Twins Episode 17


Mike looked around the house, it was as he left it but felt so different. It was not what he was looking forward to. Things had changed and he felt his heart ache. The detective told him they would hold Isabel for a while till they find a clue to where Jake was. Esther had moved in to his house in fear of Jake going on to her.

“i know it`s hard for you Mike, just consider bailing your wife out. You and the baby both need her and you will not stay away from each other for good. You two have to come to some terms. You need to talk about what happened” came Esther’s voice bringing Mike back to the moment he sighed looking at her sitting on a garden chair.

“I know, I am not just sure how to start all this. I need to go and have her out today.” He shrugged

“Any news from your brother? It`s been over 24 hours. Has he tried to contact you at all?” she asked him.

“No he has not. He must be working on something, knowing Jake he will never give up that easily. Even though the cops say they are looking for him everywhere, am guessing he is close by and watching everything. But am not afraid of him aunty, actually am looking forward to see him” Mike frowned standing up.

He wore a black denim jeans and a stripped white and black t-shirt ending with a pair of black leather shoes. He was feeling rested and refreshed, the previous day was different. The time he walked into his house he was feeling exhausted. He tried to play around the with the baby but she looked at him like a stranger. She would look at his face and into his eyes and cry for Mwanida instead. It hurt Mike knowing his own child was able to tell them apart but his own wife wouldn’t. He had retired to bed early and got up with a new vibe, he told himself he had to get going.

“Will see you soon Aunty Esther, make sure no one goes anywhere out of this yard. The cops are here and sure you are all safe as long as you stay inside” he quickly told Esther as he walked to his car.

“He felt his heart race as he approached the police station his wife was being held.

“I will have her bailed out Detective, she will be home and if anything comes up I will inform you” he had explained to the detective upon meeting with him.

He stood at the counter waiting as Isabel signed the release documents. She was still in the clothes she wore from work the day before she was arrested. She had a light blue suit with a white sleeveless silk top inside, he watched her as they handed her her high heels.

“Thank you sir, “ He looked over to the detective as Isabel approached him. Mike ached for a moment to hold her close, he had longed to see her face over time, but she neither looked excited seeing him nor showed any kind of remorse, she walked past him and headed to the car outside without saying a word.

Isabel was filled with shame. Seeing her husband stand there to get her out of the police custody made her so ashamed she regretted her actions of not going to see him. However, had only one regret, not seeing him before and nothing else. She now felt what she was feeling for Mike was more of pity and not the love she had felt before.

She felt she cared so much about him, deep in her heart she was desiring to see his brother more. “Focus Isabel, he is not Jake and this is your husband, you love him and you have to forget Jake” she scolded herself inside as she sat in the front seat waiting for Mike who went round to get to his own seat.

“how are you Isabel?” he finally asked sighing deeply sitting in the driver`s seat.

“am okey, thank you for getting me out Mike, that place is a mess” she sighed avoiding his gaze. It was like the two of them where strangers. The gap between them had surely grown and they both could sense it.

“well, I have been to the worst and I do not wish it on anyone. The more reason why I had to talk to the detective because I want to believe you are innocent and you have a good reason for not doing what you were supposed to do. I know you have always been a good person.” Mike spoke his eyes on her even when she could not look into his eyes. “Well I guess we need to get you home” he sighed starting the ignition and drive on without any further comments.

They remained silent till the time they got home. He sat in the vehicle watching as she stepped down and went to the front. Mike shook his head. It was like she had just met her, he could not recognize the woman he knew before.

He sat in the car lost in thoughts for another hour. He watched as the outside lights went on. It was now dark outside but he felt like he was still in prison. The fear of what she was going to tell him when he faced her again gripping his throat he felt powerless. He drove out instead of getting outside house. He felt he needed to drive out and have some air, against the warning of the detective for him to stay put. He parked a few yards away from his house and turned off the car engine.

“why did you have to do this to me brother, I was happy, my wife was always there for me and now she will not look into my eyes. “ he whispered sadly.

As though to answer his question, Mike heard a soft knock from the window. He turned to see who it was and was not shocked to see his brother smiling at him.

“ hello brother!”

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Jake smiled and to his surprise, Mike did not move an inch, it was like he knew his brother would be there and for the first time in his life he was not scared of what he would do to him.

“ I thought you will never come out of your guarded house especially in the night, I bet you are brave after all” Jake teased.

“yeah, I am not scared of you Jake, at least not any more. You have destroyed my life in ways I cannot explain.

“what, is this a trap? You want to get me caught huh? Why are you so calm brother?” Jake shook his head standing a step away from the window.

“you know what Jake, I realized Prison is not enough for you. You would go there and probably spend the rest of your life in there. But you know what? that is not enough, cause the only thing you will lose is your freedom.” Mike smiled looked out at him now.

“I want you to experience the most painful thing in your life, I want you to live out here, lose all that you hold dear as you watch and later on you will beg God to get you. You will try to get to the road so that they bash you dead. But you know what, God will not let you do that, he will let you live through the most painful moments. Just then will you realise that you cannot just get and control other people`s lives. You are not God my brother. No you are not” Mike frowned casually.

“I know partly why Isabel never came to see me. “he looked at him again. Jake looked up quickly not knowing what his brother meant.

“what ?, I know she loves me. That’s why you fool, am always better at things than you are. I know how to make her happy and she could not stand having a boring husband back” Jake added proudly. He nodded his head as he spoke.

“not that mostly.” Mike responded reluctantly.

“ Isabel is pregnant, she is carrying your child, I might not know why she never came to see me but that is definitely part of it. She is in a dilemma as to whether to tell me about her pregnancy and ask me to raise her child, or she will leave me and live in this fantasy you have created for her and decide to stick with a fugitive” Mike smiled knowing he had nailed him. He was sure Jake did not know about that fact. Mwanida had told him she found a pregnancy test which Isabel was trying to hide in the bathroom.

“Did Isa tell you about that?” Jake asked surprised.

“no, she didn’t, as a matter of fact I have not talked to her yet and I have not told anyone else. “ he shrugged.

“well so what’s your plan brother?” Jake asked concerned now at his brother`s calmness and patience.

“ mmmmmhmhmh, I do not play harsh and rough like you Jake, soon you will know what am up to. If I were you I would choose the cops than being free” Mike added and started the car engine leaving Jake planted in one place shocked.

He had expected an outburst from his brother, or better still him to call the cops on him but the scene he just experienced left him puzzled and somehow frightened. He had never seen him that way and the kind of coldness around him was so tense.

Mike drove back home and one of the cops ran to him.

“Sir we were worried your brother might hurt you out there, will you tell us where you go next time so that we avoid anything bad from happening” the officer spoke to him.

“Noted officer, do not worry I was just outside the gate. Am going to rest now” he smiled at him and played with his car keys as he walked to the house.

“Any news or call from Jake?” he asked him

Mike looked back at him and smiles “nope, nothing sir.” He shook his head

“we will catch him soon do not worry” the officer indicated and Mike just shrugged going ahead.

Twins continues…