Agony of Chioma Episode 49


“where have you been all day” Oge asked as soon as she saw Stanley entered her office.

“am so sorry dear, I have been busy all day”

“you smell clinical….”

“oh yea, I just returned from a hospital, my love sit we have to discuss something”

Oge looked at him suspiciously for some seconds before sitting down. Oge was a high ranked DSS agent and she owns an office. Stanley was also a DSS agent but not up to the level of Oge, they both fell in love and planned to get married. Their wedding will hold in two weeks time.

“Chief Kali alerted me by 2am last night when armed robbers invaded his house, I quickly left for his house without any back up but on my way I met a helpless body on the middle of the road, and the person cried for help. I had pity on her because she probably must have been attacked by robbers so I took her to the hospital. I made a deposit of hundred and twenty thousand but after some X-ray were conducted the doctor said her spinal cord was damaged and she needs 500thousand to survive” Stanley said slowly

“so what’s my business, anyway I have good news for you, the aso ebi is out and we need nothing less than 250 thousand to clear them though I had deposited a hundred thousand so I need the balance”

“oh my God oge this is not what am talking about now, I mean I need 500k to prevent her from dying in less than 24 hours”

“so what do you want me to do? You were the one forming good Samaritan, find the money yourself not after giving me the remaining 150k and 500k for the food preparations”

“oh oge am not in the mood, am her figuring out a way for me to raise 500 thousand for the dying patient and you are calling huge amount of money that I barely have for wedding. Infact I don’t have money so the preparations yourself”

.”Stanley!!!! You want to ruin my wedding right? right?” Oge shouted and gave Stanley a dirty slap.

“you slapped me?”

“yes and I will do it again and again until you come back to your senses” Oge shouted

“fine wed yourself am not interested again” Stanley said and left her office

“oh my God Stanley called off the wedding because of a silly dead thing in the name of helping…oh!! Stanley you will regret this and for that silly, you have caused me my wedding I think it’s time for you to die”

Oge quickly took the line phone on her table and called one of the boys working for her…

“kachi come to my office immediately don’t waste a micro seconds” she said dropping the phone

Kachi showed up in less than two minutes….

“am here ma”

“did you see Stanley??”

“Yea, he just drove out some seconds ago”

“fine, I want you to take one of the cars and follow him wherever he goes then call me and give me updates Now get out” she instructed….


Stanley was filled with anger as he drove carelessly on the road. All that was running in his mind was how to get the money and that is just for a start meaning he would still have to bring more money as the treatment proceeds. He parked by the road side and brought out his phone to make some estimates .

Some minutes after estimating his total account, it was possible for him to squeeze out 500k

“I pray God multiplies me, am just trying to help” he muttered and ignited his engine. He drove straight to first bank and withdrew the money and headed for the hospital…

“kachi what’s the progress” Oge asked from the phone

“he just entered a hospital now after leaving the bank”

“a hospital??”

“exactly ma”

“what’s the name of the hospital”

” ermmm eastern care hospital according to what am seeing in the sign board”

“OK… You can leave him, get back to your unit”

“OK ma” kachi said and ended the call as he woke the engine of the Camry spider he was in.

“you are a good man”

“thank you doctor” Stanley said smiling

“she is under treatment now, which will last for three days then we would see how far it has worked on her”

“OK doctor…. But she will soon be alright?? ”

“sure, she will be fully OK.. Just pray for her..

“OK. I will be on my way now but will be back in the evening”

“you have no problem”



Citadel hotel wasn’t that far from Jake hostel since it was in Enugu. He took a commercial bike straight to the hotel.

“how much is your money” he asked the motorcycle operator

“100 naira sir”

Jake gave the man a two hundred naira note “keep the change”

“ahhh thank you sir”

Entering the hotel, everywhere was very noisy. He scan the environment in search of Emeka but later found him in the mist of some guys and girls, they were about ten. He summon courage and walked to where they were sitting.

“Whatsup emeka”

“heyyyyy!!! See my brother…. Manchi how far na” Emeka stood up and shouted, hugging jake

“bro am doing good… Guy you don big ooo” Jake complimented

“Na so I see am oooo… Guys this is my brother. Jake these are my goons, we roll together reping team Zeus”

“Whatsup guys”

“cool, nice meeting you” some of them said

Jake looked at the people Emeka called goons, they were very indecent, even Emeka Now looks like something else with his dread, pierced ear and lips. The thing that annoyed Jake the most was the ugly girls they harboured in their team.

“Chai my brother has useless his life” Jake said inwardly

“guy how far na… I thought you said we would talk”

“oh na true but you need to take something make you high small na”

“(smiles) na true, e don tey wey I shake ooo”

Emeka called the bartender and changed his position sitting close to jake.

“brother order anything you want, I am capable”

“you get life??? ”

“Yea, we have it”

“ok just bring two bottles come”

“is that all??”

“Jake order something… Guy just bring life 4 bottles, bring beef meat spice am well ooo then you supply O’mpa two creates for this table” Emeka said to the bartender

All their orders were brought while Jake quickly opened a bottle of life, drinking quarter of it before sighing…

“so bro Wetin dey shele between you and chioma”

“Emeka I no understand oooo, I just started hating her for no reason probably because she was dating that chinedu that drummer guy”

“ehn I heard that guy was dead”

“Yea, he died some months back, I knew that Malaysian money wasn’t pure according to what I heard he was shot to death in Malaysia”

“Chai… F–k up.. Jake that Malaysia na my next plan. When I graduate next year your p man don promise me say he go give 10milla to start up my life”

“confirm… Your head they there, you will explore Malaysia I trust you”

“make I know too talk sha, different plans dey my head”

“when you start making the paper no forget me oooo”

“you be my sure brother na… How Nana una still dey talk??”

“well she still dey call me sometimes sha tho she will be getting married soon to that b—–d”

“Hahahaha…. The idiot wey disgrace your life”

“just forget that one joor…. I know wan remember that stuff again”

“(laughing) so which chioma dey come back na…. You surprise… Hahahahaha I don hear everything finish, una no try at all”

“bro that one don pass, it’s a new chapter now” Jake said opening his second bottle

“put if to say we still dey together then or you involve me, this thing no go fit reach like this because I know Becca well, that girl dey too deadly as soon I hear the rumour say chioma pay Becca to kill your family I know say that one na big lie… Anyhow sha that one don pass”

“Yea… Meanwhile am repented, I just can’t wait for her to come back”

“hope this one is genuine and not like that of jane”

“Emeka Pls stop reminding me of the past”

“Hahahaha… Look at him”

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Stanley watched the computer system beeping and displaying symbols as different thing was running into chioma’s body. He had been watching this the past one hour, his behavior was really baffling him. He doesn’t even know this girl and he is caring so much for her.

He stood up to info the nurses that he was leaving since the doctor in charge of chioma’s case has gone. He informed the chief nurse of his exist and she gave him a go ahead….

Meanwhile outside the hospital, Oge was seen in her black tundra, dressed in a dark red gown with a face cap as she watch her fiance Stanley drove out of the hospital…..

“idiot, only God knows what’s between them but tonight marks the end of her….. Imagine Stanley calling off my wedding because of one infidel” she said smiling as she brought out a syringe contain a blue liquid from her bag.

“happy death day” she muttered and alighted from her vehicle


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