Twins Episode 16


A week later, Esther had kept her word to Mike, she had gone to the police to inform them about Jake. Even though she had a hard time convincing them about the twins, they finally believed her especially with the photos of the twins and the company records which Mike had instructed Esther to collect through Mwanida.

She had gone to Mike`s house one morning after she was sure Jake and Isabel had left for work.

“Who are you and who are you looking for? “ Mwanida asked her after opening the gate to allow her in.

“is this Mr. Mike Chibende`s house?” Esther had asked.

“Yes it is, who are you and who are you looking for?” Mwanida responded looking questioningly at an elderly woman before her.

“you must be Mwanida ”Esther sighed instead.

“um, yes it is, who are you again?” she looked at her surprised.

“Well, am Esther, I know Mike and he sent me here. He said I tell you that if you want to help him for sure, get me some things from the house. We need some work documents relating to the period from 5 to 6 years ago. And if you can get the recent one signed or written by Jake too that can really help them determine the difference.” she explaining looking around and back at the gate in case anyone comes in and finds her. She had assumed Jake was not yet aware of her involvement and she had to act fast before he could know.

“Of course I will help you and Mike, there is nothing more I want than to put Jake back in prison, imagine yesterday he told me to park out and leave or he will harm me. He said since his supposedly wife has not told him who told her, he is suspecting I did” she frowned.

“we have to act fast, we both know how he is, he will not let us free in case he finds out. Now get to it, search for the work papers and give them to me. If I can give some evidence of Mike working in the company whilst his brother was in prison, that would reduce their doubt and they will believe me”

Mwanida did as told, she rushed inside and 20 minutes later came back with the documents Esther asked for. Esther had taken them to the cops and they started looking into the issue. Comparing the signatures on the recent documents they were able to determine that Jake was faking his brother`s signature.

“ we are sorry for this Mr. Chibende, we will surely get your brother for this and he will pay a high price for impersonating you, forgery and other crimes on top of the already running charges against him” the Detective had told Mike.

“ We just hope he is still in your house we plan on paying him a visit this afternoon. “ they added.

Mike looked at Esther and smiled, “ I hope this night mare will be over soon, I cannot wait to get home and take a long rest. I long to see my daughter too” he added

“You will see them all soon, your wife and your daughter” Esther smiled back at him.

“ its been a week and she has not shown up here. I am not sure if I want to see her Esther, I mean, I don’t know how to look at her after she has betrayed me like this” he shook his head.

“ its not her fault entirely, Jake manipulated her and if you had told her the truth she could have had reasons to doubt Jake the first time he went to your house” Esther tried to defend Isabel but Mike would not buy it.

“ no aunty, she is not as innocent now is she? She knows the truth, tell me what the hell has kept her away for over a month? Oh please stop defending her already. “ he continuously shook his head.

“ well get out of here and put your life back to order is all I need for you my son, you will find and repair what that brother of yours has damaged” she encouraged him.

“I hope all is not lost, it will not be easy starting all over again, but I guess I have no choice now. “ he spoke with a tone of sadness.

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Back at home, Jake was talking to Mwanida, asking why she had not packed to leave.

“You are causing too much trouble with your rantings Mwanida, I told you to leave and get all the money you earned. Isabel is questioning why am talking to you in secrecy and the last thing I need now is to tell her I slept with you under this roof. I need her to trust me and choose me, so leave already” he looked at her seriously.

“ well am not leaving anytime soon you know, you might be the one that connected me to start working here but you are not the one that hired me, Mike did and I will only leave If the person who hired me fires me “ she lifted her face at him.

“Just shut up and leave Mwanida I will……”

“what? Kill me, well I got news for you Jake very soon you will pay for your sins and none of this will matter anymore. I will be free from you and your manipulation. I know your plan, you want me to leave so that you can have me killed later on” she clicked her tongue shaking her head.

“no way Jake, no way, am only leaving this place when am sure my life is safe.” She added and turned away to continue washing plates in the sink.

“What do you mean I will pay for my sins? What have you done you ungrateful b****!” he held her hand shifting her to face him roughly.

“let go of my hand Jake, you will soon find out” she smiled at his face.

Jake looked at her for a couple of seconds, the look and confidence told him a lot. He left her side and rushed to the bedroom. Just as he was coming out a loud knock came from the door. He looked at Mwanida and she smiled.

“I got to get that” she smiled as she walked to the door.

Jake took the opportunity and used the back door escaping before he could see who was coming.

“am not going back to jail, never! and you will pay for this Mwanida” he spoke to himself as he placed the credit cards and the cash he got from the house in his wallet and left through the back door as soon as Mwanida disappeared outside to go and answer the knock.. He ran as fast as he could upon getting to the road outside the fence.

“my love, am just leaving home right now. Someone told the police and I suspect they have come for me. Though I could not stay to see them. I know it’s them. Mwanida is acting up and a couple of days ago someone told me an elderly woman came by when we were at work. Am sure its Esther. I know she told everything, even though you insist on covering her. ” he spoke on the phone as he rushed to get a taxi.

“ but where are you going? Maybe you are wrong I told you to let me Go and talk to your brother, he could have helped you “ she responded on the other end.

“no Isabel, we could have run away days ago. I told you Mike will never understand me.” He sighed standing near the road and waving his hand on the taxi.

“ I got to go Isabel, will contact you later. Just know whatever happens to me I still love you. You might be his wife but I love you more” he added before cutting the call.

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Isabel was driving towards the house the time Jake called her. She looked at the police car parked outside and her heart beat increased. “ oh God “ she sighed as she walked towards the cops surrounding the house and one of them who was not in uniform standing looking on at her as she approached him.

“Madam, we are here for Jake Chibende, do you have any idea where he is?” the officer asked her.

“Well, um am, no, I don’t know” she stammered.

“Madam your husband told us you are aware that he was switched by his brother so don’t lie to us. We need to know where he has run to, the maid just told us he was inside and now he is nowhere to be found around here. Has he contacted you?” he asked as Isabel fidgeted.

“ yes he did, he told me he is running away, I don’t know where he is going to though, he didn’t tell me. “ she responded twisting the keys in her hands nervously.

“ well can you tell us why you have not reported back to us about him impersonating your husband? “ the detective asked

“ um am … why are you asking me all this officer, I have not done anything wrong ?” she asked panicking.

“since you were aware of his crime and kept it to yourself that is a crime too Madam. You have a duty to report any crimes to the relevant authorities. We are made to understand that you were not acting under duress. You were at liberty to report Jake but you did not. “he frowned

“so what now?” she asked this time with an altitude

“we are taking you with us Madam at least till Jake is caught. You will have to explain the main reason why you did not report him. Take her to the vehicle “the detective told the officer nearby.

“you cannot do this to me please, I was confused, you have to understand me. My daughter needs me here I cannot go with you” she pleaded trying to loose herself as they led her to the car.

“I will take care of Mike`s baby officer, I work here” Mwanida responded with a smile.

“We must be able to process Mr. Chibende out by noon tomorrow. For security, two officers will remain here. Don’t worry if Jake tries to come back here we will get him, his time is up” the detective added but instead of the maid, he kept his eyes at Isabel, recalling the statement Esther had given about her. He was aware of the fact that she knew the truth but he was to find out the reason behind it all.

Twins continues…