“Is this real?”

“Real as your crush on me,” he says, smiling. Cheeks burning, I say,

“Alpha, I don’t understand. Where did you get the money to rent this? We should have just used mine.”

“It’s mine.” A giggle escapes me. Since when did dogs have wings? My bank account would groan if I bought a car like this. And Alpha? With his social class, I doubt he can even afford the rear view mirror.

“Alpha, I know you’re trying so hard to impress me,” I say, touching his arm. “But you really didn’t have to go this far. I still don’t understand how you’re able to rent this. Did you rob a bank? Did you…”

“It’s mine.”

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