Agony of Chioma Episode 47


Jake’s mbbs exam came, which took almost a month. The death of chioma was still like a knife stab to his heart, he had no option than to go on with his life. Chief madu had to come up with another plan because his previous plan doesn’t look convincing enough according to his special advisers.

Chief madu’s new plan was to lie or tell everyone that as soon as he discovered that chioma was innocent he decided to send her abroad for proper medical care because the DPO and his boys had given her a serious health trauma…


“Good day Mr olugo” chief greeted as soon as he alighted from his Prado jeep

“what is good about this day??” chioma’s uncle who just came out from his building asked

“Mr olugo you need to calm down, am here to explain everything to you”

“chief madu or whatever you are called, you have been a threat to this community in the name of you are a titled man. If you know what is good for you get out of my compound now before I do something evil. Haven’t you succeeded in killing my niece”

“that’s exactly why I came here, your niece is still alive. I haven’t been chanced to come see you all this while, that is why you have been hearing fake rumours everywhere”

“you don’t mean what you are saying, so where is she?”

“from the wrong accusation placed on her, the DPO had to take her case specially and handed her to his team of torture but when I heard from the direct source that she was innocent I had to order for her release then she had been dealt with, her health condition was very bad in order to compensate her I flew her to India some days back where she has been given medical attention”

“how true is this thing you just said” chioma’s uncle asked with a strong face

“(evil smile) don’t worry believe me in less than a month I believe she would be back sound and healthy”

“hmm is her condition so bad that Nigeria hospital couldn’t do anything about it??”

“oh Mr olugo you should be familiar with Nigerian hospitals,they don’t know anything beside their doctors are not qualified enough. You know what Mr olugo I will send you some pictures of chioma in India so you could believe me”

Jake was beside the car looking at his father as he vomited trash about Nigerian doctors

“chief if you say so no problem you can leave now”

“not without showing you how sorry I am for causing your family great pain in the past and present. John take the provisions inside and get me my briefcase” chief said

His new body guard John and his driver obinna took some provisions into Mr olugo’s house such as two bags of rice, two cartons of tomato paste, a 25 litres of vegetable oil, beverages. Lastly John brought a briefcase to chief while he brought out two bundles of a thousand naira note which is equivalent to two hundred thousand naira…

“this is for you Mr olugo” chief handed him over the money while John returned the briefcase

“(after scrutinizing the money) thank you chief madu, I appreciate your gift”

“you are welcomed, we will have to be on our way now”

“no problems, safe journey” chioma’s uncle said waving at them while he entered into his house.

Meanwhile on their way home, chief was very happy that his plan was progressing and he has successfully deceived everyone. Then a thought came into his head

“what if her uncle found out that she wasn’t in india and I later killed her because that man looks desperate, he could do anything to find the true” chief thought.

Another voice spoke ==
“why are you afraid, aren’t you chief madu, the omeluora one of itolu just do to him what you have done to others”

“exactly… If he tries it, his doom is near hehehehe” he said and smiled inwardly

No one was in the camp as soon as lucky returned, he confirmed by scanning the environment and still found no one. “yes” he muttered

Lucky went to the regular place where the key to chioma’s room was kept, took the key and left. He unlocked the room and found someone Coughing terribly…

“are you alright??” he asked rushing towards her.

“(coughing hardly) help me get drugs, my lungs is paining me” she said slowly like who was going to die the next minute.

“yea, am with some drugs for you, I also bought you food and drink to refresh with. Just stand up, no one is here” lucky said sitting her upright

“thank you lucky, God bless you” she said in a more slower manner

“your body is very hot, but don’t worry I bought you malaria and cold drugs. The mosquitoes biting here are much” he said and opened a take away park of rice and chicken, opened a plastic bottle sprite drink and gave her a spoon

“chioma, you have to eat fast before anyone returns you know how deadly my team members could be” he said helping her with the spoon

Some minutes later, he noticed that chioma wasn’t eating the food at all because she had no strength in her so he took the spoon from her and started feeding her…

“you still have some smile in your face” lucky said feeding her

“(little smile) thank you lucky, you are human” she said weakly masticating her food slowly

“I don’t really like what my gangs are doing to you, I mean they should have pity on a beautiful girl like you. You are getting pale day by day”

“Hmmmm it’s my cross I think I should carry it” she said coughing out some green coloured things

“oh sorry, I really wish I could take you to the hospital”

“(coughing hardly) am fine, I don’t have strength to eat again, this is ok” she’s said panting

“don’t worry I will get you out of here….”

