Son Of The Orb. Episode 22


I was still in my room sulking when a soft knock came on the door. I was too lazy to get up so i kept mute. The knock came again.

Mum: Open up pls baby??
Me: aaaaaarrrhhgg i yelled silently, got up and opened the door.
Me: mum, dad? I wasn’t expecting the both of them. Well atleast not mum!
Dad: he smiled. Can we come in?
Me: oops sorry….i didn’t realise i was standing obstructing the way. Scoff#
i was nervous as they both walked in. They sat on a long couch while i sat on the bed staring at then, cracking my knuckles at intervals.
Dad: he was holding the scroll. You really wanna know about this?
Me: i could only nod.
Mum: i seriously don’t know how you’d feel after this but never forget we love you and we’d always be there for you.
Me: confused# i know.
Mum: sometimes around 1998. There was this unusual and strange thing that befall the whole of New Jersey. Somepeople called it hail, it was more like snow albeit it was dark. The shower continued for a maximuim of seven days. It was after this horrific incidence that i left for new orleans to get our family some food. We were indoors during the hailstorm. Let me cut the details. I found a baby on the ground. A mysterious voice asked me to take care of him for he’d be of great help to humanity……paused.#… I obeyed ‘coz spencer and i had no child of our own…..that baby is you, Ethan.

Me: i opened my mouth to speak, unfortunately my words went of vacation.
Dad: you were found with this scroll. Gaian said only you can read and understand its content when your time comes.
Mum: we aint your parents Ethan you are alien. It hurts to know we are only guardians to you. Tears#

dad: Gaian stopped speaking with us when you were 10. Teary eyes#
me: i heaved a sigh. I stood up and hugged mum tightly. Dad also joined in the group hug. We disengaged after minutes.
Me: the only parents i ever knew all my life is you. Nothing can ever change that. It doesn’t matter who i am or where i come from. The love and care you’ve showered me with is impeccable. I don’t want that to ever stop. I love you mum. Love you dad. Smile#
mum: was she dreaming? Did Ethan really mean it?? She thought silently.
I love you baby!
Dad: your the best son any dad would ever wish for. Your a blessing Ethan. Smile#
me: hang on, i have a something to show you!!! I opened the door and ran downstairs.
Dad: whats your son up to?
Mum: your guess is as good as mine. Just then they heard a voice from behind.
Me: taaaddaaa!!!! I held a tray with three glasses of juice. I shared it among them, and held mine.

The just looked at me with surprise.
Me: toss to a stronger family!
Sounds of clanging glasses filled the air.


i was tied to a long steel, with fire burning from beneath. Doza would increase the fire and quench it again. He was being tormented! Doza found out the prince was on earth in human body.

He knew Boreas know about this but stubborn Boreas refused to reveal the prince’ identity. As long as the prince is still alive its a threat to him.

Doza: so what?! Won’t you speak huh?
Boreas: torment me all you want, you won’t get a single word out of me! He managed to speak, the heat was unbearable.

Doza: lets see about that. He increased the heat!