Agony of Chioma Episode 45


“where went chioma, her numbers aren’t connecting” Paulo said

“I don’t know ooo, she would have told me where she was going”

“Hmmm, I pray she is save wherever she is”

“hey sorry Pls excuse me, do you know chioma’s way about I mean the girl who stays in the room” chimma asked a girl who was passing by

“oh chioma I haven’t seen her since this week, any problems?”

“not really but do you have any idea of where she went to”

“no I dont”

“OK no problem thank you for your time” Paulo said to the girl..
“Hmmm maybe she traveled to her village and there is no power supply” chimma said to paulo

“for how many days??..anyway Jake is back, let’s go to my hostel so you could cook for us”

“Huh it’s late already na, quarter past eight, where do I see foodstuffs to buy”

“that’s not a problem dear, we have foodstuffs at the hostel”

“hmm you will pay ooo, by the way what do you want me to cook?”

“Hmmm macaroni and tomato sauce should be cool”

“that’s much na, when will I go home then”

“OK you know what just sleep over then tomorrow morning I will take you home to get prepared for school”

“no no no am not sleeping over”

“OK Pls Chim Pls na”

“OK fine let’s go”

“that’s my baby girl…..”

They got to Paulo’s hostel some minutes later only to find Jake in a state of accident and bandages all over his body

“Jake what happened, were you attacked???” Paulo asked on seeing jake

“arhhhhhhh, my hand”

“easy easy, what happened” chimma asked

“it’s a long story guys, arhhhhhhh I have always told you guys that chioma is an evil person ” Jake said raising his head up from the bed while Paulo and chimma looked at themselves

“how What happened to chioma??”

“chioma sent some evil gang to Kill my father and I, on the long-run in other to free herself she had to go report her gang to the police and they exposed her”

“Jake I don’t get you, you mean that chioma did this to you” Paulo tried to understand Jakes words

“that’s a big lie, chioma can’t do such a thing, I know her very well” chimma said with assurance

“exactly Paulo, her gang dealt with me, I almost died”

“but why will chioma do such a thing, she isnt that cruel and by the way what have you done to her?”

“Paulo according to her gang, she wanted to retaliate because of what I did to her in high school, by dating Anita and Jane… Hmm thank God I didn’t die”

“Jake you should have died, see I have just been keeping quiet all this time, what you have done to chioma is numerous and you deserve death… This is another accusation laid on her yet you believed without evidence Jake why you a fool… You are pissing me off” chimma fired

“hey Chim or whatever they call you shut the f–k up, you don’t have the right to talk to me anyhow, I have evidence about two weeks ago she told me one on one that death awaits my family and I”

“is that enough reason??? Jake Pls think back and try to have sense, you are dumb I mean very dumb”

“hey hey hey Paulo warn this thing you call a girlfriend before I rip off her throat, Chim if you dare insult me, I know where to put you”

“that’s enough, chimma no more words from you, Jake mind your speech, I never talked to Nana in that manner Pls pay me that respect…. Now where is chioma at the moment”

“see I don’t know you can ask my dad that question. You know when my dad is involved in a case, you know how that case can be” Jake said lying back on the bed

“Jake I hope it’s not what am thinking, Jake why are you this cruel you can’t tell me you don’t know…cmon speak up at lease if you can’t rescue her we can do”

“did you just say rescue Hahahahahahahahahahaha I laugh in Spanish see don’t ask me of chioma again, no one messes with my family and go free. With the look of things I don’t think you guys can see chioma again just forget it”

“Jake you are a monster, and bet me you will pay for this in a very big way, you won’t go Scott free too, God will punish you seriously if anything happens to chioma… Paulo am out of here if you still want to eat follow me, I have soup at home” chimma said and left the room

“Chim am coming just a minute I will be with you shortly. Jake am totally disappointed in you don’t tell me you let your dad punish that girl because I know that’s what is happening. Remember according to you, she was your first true lover, Hannah was just a close family member you just had lust for. You were still the same he goat who broke her pride as a Woman guy karma will surely come… Don’t forget her exams are by the corner so you want her to carry over??, I want to tell you something Jake your father has money doesn’t give your family right to oppress others. My family also is rich, my dad owns an estate in South Africa and a company in the US but I never oppressed anyone .

