Agony of Chioma Episode 50


Oge entered the hospital like a mere patient, she got to the nurses counter and asked a nurse if a doctor was around and she was given a yes so she headed for the office . On her way, she changed direction without anyone noticing since the hospital was getting calm at that moment.

Meanwhile earlier in the day she had gotten all the information she needed including the room chioma was.
She headed for chioma’s room, after scanning the environment and no one was coming or around there she turned the knob of the door and entered inside. She got into the room and saw different medical machines making noise while she Walked closer to her bed. Seeing chioma’s face was just like seeing the devil who had been tormenting her for years.

“so you are the one who want to spoil the joy of my life, she is even a small girl… Did you know what it took me before I got Stanley, am 30 this year and not yet married I was only used and dumped by men, now that I have gotten Stanley at the tip of my claws you want to take him away… Never, sorry dear just rest in peace” she said removing the cover of the syringe.

Oge saw a drip connected to chioma and smiled, it will be a nice medium to input the poison and she would die quick. On a second thought she was like what if a nurse or doctor come in when I leave and noticed this. The drip maybe changed she thought, injecting her directly should be the best Oge concluded. She rubbed chioma’s bicep and placed the syringe needle on it……

“I knew you were up to something, thank God I obeyed my mind” a voice said behind running towards her…


Jake was still in a heavy interaction with Emeka forgetting that it was already late. Well you can’t blame him, Of course who would notice that it’s already dark in a booming and lively hotel like citadel??.

Sexy ladies of different kinds were entering and leaving the hotel, Jake and Emeka was losing focus in there conversation and busy staring at the good things of nature according to them.

“bro this ladies are tempting my spirit” Jake spoke out

“Hmmm… Not just you alone, am d–n h—y here”

“and it’s been very long I played game boy, last I did was with Nana… Oh I wish chioma was around”

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha…. Jake wait ooo, what makes you think that chioma will ever accept you again”

“hmm… Tough question…. But I think so, first love cannot die. I was her first love same as she was my first true lover.”

“Hmmm I see. Bro forget her for now, why don’t we just have fun for tonight”

“fun as in… What type of fun???”

“look over there, there are lot of sexy ladies, just 1500 can have them down for you for thirty minutes”

“Emeka you have come again, don’t invite me here to tempt me.”

“am not bro …. You can’t tell me since Nana left you haven’t had s3x, that not good for your health, it’s almost a year now”

“but I don’t have a condom here with me”

“lol…those s–t will offer you one, cmon bro let’s go” Emeka said pulling Jake up while he called two of his guys

The four guys went to a corner of the hotel glowing with green light where different prostitutes were looking for their customers.

“hey handsome” a dark skinned lady called Jake coming close to him

“oh this is killing….. Hi” Jake said

The girl came close, looked at Jake from head to toe and implanted a sexy kiss to his face after which she bent low in front of Jake hitting her asss…

“which of my services do you need??” she asked Jake pushing him to the corner

“(swallows hard) list them” Jake replied

” my services are for thirty minutes, anything more than that requires extra charges if you wanna have my b00bs for that’s #1000, massage #500, fingering #500, bj #500, vag sucking #1000, anal #1500, penetration #1500″ she said bubbling her chewing gum

“wow, that’s wild of you…. I will give you #5000 for the Anal and penetration”

“(smiling) sharp customer, you won’t regret coming for me” she said dragging Jake

Oge turned back as she was about to inject the substance to see who was running towards her

“dish” a punch got to her face which made her stagger colliding with one of the machines which stated making an alarming sound

“Stanley!!! What the hell are you doing here”

“same thing I should be asking you”


I drove out of the hospital with an iota of joy, at least I have helped a dying soul. But through the side mirror of my vehicle I saw tundra that looks like that of Oge.

There is no way Oge can come here I thought accelerating the vehicle further but something pricked me in my chest and my mind told to go check that vehicle. I jumped down from my vehicle and walked to the tundra, to my surprise it was exactly Oge’s tundra…

“what!!!” I exclaimed and ran into the hospital

******back to present******

“so you think after calling off my wedding and I will stay calm… Stanley because of this thing you stopped our wedding??”

“Oge drop that thing in your hand now else I am going to pull it out of your hand in a hard way”

“you can’t do more than a dead rat” Oge said setting hands for Stanley

Stanley rushed at her with full force while Oge gave him a punch but unfortunately the hand she used to punch him was the one she using to hold the injection.

The injection pierced through Stanley’s chest “ahhhh” he shouted and fell down

“Jesus!!! ” oge shouted

“(door opens) what’s happening here??…. Oh my God.. ”

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The s3x worker took Jake to her special guest room at the upper floor…

“let’s get down to business” she said

“won’t you offer me a condom?”

“oh I forgot to tell you, I prefer my business raw and sweet…. Oh you are afraid of infections and diseases oh no am clean cmon your time starts”

“so what if am the one with the infection???”

“am not afraid of that” she said undressing

Jake looked at her undress as he was contemplating if truly this girl was saying the truth. She was unclad as she came close to Jake and whispered into his ear

” anal or vag… Which first


She laid on the bed exposing her hairy p—y while Jake scrutinized it with his finger, giving her nice sensations before climbing on her……..

About an hour later Jake had poured about trice, the deal was over and he entered the bathroom to freshen up. As soon as he was out, he paid the girl and left

“this girl nearly killed me, she is too wild” he muttered weakly while stopping a bike.

Stanley was later confirmed dead the next morning. The substance got into his body which was very harmful and while the doctors and nurses were trying their best on him he gave up. Despite Oge’s rank in the DSS office she was arrested the next morning for murder…

Three days later chioma woke up feeling very strong and healthy according to the medics she requested for food immediately and she was offered. She could now communicate and she also told the doctor how everything happened to her, the doctor also collected her home address and phone numbers of her family members.

To prove it all, she walked around the hospital without having any complications, her beauty and sweet fair complexion were all back and she was looking fresh again. “Wow this is a swift miracle” the doctor said. The next day chioma’s sister and uncle came to the hospital looking surprised as they all shed tears together.


Jake was lying on his bed sweating profusely and shedding tears as he was seriously passing through pains. “oh God what have I done to myself” he cried out in tears holding his private region.

He picked up his phone and dialed emeka”s number immediately….

“hello bro.. How far”

“guy am not fine, am not fine at all”

“what happened???”

“dude since three days now, my d–k is on fire, I can’t even urinate , urinating is like passing through hell fire…. Bro am dying here” he said crying

“Jake you really need to calm down, my other friend Joe is suffering from same thing. His d–k is red and swelling up, he urinates blood. They are rushing him to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning…. But didn’t you use condom??”

“guy no time for explanation, I dey die here… I told her to give me a condom like you said I should do but she said she want it raw”

“Haaa raw, now you have contacted idumdum fayeri”

“Huh?? What does that mean??”

“never mind bro, one of this my friend whose uncle is a doctor said we should go to his uncle’s hospital that he is a specialist in std and the rest”

“guy can’t you come over to help your bro??? Ahhhh”

“sorry Jake am not even in enugu Now but I can give you the name of the hospital for you to find a way to go there”

“Ahhhh what’s the name??”

“eastern care hospital enugu”

“(crying) ok I will find my way there… If I don’t die” he cried out throwing his phone on the floor

“oh God forgive me Pls, this girl was telling me lies about her health status” he cried out placing a block of ice on his d–k

“if I call Paulo Now, he would mock the hell out of me… I can’t even walk well” Jake lamented in tears…..


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