Twins Episode 7


Mike was busy pilling the blocks in the back yard of the prison walls where they were going to build new cell blocks for inmates. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead as the sun hit him. It was so hot all the guys around were heavily sweating and panting as they worked in the scorching sun.

Mike had decided to hope for God to rescue him, he kept counting days, weeks and then months.

“Hey Mike, you seem less effective today what’s going on?” his new friend asked him.

“Oh my friend it’s hard to work today, it’s the day my wife is going to give birth according to the auto sound she had months ago when I took her to see the doctor. I am so worried, I don’t know how Jake has been treating her and if they are both okey. I swear to God my brother will get the worst of me if he hurts my family” Mike shook his head stopping in his steps the block in his hands.

“Oh, your story is so crazy Mike, I mean who does that to their own brother. You my friend were so unlucky to be born a twin. “Ken shrugged placing his own block on top of the pile they had made.

“Yeah you have no idea what I have gone through having Jake as my brother. Here I am serving a jail sentence for him whilst he does God knows what with my life out there. “Mike sighed.

“But tell me this my friend, how has he managed to fool everyone back at home, your work place and to everyone who knew you? “ Ken shook his head.

“I told you before man, Jake is not a dull person, if there is anything Jake is cleverness. That guy is a Brainiac only he uses it to do wrong things. For him to manage all these months without any news from him, trust me, he has managed to work something out and unless a miracle happens, am stuck here forever.” He frowned.

Ken was shaking his head in shock. He had become close to Mike and he had discovered the truth. Everyone else especially the guards would not believe his story but Ken who had come to meet Jake too before, was quick to realize the switch.

“ am sure we will try to find a way out my friend, you are a good person from what I have come to learn about you in the past months and I know you will soon get your freedom back. “ Ken spoke assuring him

“I will ask my guys when they come to visit me to help out from outside. Don’t worry we will get you out soon. Unlike some of us who have done some terrible things in the past and are paying for our crimes, you are innocent Mike” he added as they went on working.

“Thank you for believing me man, I was going crazy with everyone thinking I was nuts and faking a brother I never had” Mike smiled at last.

“You are a good man” Ken patted his back and wiped his own sweat.

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Mike and Jake`s nanny was now an old woman, she had worked for the twin’s mother for years when they were just some weeks old. She was hired to help her raise her kids as the woman had to work day and sometimes night as a nurse.

Esther Mwangala was now almost 70 years old and she had not lay her eyes on the twins since they were about 24 years old. She looked at a couple walk to a car parked in the park at a shopping mall the woman heavily pregnant, seeing the way the couple was talking and the woman smiling, she knew that was Mike. She was one of the people that truly knew the twins and would easily tell them apart.

Esther assumed the guy she was now following to say hi to after so many years ought to be Mike because she knew Jake was still in jail and it was impossible for him to be out and with a pregnant woman.

“Hey Mike my son” she called out before Jake could start driving the car. Jake looked at her and rolled up the windows to avoid having a conversation with her knowing too well where that would lead. He hated the woman who always acted like his mother when he was growing up.

“Hey what is wrong with this boy” she shook her head trying to raise her hands to stop the car but it went on.

“mmmm what was that, mike wouldn’t behave like that am sure he has seen me “ she shrugged walking back to her daughter who had taken her out for shopping.

“What was that mother? “her daughter asked her

“Am shocked my child, that young man who just drove away is one of those twins I told you about. Mike I had presumed, but he has acted like the brother who is in jail, he has completely ignored me but am so convinced he saw me walking towards them” she shuddered her head.

“Okey mom forget about that man, he perhaps didn’t see you, why would a man ignore the person who helped raise him? It doesn’t make any sense.” Her daughter sighed.

“it actually does if he is Jake” she looked at her daughter.

“What now mother, you just said Jake or whatever his name is in jail, how come? “ she asked the old woman.

“I know my child but I cannot help feel that man ignored me completely and the only one between the two who always did that was Jake. Anyway let’s go home now” Esther sighed shrugging.


Days passed and Isa still had not given birth, she was now heavily pregnant she could barely walk. Thankfully Jake had been trying to be supportive, talking her for walks and shopping for the baby. Isa was glad her husband was becoming himself and even better. They spent time together and even though she noticed he never said a lot about the child like Mike always did, she was okey with him showing support. Isa noticed how all of a sudden her assumed husband became so comfortable chatting and talking to the maid. She always found them talking though they would stop upon seeing her.

Inquiring what that was all about, Jake would lie he was giving Mwanida instructions on how to take care of Isa and the pregnancy in his absence. One afternoon, Isabel asked Jake to take her out as she wanted to take some walks around as the doctor advised. She was feeling so heavy and tired that the baby had delayed.

“Hey my love, get me Ice cream from there I will sit and rest a bit here” she told him and walked to sit at a bench at the mall.

She saw a familiar face walk by. “Yeah it’s her “she sighed recalling the day Jake drove away leaving a woman behind who seemed to have known him. She had tried to tell him to stop and talk to the old woman but Jake refused saying the woman was probably just a beggar and he didn’t want to have her waste their time.

Isabel stood up and walked to where the woman was, “hello mama how are you?” she greeted the old woman who turned to smile at her.

“Who are you my child? “ Esther asked her with a genuine smile as she looked down her pregnancy.

“Am the wife to Mike, am sure this will sound crazy but I think I saw you stopping our car the other day. My husband said he didn’t recognize you. Do you know who Mike is?” she asked calmly holding her waist.

“You say Mike? Oh my God you are the woman I saw the other day. Am so glad to meet you dear, I used to be the twin`s nanny” Esther smiled.

“What twins?” Isa asked the woman.

“Um…” Esther could not finish to answer and she heard a voice call out.

“Isabel! What the hell are you doing talking to that old woman?” Jake asked making both women look back at him, Esther immediately recognizing the twin as Jake.

Twins continues…