Agony of Chioma Episode 46


“holy Mary!! No no just tell us you are kidding” chimma said with fear written over her

“kidding kwa, why I go dey kid, chioma is dead and na real”

“oh no why must she die?? Oh chioma why” Paulo lamented

“so Jake has finally succeeded in ending her life, may your spirit torment him and his family. Paul let’s go” chim said with tears in her eyes

they journeyed back to the school, going straight to the main campus. Where they saw Jake studying for his exams in an empty room…

“Jake!! Jake!! Jake!! So you have finally ended her life, what kind of person are you, your family is very heartless” Paulo fired on seeing jake

“hey hey spare me that, what are you talking about??”

Chimma was just by the corner shedding tears while Paulo was facing Jake eyeball to eyeball

“we just returned from oriri police station and the officer there told us after bribing him that chioma died this morning. I think you should be happy now isn’t it your wicked dad hads finally killed her”

Jake facial expression changed immediately, he was looking more confused and was trying to understand what Paulo said…
“wait wait wait you mean chioma is dead??l” he said with a cold face holding Paulo

“(sobbing) she died this morning” Paulo replied him

Jake turned around facing the table behind him as a drop of tear fell from his eyes. “arhhhhhhh arhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo chioma she mustn’t died, chioma am really sorry, Pls Pls forgive me am really sorry” he said as he fell of Paulo and started crying profusely.

On hearing the news that my one and only true love was dead it was as if the world came to an end, I couldn’t believe my ear. At that point it was as if my eyes cleared and my normal sense of reason came back….

“(wet eyes)Paulo tell me this is a joke” he shouted

“(teary eyes) Jake it’s not a joke, I was telling you, but you never listened to me, oh chioma is gone”

“(crying) Pls someone should help me beg chioma, I wasn’t at my right senses,, I was been foolish and am 100% sure that where she is now she is very very angry with my family and she will come back for revenge” Jake lamented

“yes she must avenge her death, and deal with your heartless family. Chioma my very good friend is gone, may her soul rest in peace and may her anger over your family remain endless” chimma Said with tears before walking out of the place…

“Jake I don’t think there is any need for this because it’s already too late. I warned you but you never listened Now it’s done on you, see you later I have to be on my way now..

“force the drugs into her mouth” Kalu commanded while odion forced some powdered drug substance into chioma’s mouth. Chioma was neither dead nor alive, with the look of things she is in a coma immediately after the torture she was found in that state.

The boys did all they could to bring her back to life but it was to no avail. Lucky had serious pity on chioma as he had little tears in his eye.

“boss I don’t think this is working out,she is lifeless” Chuks alarmed

“use the gaze pin to pierce her joint” Kalu ordered reading some instructions from a handler he was holding.

They did as instructed, about two minutes later chioma started jerking continually with a stiff teeth and fume coming out of her mouth…

“boss she is convulsing” odion shouted standing up from the position he was with great fear..
“Hahaha nice this is progress” Kalu said with a raised eyebrow.

Some minutes later chioma nerves relaxed and she stopped jerking and passed out again.

“take her to rest” Kalu commanded while lucky and Chuks went to carry her to the room where she was staying before.

“boss you call that progress” lucky asked as soon as he returned with a high tune

“yes, that’s a great progress. See as soon as she wakes then the main pain will start, her body is adapting” Kalu said with a big grin

“but boss this is pure wickedness, can’t you see she is looking pale and very sick. I told you earlier that she should eat before this but you refused Now look at her condition. With respect boss Kalu if we continue treating her this way, she would die very fast” lucky poured out

“you weakling, you dare talk to me in that manner?? Boys play football with him”

Lucky received a heavy blow form behind as he fell down and different kicks started land on his body”

“gbesh!! Gbesh!! Gbesh!!! Gboo!!”,,

“arh arh Yeh, Pls boss am sorry, am sorry arh arhhhhhhh my penis”

“deal with him, idiot”

Jake left the school straight to his hostel where he laid down on his bed and started reminiscing on how he started with chioma, huge amount of tears dropped from his eyes almost soaking his pillow. Jake had cried for over one hour, his head was aching, his eyes red and swollen.

