Son Of The Orb. Episode 24


I closed my eyes again, this time i focused the more. Ignoring every sound round me. i could see Trix very clearly. She la!d on her bed listening to music.
Me: Trix. I called out, still concentratrating.
Trix: she removed the ear plugs, checked left and right then plugged it back. Perhaps she heard me!
Me: trix!
I shouted.
Trix: Troy! Stop playing pranks, i aint playing with you today!!!
Me: d–n it trix! Its me, Ethan. I could see bewilderment in her eyes. Well, i also never envisaged i could do such.
Trix: Ethan? Tell me Troy, how did you get that name?
Me: what are you talking about? Its Ethan spencer speaking.
Trix: Ethan for real? She whispered and stood up, searching her curtains and wardrobe. Ridiculous! She heaved.
Me: i need you to believe me, its one of my powers!
Trix: smile# where are you?
Me: at home. On my bed!!!
Trix: can we meet? I really wanna be sure! I’m so excited!!!
Me: we have a problem. Mum is at home!!
Trix: aaaawww, okay i’d be there soonest.
Me: what? Trix!!
Just then i heard a voice.
Mum: your speaking alone!!!
I was distracted and the image seized.
Me: not now!!!!
Mum: well, still waiting for explanations.
Me: okay mum, its like this…i know it’ll sound weird but i was speaking with a friend.
Mum: ridiculous!
Me: exactly what she said. #smile.
Mum: i wanna believe you but….its unreal.
Me: i just discovered it.
Mum: its kinda nice. Uhmmm i was actually baking, before i heard you talking gotta go.
Me: hang on a sec. I closed my eyes, memorising the path to our kitchen and where mum’s oven was. Bimley! I saw what was baking.
Two love shaped chocolate cakes!!!

Mum: woah!!! My boy is super #claps.
Me: hahahahahaha.
Mum: i don’t have super powers, i should get going before it get burnt. #smile.
I was left alone for minutes. Suddenly, a rock was throwed in, it shattered my window glasses. I was enraged. Looking through the window i saw a blue spot car, neatly parked, it had tinted glasses, it honked at me. Another rock came from inside the car, it was so straight and precise, i dodged it by whiskers. Only one person can do that –TRIX!!!
I ran out to her, well, just as i guessed! Trix was in the car, it had no roof.
Trix: hey super boy, give momma a kiss.
Me: oh hahahahaha i don’t kiss thin lips! You stole this? I said pointing to the car.
Trix: its a gift from dad.
Me: waoh! Its so beautiful.
Trix: she alighted and pressed the lock button.
Lets take a walk.
We walked slowly down the road.
Trix: time to confess, did you plant a bug in my room?
Me: hahahahahaha super bugs.
Trix: i love your power. Wish i have it.
A heavy whirl wind began, our hairs were floating in the air. Trix hugged me tightly, burying her head in my chest.
The wind stopped after seconds.
Voice: i greet you my prince. He bowed slightly.
I couldn’t recognize him till he raised his head.
Me: Boreas?!!
Trix: where have you been?
Boreas: long story guys. We need to talk, my time is short.
Me: what do you mean?
Boreas: he clenched his fists, the next thing we saw was Trix’ car rotating in the air.
Trix: my car! What are you doing?
Boreas: bringing seats! Lets go in, i’m allergic to mid-day sun.
We entered the already calm car, boreas was at the back seat.
Boreas: i have a story to tell. Listen up.
Once upon a time, there existed a gracious planet, called sesuim. It was under the monarchy of lord Domiac. The planet had one purpose – protecting humans. All sesians knew this. Domiac had two sons, Gaian and Doza. Gaian was a legitimate son while Doza, a product of incomplete incubation.
Lord Domiac perished, it was time for Gaian to come into power but he disappeared mysteriously. It was all Doza’s doing.
Me: hold it! How is that our business?
Boreas: no one knew how it happened but Gaian had a son, Dashielle. You are Dashielle.
Me: what! How do you mean?
Boreas: i’m just a knight, i don’t know the whole truth but i think your dad is alive somewhere. I believe who are here for a purpose. Doza had gone back to sesuim, he’s out for no good. He won’t protect humanity anymore. You must protect them, Dashielle.
Doza is calling me, you may not see me in a long while. I promise to try my best in stopping Doza from destroying sesuim. You must know he’d possessed alot of humans. Keep your identity a secret, trust no one.
Trix: how about me? Who am i?
Boreas: read the scroll.
He was now vanishing bit by bit.
Boreas: you have a whole tot of powers, the scroll would guide you. MAKE HUMANS SMILE.
With that he vanished!