Son Of The Orb. Episode 23


After the toast
Me: mum dad have got something to tell you guys i said softly.
Dad; go ahead son.
Me: earlier today a weird man and i had a fight, he came for the scroll.
Mum: and??
Me: his name is boreas a windlord, he was choking me when my friend came to my rescue she was special too, the fight between both of them was pretty tough, but he seemed to be more skillful, he almost killed her, i got pissed after touching the scroll my hand glowed, but the anger i felt seem to make lightenings around my hands. I felt so powerful mum, when i held him he screamed and begged for mercy.
Mum: looking at dad and dad returning the gaze, did you ask him why he wanted the scroll.
Me: it never crossed my mind.
Dad: ok now thats enough for just one night its time to go to bed. Mum gave me a goodnight peck and they were gone to there room.
The night was quite wonderful, today i woke quite early had my breakfast and was of to school. Just when i walked in i heard my name being called from behind.
Trix: ethan wait up!!!
Me: i stopped to wait for her.
Trix: finally she caught up as we both walked to class smiling. Well we were already friends but it almost seemed like we got closer and 2 occassion she made people trip, as we both laughed secretly like nothing was actually happening.
Trix: so can you make your hands lit up again.
Me: i really cant do any of what you saw me do i was just pissed, i thought he was gonna kill you.
Trix: smiling technically the way you feel about me were triggers to you using your powers?.
Me: i felt a bit embarrassed at the blunt way she rephrased the question. Trix!!!! I said hitting her arm playfully.
Trix: no need to feel shy you know she said with a smile it natural ethan. I really think you need more practice, that way you’d be better of.
Me: yea thats true i said with a smile.
We hanged out a whole lot, school for the week was fun, never regretted having trix as a friend.
Today was saturday i wont be going to school, after doing a few chores i decided to try practicing as bellatrix suggested, i went up to my room sat on my bed.
I tried making my hands glow on its own, which didnt work i tried so hard, it almost seem like i had no ability to do it.
Me: hmmm ok since this aint working i decided to try out some super human ability like hearing from a very far distant. I closed my eyes and folded my legs like i was getting ready to do yoga.
I concentrated so hard on hearing but it didnt work.
Me: what if trix was right about the fact that emotions are triggers to my ability, hmmm perhaps i should try something new i thought. I was concentrated on a imaginery image of her, how i loved her friendship, and now i want to here whats shes saying with my eyes tightly close and my heart seemed to be making connections with what i was doing.
Trix: mum am really not hungry!!! She said loudly.
Me: i quickly opened my eyes, what it worked i said a smile i really can be this you know. Wooow i really wish i could see and hear her.
I decided to try one more time, i kept on hearing her voice as it increased from whispers, it felt like i was closer and closer to her, my eyes were still shut, just then i saw her walked into her room.