He stood up and reached for the panadol extra in his cupboard, got water and swallowed it. He picked his phone to check the time and it was past 1’o clock, he quickly dialed his dads first number and it was ringing without picking, Same as the second number.

In his mind he was causing his father and at the same time very scared that chioma’s spirit would attack him. He dialed his third number and his dad picked it…

“hello my amicable son, how are you doing???”

“dad don’t son me, tell me dad, where are you now??”

“son what’s the problem??, am on my way to the airport to leave for Lagos”

“dad I hate you!!! So you allowed them to kill chioma, after everything you promised me that she won’t die but undergo serious punishment. So you later told them to kill her”

“what do mean Jake I don’t understand you, are you out of your mind”

“you are the one that is out of your mind, I mean chioma is dead”

“Jake I hope you haven’t started smoking something with all this bad boys, I think you have a problem you really need to sleep” chief madu said and ended the call

“(crying) you ended the call dad ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh, you are heartless dad” Jake said throwing his phone away. Immediately a cartoon in the room made sound and he shouted

“Jesus!!!! Oooo, chioma chioma chioma, she is here ooo she has come to attack me” he shouted and ran away from the room half naked…..

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“what is wrong with Jake, seems that boy has started smoking but what is he insinuating?? Wait chioma dead?? That can’t be, of course I told the DPO not to kill her. Let me give him a call

<dialing DPO phone number>

“chief chief Good day sir, how are you doing??”

“spear me that, what am I hearing about the girl I gave you to punish, don’t tell me she is dead”

“chief you heard that too???”

“yes and I don’t intent killing her”

“chief earlier today the boys called to tell me that she was dead, I was mad at them but they later called again telling me she only passed out, chief there is no fear they assured me that she is fine”

“haaaaaaa but how did my son got to know that she was dead or are you working with anyone he know?”

“not at all chief, you don’t have anything to worry about she is fine”

“good remember don’t kill her, maybe in the next three or four weeks I will tell you to release her”

“no problem chief but I think I have something to tell you” the DPO said clearing his throat

“what is that you have to tell me?? ”

“chief you know you instructed us to kill her other gang which we did the following night but on the process of killing them one had to confess that chioma didn’t send them, they don’t even know chioma in the first place that their mission was just a revenge to what your son did to their leaders cousin”

“oh my God you don’t mean it, this is really bad. You know what I will get back to you concerning her release”

“OK chief I will be awaiting you”

“have a nice day” chief said and ended the call

“no no no so this girl wasn’t guilty at all…. I think she should be released immediately let me call the DPO” chief said

But on a second thought changed his mind as something popped into his head…

“wait it’s like my son Jake loves that girl, isn’t it… Yes yes I remember”


“Cindy what were you discussing with Jake at granny’s house” chief madu asked smiling

“dad!! That’s brothers and sisters talk na, it doesn’t concern you”

“Hahaha you don’t mean it but am the father to the both of you”

“dad I would have loved to tell you ooo but you maybe mad at him”

“I can’t be mad at my own son cmon tell me”

“Jake is in Love”

” you don’t mean it so with who??”

“you know that girl that Jake begged you to release them from prison, the one that the uncle beat Jake to coma”

“you mean that very fair one what’s that her name”


“yea chioma… Jake in love with that dirty and wretched thing…. I see”


“yes she is the one chioma, no wonder Jake was mad at me on phone when he called telling me the girl was dead… No no no releasing her now, Jake will still make up with her and I don’t want my son with such a wretched and dirty thing, I think she still need to suffer then later I will device a means to throw her into one of these seas and everyone will forget about her but I won’t tell Jake she is alive, I will tell him she is dead then use money to settle her family and end the case… Hmmm nice idea” chief madu said alighting from his car since they had gotten to the airport…..

What a life…..

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