Agony of Chioma Episode 48



I was sadness personified with the way my wicked gangs left chioma in the den of danger. I couldn’t help but wished to save her, I really like the girl. Many ideas and strategy ran through my head in order to save her but how is that possible with this devilish minded people I found myself with.

Causing an accident isn’t a good idea because I may end up being hurt, we were still on our way back to the camp where we would share the remaining money and go to our various houses. Making a call was also not possible because I had to communicate with the person am talking to and sending a text message this midnight was the most dumb thing to do. I just gave up and prayed for chioma’s safety in my mind.


EXACTLY 3:01am

A Lexus 350 was seen running In the federal government road with full speed, with the look of things the driver was in a state of emergency and wasn’t concentrating that much on the road. The federal road was divided into four lanes, the driver of the Lexus could see big vehicle passing on the 3rd and 4th lane but on the second lane where he was, no vehicle was seen so he increased his acceleration as only him was on the lane.

The Lexus was maintaining its high speed going smoothly when the driver of the Lexus saw something lying on the road ahead of him. Suddenly as he approached closer he saw a hand waving slowly as he stepped on the brake pedal immediately. His head lamp gave him a clear view of the person and it was a human lying helplessly on the middle of the road.

“holy s–t” the young man in the vehicle shouted and alighted immediately running towards the body

“help” was the last thing he heard from the body lying lifeless on the ground

“oh this is a female, seems she was attacked by armed robbers, look at her face and body bruises. And I really need to be at senator Kali’s house. Ok let me help the dying soul first”

The young man carried chioma into his Lexus vehicle and drove away….

“hello Paul, take about three boys and go to senator Kali’s house, some group of armed robbers are there. Something came up so I can’t make it”

“ok sir… I will do exactly as you said”

The young man looked at chioma and increases his speed……

Next day==

The next day was a Friday, the section was already coming to an end.

“so Jake when are you bringing your system so we could talk to chioma via Skype” Paulo asked

“that will be soon because I had told my dad to get her a system or cell phone so we could be communicating with her”

“nice, am really happy that chioma is alive, people love fake news alot”

“that’s people for you…how and where is chim”

“she is doing good, she had to run home for her elder sister wedding preparations”

“that’s good. You know she is angry with me and I really need to apologize to her” Jake said like a good boy

“she will soon come back, you have no problems chim will forgive you… By the way do you think chioma would forgive you???”

“Hmmm Paulo that I can’t say but I hope she would forgive, I promise to be a good lover Infact chioma would get the best from me”

“I hope you keep to your words.. She would forgive but Pls her heart is fragile Now, try to make it strong and don’t cause her pain”

“I won’t… Paulo I really cherish your friendship, you are a good friend and more of a brother thank you very much”

“don’t mention, what are friends for?”
Everything was getting better for everyone directly or indirectly. Chioma found a saviour who took her to the hospital, Jake the jerk was gradually coming back to his senses and realising his mistakes, Chief madu on the other phase thinks that chioma has been eliminated from their life.

Suddenly a call entered Jakes phone as soon as he left Paulo, the caller was no other person than the thorn in Jake’s flesh “Emeka”

“Emeka what again” Jake lamented as he picked the call

“Jake Jake how far na, longest time no see”

“I just dey ooo u nko”

“Jake you just forget me like that, you don forget how we grow together now you dey form boss. The one wey dey vex me pass na all the things wey don dey happen all this while you know even gist me na from other people mouth I dey hear am it’s not good ooo but no p sha”

“Emeka bro no be like that ooo see eh many things don dey happen, as I dey now matter still dey dance Wo for my head”

“you know what this one no be phone matter just show up for citadel hotel by 6pm make we chill out you know”

“so you never change from this your hotel life and women”

“Hahahaha Guy you don forget the motto nature is good and we must enjoy am… We go see na later make I ball enter class”

” no p”

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“good day nurses, am Stanley the man who brought in a girl here in the early hours of today”

“oh you are the one, the doctor would like to see you”

“ok which way to his office”

“straight down, second room by your left”

“thank you very much” Stanley said and walked as instructed.


“come in” an elderly voice said from inside.

Stanley entered the office and saw an elderly man in surgery attire, eating mango. Probably he just came out the theatre.

“good afternoon doctor”

“afternoon, how may I help you?”

“erm am actually Stanley the person who brought in a lady here in the early hours of the day”

“you are Stanley?? I have been waiting for you all day long”

“I was a bit busy. Doctor how is she fairing?”

“hmm that’s why I have been waiting for you. Her case is really really complicated, from my little analysis I think she has a nervous disorder but I still want to be very such by running some test on her but before then a sum of 120thousand must be deposited” the elderly doctor said

“doctor so no treatment has been given to her yet???”

“not really” the doctor said operating on his computer system

“oh my God… Ok do you have a POS here”

“of course, you can go to the reception to do that”

“Pls doctor, I don’t know here but at least do something to save her”

“such we will as soon as you deposit the money”

Stanley deposited the money immediately while the doctor was notified. The elderly doctor sent his son who is also a radiographer to run some X-ray on chioma which he started with immediate effect.

Few hours later the X-ray results were out, the chief doctor scanned the result and called for Stanley immediately.

“doctor how is the result and how is she” Stanley asked with fear

“calm down, the result is out sit down” the doctor told Stanley while he sat down

“am afraid, her nervous system needs serious health care and machinery support which we don’t have here but will find a way to get some only if you can pay the sum of five hundred thousand naira for a start and you really need to be fast about it because she has barely two days to live”

“hmm this is very serious by the way doctor I don’t really understand what all this nervous thing is all about, am not science inclined”

“I see, in a nutshell she has serious brain and spinal cord damage and from the analysis and X-ray I think she was been electrocuted”

“Haaa I don’t know, like I said I don’t know her from Adam. But is she going to survive this??”

“sure if she is properly taken care of in less than two days”

“ok doctor can I see her now”

“no no, she can’t talk and she is in a coma.”

“Hmmm… How do I go about this now… Ok I will be right back”

“ok no problems”

Stanley went out of the hospital looking very much confused. He was willing to help chioma just like a good Samaritan but the money they are demanding was quite much for him to raise at that moment and he doesn’t even know her. The worst part was that chioma couldn’t talk at least she would have told him where he can meet or find her family members or friends…

“oh God what do I do now??, leaving that girl to die is not good. I think I should find a way to raise the money for her” he said heading to his vehicle when a call came into his phone.

“oh Oge” his fiancee was calling, while he picked the call immediately……….

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