Twins Episode 15


Jake`s face was wet, surprising Isabel. She flinched her eyes to see if she was seeing right. She had expected him to panic and react by hitting her or trying to scold her and threaten her for what she just told him but no, he simply shed tears.

“Mwanida has always been watching you. I hired someone to find her and tell me whatever I needed to know about you and Mike. It took me a lot of time planning and scheming how I was to come out and take over what my brother has. I have always envied him. I mean, “Jake sighed with a sad smile.

“he is everything am not. He is a gentle man, so calm and everyone always loved him including my mother. You know what? I stayed back when he decided to go and live with our father because I then thought well, I have the attention of my mother to myself. It was painful seeing her compare my every action to my brother. It was always, hey Jake be like Mike, Mike is this and that. You see that…?” he asked her chuckling and shaking his head tears in his eyes.

“she just wanted what was good for you am sure. No mother would hurt her own child deliberately “Isa shook her head.

“you have no idea how much I felt being compared to Mike, it was like I was living under his shadows. I have never told anyone this but I began to hate him long way back before we grew up. I hated the fact that I could not live my own life, everything I did was to be compared to him even my face and my body. He took away everything and I swear I hate him as much as I love him. I just wanted my own self and people to see me and accept me, as I am. It was not fair for them to want me to be like Mike even when I was a different person. I wanted to have a separate life from that of my twin, but people insisted on matching us. Wanting us to be one.” Jake laughed softly wiping his tears.

“ I understand your pain Jake, that must have been hard for you, but do you think your brother deserves what you did to him? He probably has no idea what you went through. Maybe you should have told someone instead of being bitter the whole time” she responded sitting on the lawn.

“Well I wanted to take over what is his especially after he sold me out to the cops. I only asked for his protection as my brother, telling him it was in self-defense I killed a man, he was a damn criminal for God`s sake, he used to do harm to the society and when he came on to me wanting to kill me because of a simple misunderstanding i fought back and killed him. Am not so proud that I got myself dealing in drugs but I deserved a second chance. At least Mike could have defended me. It was simple, I could have stayed hidden with him for awhile till the cops stopped looking, I knew they would stop because the guy in question was a criminal. You have no idea how it felt to being betrayed by my own twin brother, he sold me out and I had to spend 10 years of my life in prison whilst he was out here making a good life for himself” he added raising his hands in anger.

“So what was your plan? To kill me and take over your brother`s life? Why did you stay up to this far and pretend to love me? Did everything a husband would do with me?” she sighed deeply looking at his face as Jake remained standing tall.

“ I know you might not believe me now, what I did to you was not out of revenge, yes I accept in the first place it was all about getting back at Mike, I wanted to take over his money and everything he had. I wanted to have you divorced so that I start my own thing without any interruptions. But when I noticed the kind of woman you were, I felt drawn to you Isabel, the baby too. That time at the hospital you recall I cried holding Elizabeth in my arms?” he looked at her and she nodded.

“Yeah that was the moment I felt so much in love with you both, I felt in my heart I was not giving up my newly found happiness, I wanted it all. Your love, the baby the house and everything else.” He smiled squatting before her and holding her knees as she stared at him in awe.

“I love you Isabel, trust me, every time I told you about those words I meant them, each and every word. I am only scared of one thing now” he giggled.

“What’s that? “She looked away not wanting to fall for him more than she already had.

“Losing you, I am so scared of losing you my love, I love you Isabel and I swear I have never loved anyone this much. I know I have no right to do this but I do not want to lose you. Every time you are `around my heart feels it, it just feels so right I forget how I came to know you. I love you and that`s the only true thing about me. I am fake, I am an imposter yes, but my love for you is so true and real you know that. You have looked into my eyes and you feel me whenever we are intimate. All that cannot be forged my love, it’s the truth and it is pure” he cried now leaning his head on her shoulder she raised her hand to touch him but dropped it quickly before she could get it on his back.

Isabel was quiet, she kept sobbing too not knowing what to do. How was she going to abandon a man so desperate? It was evident Jake had lived a not happy life for a while and for some reason she felt she understood his pain. ‘’ Maybe he is a man that needed a little bit of his own attention, he needed someone to accept him for who he was and not judge him. “She thought to herself feeling his heart beat as he kept sobbing on her.