Chim amaka you see I had known her from Js2 when I moved from Lagos to enugu. I had feelings for her, she is very pretty and always never had time for me as of ss1 we started dating but she told me something I can never forget. I wanted to make love to her when she told me that if I want to make love to her which means breaking her virginity that I had already taken a covenant not to leave her again which I agreed because the love I have for her is strong than the enamel. Till now no woman is beautiful to me than my mother and chimma, she is the one am getting married to as soon as I graduate because I can’t wait to carry her beautiful children.. So Jake what am I saying try to be faithful and treat people fairly”

“Paulo the preacher I have heard you.. Can I sleep now??”

“yea but after telling me where chioma is”

“fine fine fine she is in a police station in oriri that’s all I can tell you”

“oriri??? Anyway thanks… I will see you later” Paulo said and left the room while Jake went to close the door..

“if I hear say una find am… Rubbish mtcheew” Jake said and hissed

Paulo went to meet chimma at her hostel where they ate, he later told chimma what Jake said so they decided to visit the police station first thing tomorrow morning…

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“Chuks!!, odion!!, lucky!! come over here”

“Good morning boss” they said in unison

“morning, lucky go get the f—–g girl, odion and Chuks set up the apparatus, the torture chair and the rest of them” Kalu said lighting up a wrap of weed

Lucky opened the door to the room chioma was. She was lying down so he walked straight to where she was and squat down…

“good morning angel” he said touching her face but she ignored him. He quickly untied her, sitting her upright

“am not a bad guy you know”

“I don’t care, is it time to kill me” she said weakly

“(scoff) my boss wants to see you” he said raising chioma up while she lead the way like a walking dead.

“boss she Is here” lucky said to Kalu their boss

“position her on the torture chair let’s give her a morning dose”

“but boss she hasn’t eaten this morning” lucky said immediately

“hey shut up and do what you are asked to do… Weakling” odion said to lucky

Chioma was positioned on the torture chair, her both hands was cuffed to the torture chair same as her legs.

Two metallic object were placed on her side head right and left, an iron ring was clipped to her wrist connected to a device which looked like a voltmeter.

“turn on the dail on her 40volts” Kalu commanded. The dail was turned on which triggered some electric impulses to her brain and hand as she started vibrating vigorously…

Lucky lowered his head on seeing the way the electricity was having serious effects on chioma, no doubt that lucky was the only human hearted person among all of them.

“odion 60volts, Chuks used the pen knife”

Odion increase the voltmeter to 60volts while Chuks took a very sharp 3inch pen knife and pierced deep into her bicep and left the knife as thick blood gushed out of her body while she was still electrocuted.. The electric impulses was getting out of hand as lightening stated coming out of her head…

“odion the thermo hack” Kalu commanded

At exactly 9am Paulo and chimma arrived oriri police station. They entered the police station and found a young officer at the counter

“Good morning officers” Paulo greeted

“Good morning yes how may I help you”

“Pls we are here to see our friend chioma”

“chioma?? Who be that” the police guy asked

“erm we were told that she was brought into this place few days ago”

“I know no the person una dey talk of”

“the girl one chief madu and a young guy Jake brought here” chimma explained

“oh chioma that yellow pawpaw… I can’t tell you guys anything about her am sorry infact I don’t know where she is”

“Pls now officer, we have been looking for her, Abeg na I be your guy oooo”

“so you sabi pidgin and you dey form since abi”

“sorry, no mind me you know say you be my guy… Ok Oya hold this one” Paulo said giving the officer three thousand naira while the officer looked around before collecting it and inserted it into his pocket

“Now you dey talk… Correct guy” the officer said

“abi na …so Oya carry us go meet her na”

“meet who hahahaha… You funny chioma no dey here again na, Infact the news wey reach us this morning be say the girl don die” the officer said

“what??? Wetin you just talk”

“I talk say chioma don die this morning”


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