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Lucky packed the food, gave her some sprite drink to take before giving her the drugs. She threw up everything not quite long making lucky look disappointed.

“don’t bother yourself, my body is not compatible to anything food or drug, I think my death is near” she said slowly

“cmon don’t say that, you won’t die Infact am ready to do anything for you to live”

“(little smile) how is your health, I know your members beat you up few days ago for siding me” she said almost with her last strength

“am fine now, just leave that am after your own health”


“I think I should leave you now to rest, but I will see you tonight”

“(coughing hard) OK. Bye” she said lying back on the bare ground”


Chief madu was in his room thinking all to himself, when a special ring on his hand started vibrating. He stood in alertness because he knew there was danger.

“what is happening” he asked no one in particular. Suddenly the ring started blinking red light which indicates that the grand master needed his attention in the cult chamber.

“Lord zukaka needs my presence in the chamber” he said pointing his ring to a wall in his room and a pathway glowing with red flame quick appeared where he passed through and vanished…

“Great lord zukaka you sent for me” chief madu said bowing down

“(reverberating voice) chief madu!!! Chief madu!!! Chief madu!!!”

“yes my lord”

“why are you destroying my works” lord zukaka who was backing Chief madu because he had not gotten to the rank to see his face asked

“my lord I don’t understand”

“you sacrificed two new born male children to danga the queen mother few days ago for your riches to multiply but you are destroying my work towards that and your sacrifice to mother danga was rejected”

“what?? My lord why?”

“you are punishing someone, only if you have nothing to do with that person then your sacrifices can be accepted”

“my lord I don’t still understand”

“hmm Hmmm your rank is too low for me to tell you anything but 20 years ago a sacred creature was born and you are oppressing that creature. From history mother danga member don’t suppose to have anything doing with this creature and that creature is in your custody”

“Haaaaa chioma”

“shut up!!!! Do not mention that name here again, it pollutes this temple”

“thank you my lord, I have to go correct my mistakes”

“phew” Chief madu appeared back to his house

“chioma, so you are sacred. Hmmm children of mother danga has nothing to do with this chioma but my son loves her alot, if I release her now Jake has already said he will marry her, making her my daughter in-law no no no I can’t lose all I have gathered since how many year no no…. She need to be dead”

Chief madu quickly picked his phone to call the DPO….

“hello DPO, I really need your help now. Pls tell your boys to find the nearest river, swamp or anywhere to throw chioma away after they must have injected her to sleep”

“I even have news for you, the girl is terribly sick, according to my boys she had been vomiting and coughing terribly since morning and pleading with them to just end her life”

“forget that just do as I said… Am out of this, find somewhere and throw her away” Chief madu said and ended the call

EXACTLY 1:44am(midnight)

Kalu, odion, Chuks and lucky was driving on a high way with their Mercedes car and chioma was in the booth. They got to a canal that led to another village and that was a perfect place for them to throw chioma into. They were about bringing her out of the booth when they saw some groups of vigilante from afar parading the whole place and they drove away immediately. They had searched round the whole village but they couldn’t find a good place to throw her, then odion got an idea

“boss why don’t we just dump her on that federal government road where those big 12 tyres vehicle and Dangote vehicle do pass at midnight to other states and villages. One of those vehicles will definitely crush her to death”

“Hmmmm nice idea, odion your head is there exactly let’s get going guys”

After driving for another thirty minutes they got to the federal government road and placed her horizontally on the road before leaving….


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