Twine Episode 60 Final


A year later………
” No baby Ade. Bad! Bad” i grabbed the chubby little troublemaker, he was pulling the tray i left on the table.I carried him into my arm while the tray on the table crashed to the floor. My sitting room was a big mess, the cushions were on the floor. There was a puddle of water in the middle of the room, all thanks to baby Adeolu. I shrieked, pulling my hand away. The little devil had bitten my little finger. He was grinning happily while spittle dribbled down his chin. I placed him on the rug, made to retrieve the cushions and the little man pulled down another one.
” Daddy will be home soon! we have to tidy up on time ” i complained. ” naughty Ade”
He laughed and i grabbed him into my arms before he could dip his little fingers into the water on the ground. My phone rang, and i picked it up.
” Happy anniversary best friend” Linda shouted happily.” How are you celebrating your first wedding anniversary? ”
” Hello best friend” i said, ” thank you! I should be sunbathing on some romantic island but here i am chasing after Ade! You won’t believe how naughty your godson has been! My nerves are frayed already!”
My wedding and Ade’ s birth had brought us close. We became even closer during her own wedding ceremony. She was so emotional because both of her parents weren’t alive to see her walk down the aisle. Her fiancé’ s grandma too didn’t help matters. She seemed to find fault with everything Linda did, she always had something to complain about until i advised her to put the old woman in her place. The wedding had been a success in the end, everyone was teary eyed when the beautiful ceremony ended and grandma had cried the most, hugging Linda and welcoming her to the family. She had no choice tho, she had met a match in Linda. Her mother_in law had also reunited with her ex_ husband on the wedding day and they renewed their vows few weeks later although Tosin was yet to embrace his father.
She laughed heartily.” Why don’t you get a maid?”
” Someone comes to clean the house thrice a week. The wash man comes for our laundry on weekends. What else do i need a live_ in maid for?. What’s up with you?”
” Guess!” Linda said, excitedly.”
” Tosin bought you a new car ” i said, ” Perfect wedding gift”.
” No. Its something better. I am pregnant!” She said happily.
” Wow! congrats girl! that’s so fast…..hmmmn” i said, considering the fact that the wedding took place only five months ago.
We both laughed knowingly.” We have been hard at work” She said.
” I am so happy for you Mrs.Williams. I welcome you to the club of sleepless nights and emotional rollercoaster days but i can assure you it is worth it.” i said.
She roared with laughter. ” Thank you for the warm welcome Ma’ am”.
” You are welcome” i said with laughter.
” I could babysit Ade while you go out with your boo tonight.”
” Awww. Thank you….. His grandma has already offered to babysit him for us. You also need some alone time tonight with your boo or have you told him already?” I replied.
” No. Ermmm… well don’t tell anyone yet, OK?”
” Alright. How’s Vicky? i haven’t seen her this week and her line is not available. She promised to come take Ade for a walk”. I said
She sighed.” She traveled out of the country with Dantata again. Honestly, i don’t know what is going on with her. She has become so…..distanced since i came back from my honeymoon. Do you think she could still be in love with Tosin?”
” That is ridiculous! the only guy she has eyes for is Dantata. She has been through a lot and she might still feel displaced and lonely. You are married, Auntie Maggie is in prison and your dad is late. She’s bound to feel lonely. I invited her to stay with us as long as she want but she didn’t want to be a burden to us so she declined it, although she didn’t actually say it. Dantata is good for her, he will treat her well. If junketting all over the world will make her happy then i think she deserves it. Give her time, let her know she has a friend in you and she will come to trust you with her problems in time.” I said.
” Whew! i was worried sick. Thank you ” Linda said.
The honk of a car sounded.
” Kelvin is back already! ” i exclaimed.” I still haven’t put my sitting room in order”.
She laughed. ” I also have to pick Kelly from school”
” Hows she doing?”
” She’s fine. She can identify her alphabets now. She’s also reading little by little. ” She replied.
” She will eventually overcome” i said.
” I am optimistic that she will. Talk to you later bestie! don’t get knocked up tonight” she joked.
I laughed.” I will try not to. Talk to you later” i disconnected the call, squatting down to retrieve the fallen cushions.
The door opened and Kelvin walked in. He reached for baby Ade, kissing me on my cheek without batting an eyelid at the mess in the room.
” How are you Wifey?” he asked.
” I am fine hubby”
” Mind stepping out with me?” He said, pulling my hand, i followed him out of the room. I paused in shock, staring at the new sleek black car in the compound. He fished out the key from his pocket, dropped it in my hand. I hugged him happily.
” Happy Anniversary baby” he said with a kiss.
” Awww……baby i didn’t get anything for you…” I trailed off” this is just…..too much”
” You did.” He replied, pointing to our son in his arms.” He’s the best gift i have ever received”
I hugged him,ran to the car happily and opened the door.The sweet scent of fresh roses filled my nostril. There was a bouquet of it in the car. I picked up the bunch of roses, in amazement.
” How? how did you get these my love? fresh roses……”
” Nah. Nah” he laughed ” i can’t tell you about that ”
” What do you say we start the night early? let’s take Ade to his grandma.” I said, getting on my tiptoes to kiss him.
” That’s one grand idea” he laughed.
” DA_DA” baby Ade squealed suddenly.
We both laughed heartily.
” Wow! he just called me dad! i feel on top of the world!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.” and i just won myself the sum of fifty thousand naira.I bet he would say DA_DA before MA_MA. Wifey when do i get my money?”
” Oh come on! Can’t i pay with kisses?”
He considered it briefly. ” Can i have kisses for breakfast for the rest of our lives?”
i pretended to ponder it over.” Yes. You got yourself a deal Mr. Kelvin Adediwura ”
He captured my lips in a kiss.” Nice doing business with you, Mrs. Adediwura ”
” I love you baby”. I said, returning his kiss.
” I love you more” he replied.
We both laughed happily.He placed his arm around my shoulder and we walked back into our messy but love filled home.