Twins Episode 6


Mr. kalaba looked at Jake seated in his office facing the window. He shook his head. Of late he had noticed some changes in his partner, according to him the Mike he knew had drastically changed. However he was trying to understand what he was going through and he had decided to give him to recover. Jake of course Mike as they all were assuming him to be, was always hard working and a determined man, he had noticed the new guy was a lot more outgoing and special too. Even though Mr. Kalaba had thought of him to be too social, he noticed that the guy was getting a lot of people in a good spirits with his charms.

Mr. Kalaba walked in to talk to Jake seeing him swinging in his chair.

“Mike I need to talk to you man” He sighed sitting down on the chair opposite.

“Hey Mr. Kay what is going on now?” Jake sighed smiling at him.

“ I know you are not a lazy and so outgoing person Mike, since i employed you to this company years back, till the time I made you my partner, I have never seen you lag so much behind like you are doing now. Tell me my boy, is it the marriage life that is stressing you out such that you lose your focus?” you were never like this Mike, I trusted you with everything in this company and never have you let me down. Am just wondering if it was the minor amnesia that has caused this change or whatever it is. I just want you to know that your current behavior is affecting this business and that is not good for both of us.” He went on explaining and Jake kept looking at him, his lips curved in a smile.

“Okey man, what do you want me to tell you? Am trying to work my ass out here. As it is, history has it your business was crumbling down that`s why Mike, I mean I , decided to invest all my other investments to pull you up. Bear in mind man that am no longer your employee but partner and its high time you treated me as equal” Jake bellowed with a smile.

“What? Since when do you talk to me like that Mike, you have no idea…”

“Hey that’s enough man, that’s enough, heeee what’s this now? I cannot go anywhere without people complaining and nagging about me. What the hell is wrong with all of you!” Jake raised his voice standing up and rubbing his mouth as he stood at the window.

“Am warning you Mike, you may be my partner but I have worked my ass off my entire life to get this company standing. I will not allow you with your stupid tantrums to come ruin everything just because I trusted you to be part of my legacy! Get yourself together Mike, do it soon enough or I will give you back the 30% you invested here and fire you. Let’s see how you get to raise your head at me like am your equal!” Mr. Kalaba shouted leaving the office very furious.

Jake shook his head. “Hey man am sorry i… oh damnmit this is buls***! “He giggled

“Well Jake its time you started doing the right things. You cannot not head back to prison or the streets. “Jake spoke to himself sitting down.

He stayed quite for some time trying to think through things. After almost two hours of silence he decided he was going to change the game.

“Well these people need Mike, so I will bring him back to them” he smiled touching his chest and standing up.

“Hello, Jane, Mike here” Jake spoke on the phone as he walked out to the car park.

“ what do you want Mike, the last time you called me names and am out of your precious house. So why the hell are you calling me. Talk to your wife not me” Jane responded

“Am sorry Jane I was just drunk that day and I said a lot of crap” Jake made a silly face on the phone.

“That’s the point exactly Mike, since you knew my sister and later on married her. You never drink beer.” She added

“I know. Just been stressed of late and I acted insane, that’s why I called you Jane, I need your help. I got Isa so pissed last night but I want to make it up for her.” He smiled knowing the game he was playing.

“Okey so why are you calling me then? Go talk to your wife “Jane answered

“I know I will do that but I need a favor. Tell me what I can get for her to calm her down. I love Isa so much and I hate myself for treating her bad the past weeks. Will you help me get her something special as a way of apologizing? Am not really sure what she likes” he sighed

“Okey I hope you are serious about this Mike, you have been a Jerk the past weeks and ….”

“I know I will try make it right you know” Jake frowned faking to be serious.

After talking to Jane, Jake decided to and get the things Jane had suggested. He drove back home just to find Isabel seated outside the house her bags packed up.

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“Babe, what is going on here? “He asked her. She wouldn’t answer though as she kept crying.

“She said she wants to leave but I had to stop her getting her car keys boss” Mwanida responded looking at Jake.

“Okey leave us now Mwanida thank you for keeping her safe here” he smiled at the maid and watched her as she walked away.

“Isa come back inside the house my wife. Am sorry for last night I was a jerk” Jake lowered his voice squatting next to her.

“Last night? Last night is all you are sorry for Mike. You have put me through hell the past weeks you don’t even care am carrying your child. You treat me like s*** and won’t listen to me anymore, no Mike. I have had enough am not doing this with you anymore. Am moving out of this house” she shook her head not looking at him.

“Come on my love, I cannot let you go now” he spoke his mind recalling the document he had seen signed by his brother. Mike had made an agreement with Isabel that if he would ever get to die or even divorce his wife, she would get 80 % of his assets for the child. Though Jake never understood why his brother did that, he knew Isa leaving would be the end of him. He did not have it in him to work hard to get himself up again if she took away all that.

He talked her into getting to talk inside.

“Please Isa okey, let’s talk then you can decide later on what you want to do” he held her hand playing gentle.

“Mike i….”

“ shshshs don’t say anything now my love,” Jake responded before Isa could say a thing.

“ I want you to feel the love that I have denied you for weeks. I want to be that husband you married a year back the man you fall in love with. “he smiled taking her to bed.

“What are you doing mike? “She asked as he kissed her neck and forehead.

“Am trying to show my woman I love her and doesn’t want her to go “he smiled widely showing off all his teeth and Isabel looked at him surprised at his sudden change.

Jake pulled her up the bed making her lay on her back as he caressed her. He took up the dress she had on exposing her bare now bulging stomach and kissing the bump. Isabel closed her eyes letting him work his way to her body.

She wondered why her husband had never been that tender on her, she kept her eyes closed letting him take her to places she couldn’t really he had.

“You forgive me love?” he asked as he slowly and gently pressed himself in her she was finding it difficult to respond as all her concentration was taken away in the deep passion and pleasure. Something she had never experienced before.

“ I love you Mike and you know that, I just want us to be okey again, I missed you so much” she whispered holding his waist closer to herself making Jake smile with pride.

“ I love you too Babe and I promise it will be better from today on” he whispered back between moans of pleasure.

He looked at her soft wet eyes and smiled, “ I got you woman and now I will find a way to change those stupid documents before I dump you for good” he spoke to his inner self, summarizing the love making, getting Isa cry out in pleasure.

“What was that?” she asked looking at him as he lay next to her

“What, you have never felt that before?” he asked in a tone that was not indicating a joke.

“ no, Mike, I mean you are never that good in bed, am sorry to say this but that was the best sex you have ever made to me” she smiled rubbing her hands on his chest.

“Yeah? “ Jake smiled.

“Yeah sure” she rubbed his nipples letting a soft laugh.

“Well, I guess he is so bad in bed” he whispered almost audible.

“What?” Isa asked

“Nothing babe I said thank you” Jake chuckled

“What’s this here? I have never seen that before” she asked touching a round mark on Jake’s back as he gave her his back.

“Eeehhh what’s that? “he asked realizing he was the one between the two who had that birth mark. The mark that those who knew them when they were babies used to recognize them by.

“Mmm that’s a birth mark babe “he responded turning back up to hide his back.

“No mike I have never seen that on you before. We have been together for over two years now and married for a year. How come I never saw this love?” She shook her head sitting up.

“Maybe you never paid attention before Isa come on. What do you think? I have developed some mark in hours?” he laughed kissing her to get her distracted.

Isabel sighed trying to push back the debate in her head. She wondered why she had a feeling something was wrong with the man before her, but she had no idea what it was that her instincts were trying to warn her about.

Twins continues…