Twine Episode 59


The two elderly lawyers stood up and we did same too. Linda and i shook hands with them and we saw them out before coming back inside our living room.
” So dad willed everything equally amongst the three of us.” I said.
” Yea” Linda said, with laughter.” I miss him”
” Me too” i said.
She sighed and dropped on the sofa.” I have a lot of work on my hands now. Do you think Auntie Maggie’s lawyer did well for her? is five years not too much?She asked, the trial was yesterday. She had gotten five years as a result of the circumstances surrounding the murder and her age at the time of the murder. Onyinye’ s death and the attempt on Chief was treated as an accident.
” I think that is fair since she was a minor when….when….”
” When she poisoined my mother. My heart went to her when she broke down in tears after she heard her sentence. Five years is such a long time to be locked up” Linda said.
” I can’t believe you feel sorry for her. You were out for blood when you thought dad was the murderer but you have taken it so calm with her and you even got her a lawyer.”
” I thought dad murdered my mother out of greed…..but Auntie Maggie was only fighting for herself. That’s two different things.I still think she could have gotten a lesser term……maybe after six months we can appeal. ” Linda said. ” What do you think?”.
The door opened and Chief Adediwura came in.
” You are welcome sir” Linda said. ” Please sit down”
” Thank you. How are you my dear?” He said, sitting down heavily with a loud groan.
” I am fine sir. Oops! Vicky! i forgot i have to be somewhere by five!” She said, ” please see that Chief is comfortable” She walked out of the room.
” Victoria, how are you?” He asked.
” Very well. Thank you” i replied in a clipped tone.
” I set up a trust fund for you. Which is to be handed over to you on your twenty_fifth birthday” He said, not one to beat about the bush.
” Why are you telling me sir?”
” I want you to know i had you in mind. I just didn’t write you off completely.”
” OK”
” I know you must have heard Maggie’s part of the story. I am not here to dispute whatever she might have told you. The truth is i regret my actions and i acted cowardly all these years. I should have come out with the truth a long time ago and acknowledge you. I am also not here to tell you to accept me as your father. No.” He said. ” I only came to beg you to give your siblings a chance to get to know you.”
” I have heard you sir” i replied.
” Thank you. I will be on my way now”.
” Alright. How’s …’s your arm now sir?”
” It feels much better. Thank you” he said.
I stood up and saw him to the door.
To be continued..