Son Of The Orb. Episode 21


mum: what are you smiling it??
Me: i was stunned! Never expected her to be back so soon. Omg! I hope she didn’t see Trix. Uhmmm mum?…i…just remembered something.
Mum: is that why you should be smiling all by yourself?
Me: lemme help you. I took her hand bag from her, taking it to the room. I ran downstairs with a smile only to see her frowning.
Mum: i’ve told you to stop playing with the scroll!
geez! How could i have left an evidence! The scroll was left on the couch. Boreas wasn’t as perfect as he look anyway.
Me: mum, can i ask you a question?
Mum: trying to evade my question? No way!!!
Me: its actually about the scroll. Whats the story behind it?
Mum: she thought of telling him the truth. Whole nine yards but quickly kicked against it. Perhaps it aint the right time. Its a scroll like many other scrolls.
Me: but why does it seem powerful? I mean its blank and the moment i touch it my hand….
Mum: can we talk someother time? I’m so tired isn’t it obvious?
Me: its important….
Mum: Nathan!!!!
Me: okay mum.
I angrily walked out of her, leaving the scroll with her.

I la!d on my bed, fumming in anger and confusion.

I know mum is hiding something, what could it be?

I heard the sound of dad’s truck. I quickly ran out to meet him.

Mum: where are you running to? I didn’t reply her, instead i walked away swiftly.
Mum: there you go. He’s mad at me again.
Dad parked his car under a tree, he didn’t alight well i have no idea why.

I opened the door and sat on the passenger seat.

Me: hi dad.
Dad: how are you my boy?
Me: i’m fine dad. Can i ask you a question?
Dad: surprised# of course.
Me: i don’t know how this may sound. I really wanna know about it.
Dad: is this about a girl?
Me: smile# nah! The scroll in your room, can you tell me about it?
Dad: who wants to know?
Me: me! Pleeeaaaseee
dad: kno what? I’d tell you later in the day. Like a bed time story. Is that okay?
Me: waoh! Your the best dad.
Dad: smile#
me: may i drive?
Dad: hahahahaha my rule still stands. You must be eighteen before stepping on the wheels.

Dad taught me the skills of driving when i was 15.

He refused me his truck after i had a minor accident with it.
Dinner went down well. I didn’t talk to mum all through. She’d smile and i’d frown. When she frowned back i’d smile at her. Hahahahaha she was kinda pissed and i guess jealous too ‘coz dad and i went along well.

While in my room i remembered something! Boreas said he was at my service and i could call him anytime. I opened my window, screaming at the top of my voice. The sage refused to show up, had he played a trick on me?! I fell on my bed with a thud.


dad: he seem mad at you hahahahaha.
Mum: he won’t take it over to the next day.
Dad: so what happened between mum and son.
Mum: i don’t know. Its about the scroll.
Dad: the scroll? He met me earlier, the dude is so curious to know.
Mum: you didn’t tell him anything!
Dad: nah! I plan on doing it later.
Mum: don’t!
Dad: he pecked her softly. Its high time he know the truth. We can’t keep him in the dark forever.
Mum: do you know what your about to do? How would he fell knowing he isn’t human like us.
Dad: he sighed’ll be terrible for us if he discover it himself. Remember Gaian said he has a destiny to fulfill.
Mum: spencer….
Dad: ssshh we’d go right there and tell him the truth as a family and guardian.
Mum: okay… She nodded slowly.