“Jake come on that’s enough. What do you expect me to do? It`s not fair that Mike stays in prison for the crime he didn’t commit. He deserves to be out here and be with his family, but I cannot help feel bad for you too. I know the right thing to do is hand you over to the police and get you back to prison. But why does that feel so wrong inside myself. ?” she lifted his head up to face him.

“What are you going to do?” he asked her

“I don’t know Jake, I seriously do not know. I really wish all this was easier for me.

“Mmmm are you saying you have fallen in love with me too?” he asked the obvious question.

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Isabel could not answer, she kept looking down ashamed of what her heart was telling her. “it`s not about that anymore Jake. You are not my husband.” She shrugged

“You have not answered the question my love. Do you love me?” he asked

“I love Mike, I married him and he is my husband” she answered instead.

“That does not answer my question Isabel. You loved Mike yes, that is why you were not even able to judge me cause I look like him , I treated you bad but you stayed on meaning you were ready to be with him no matter what. My question though still remains, was it because you are in love with me too that is why for a month you have known the truth, yet have not decided to sell me out to the cops or even tell your relatives?” he asked again this time sitting next to her closing the gap between them so much that his side touched hers and he could feel her breath softly.

“I … am … I don’t know “she shook her head.

Jake smiled inside his heart, he knew the answer to that but he wanted her to say it still. Leaning forward he held her face in his hand and made her look at him. The backyard was now dark. It was past 8pm, the two did not realise they had been talking for over two hours.

He could not see her eyes now because the lights to the back were not switched on but her face was as gentle. He pulled her closer and she gasped as he landed his soft lips on her.

“Stop this Jake, we cannot continue” she whispered closing her eyes as he caressed her chin

“Why not. We have been together since Elizabeth was still 3 months inside and now she is 10 months old. I taught her how to walk and she knows me and not the father. I know every part of you and I love it all. Why will I stop kissing the one woman that makes me feel like a man?” he whispered back rubbing his nose on her face. She breathed heavily trying to make herself stop enjoying his presence but the more she wanted to ignore it the intense the desire to hold him closer to herself.

Jake could read her dilemma and he went on touching her and making her more vulnerable. He took his time kissing her even though she was playing hard to get by resisting to kiss him back.

“Tell me you don’t love me and am going to go away, I will not go back to prison but I will go far away from here. You can have Mike out of prison now that you have proof of everything. Tell them everything and they will release him from there and you will have him back. All you need to do is tell me you feel nothing for me and I will leave” he breathed in her face making sure he kept her close.

“Don’t ask me this Mike, am sorry Jake,” she corrected herself.

“ I cannot do this please” she slightly pushed him away and stood up running inside. He shook his head and took long steps following her inside calling out her name.

“Isabel come on we need to talk about this” he shouted rushing towards her as she went to enter the bedroom.

“What is going on Jake?” Mwanida asked stopping Jake in the living room.

“Stay out of it Mwanida, stay out of it!”

“Well I know, I know she has known the truth weeks ago and guess what? I could not tell you” she smiled loving the pressure she was seeing in her face.

“You can go to hell Mwanida, I don’t care anymore, in fact you should leave this house, I do not need you anymore. “He scolded her

“Well that is easy, I will make sure I tell the cops what I know, you might manage to fool her with fake love and sweet words, but not me, and you will always be the heartless jerk you have always been. You use people to satisfy yourself and are so weak you cannot gain the courage to accept that your brother is better than you are. You do not have the right to fire me you imposter! The moment I leave this place will be the end of you too “she lifted her head to him in a whisper.

“Stay back and let me sort this issue with Isabel Mwanida, I beg you to stop getting in my way, I have no idea what I will end up doing to you if you push me to the wall, so leave me alone! I know what hurts you, you are pathetic woman who has failed to find love, you lost your job as a bank Teller because you stole money and now you have no life after jail. So live in your misery and stop comparing yourself to my love Isabel. You will never be her and I will never love you. Get that through that your thick head you piece of s***!” he snored and walked passed her to join Isabel.

To be continued