Twine Episode 33


The hall was packed with stunning young ladies and gentlemen most of whom were faking foreign accent and assets. Most of the ladies were in little cliques just like the old days. I reminded myself that i didn’t come to the reunion because of them. I picked a flute of wine from the tray of a waiter passing by. The laughter of the other women drifted to my ears, they were obviously having fun, reminding me of the fact that i had no friend amongst them. I dropped the empty flute on another waiter’ s tray and fled to the ladies. I locked myself in one of the jasmine scented convenience. I heard the door to the ladies swished open and i could hear footsteps and voices.
” She won’t get away with it ” i heard one of the women say.
Her companion laughed. ” I trust you will put her in her place.”
I held my breathe and sat so still on the toilet seat. The voices no doubt belonged to Onyinye and Linda. I knew Onyinye would be in attendance but i couldn’t understand why Linda would accompany her and i don’t remember Linda from high school either.
” I don’t want that sham wedding to take place! ” Linda said in her usual harsh tone.
” Once she marries your father you watch and see if she won’t throw away her cloak of purity!” Onyinye said.
” I want to tear them apart. I trust that you will help me.”
” You only have to give me the Go_ahead babe” the brown biitch drawled out and they both burst into laughter.
I wondered what they were scheming and i made a mental note to ask Victoria later.
” Do you think Tomi will be here tonight?” Linda asked. ” Her Richie has left the country. I can’t help missing him”
” Was the d–k that good? anyway i heard so too and i am not sure she will be here. What is she coming to do? Nobody wants to suffer from her rare case of fashion malnutrition. She has never attended any of the previous reunions in the past, why will she attend this one? especially when you have shamed her and she’s also jobless.”
” Why do you hate her so much Onyinye?”
” Why won’t i hate her? that crazy girl reported me to the Principal that i was cheating during one of the exams. The foolish old hag punished me publicly and changed my seat. ”
Linda laughed mockingly.” You told me yourself that you slept with the vice principal then so he would give you the scholarship meant for her and you advised me to plant that ring in her box isn’t that enough payment for the wrong she had done you? ”
” No! It is not enough ”
” I think we should let her be for now. The most important enemy right now is Maggie ” Linda said walking into the first stall to ease herself.
They gisted some more before walking out and i breathed a sigh of relief. I was shaken from all what i heard. Those two women were deadly vipers. So Oyinye had slept with the vice principal to make him name her the most brilliant girl, even Linda had admitted to planting that ring in my box. Birds of same feathers truly flock together. My heart went out to my poor Kelvin, he deserved better. A thought popped into my head and took root there. I made my way slowly back to the hall. A lady who i vaguely recalled being the head prefect girl was talking into a mic.
” One of our own has promised to build a new library for Blossom high and also give out scholarship to few brilliant students” she said.
A round of applause sounded and i joined them in applauding.
” That benevolent person is Linda Nwosu. ” she called out cheerfully. ” We also have some anonymous donors for the school building projects. Whoever they are, we say a big thank you, May the Good Lord reward you. ”
There were loud cheers and resounding applause.
” We have decided to do something different this year. We want to remember some of the old students of blossom high who contributed to the glory of the school and and honour them”
she announced, hitting on the mic with her hand. ” Gabriel Davies and Adewale Coker will present the first award of honour to the most brilliant girl in 2006 set whose intellect and hard work brought honour to our prestigious school in the past. ”
Two handsome young men in dazzling suits strolled to the stage. I could remember that they were a year ahead of me in class and they were both science students.
” Good evening everyone ” Adewale coker said in his deep bariton voice. ” The most outstanding and overall brilliant old student honorary award for 2006 graduating set goes to…….” He let out a sexy laugh which had the ladies giggling. ” Davies can you read it out please…. the name is too sexy for me to pronounce ” he joked.
” It goes to Adebola Eyitomi ” Gabriel Davies announced.
I walked to the stage amidst cheers and applause. I said a brief thank you for the honour and walked back. There were several categories of the award, the others were gleefully clapping and cheering their friends who got called to the stage but i was suddenly queasy and i slowly made my way back to the ladies. I felt a hand on my shoulder and i whirled around.
” Easy Eyitomi “.
My eyes almost popped out of its socket. Why does he always have to look so calm and good?
” Kelvin what are you doing here?” I frowned, ” You are Linda’ date obviously, silly me!”
” Are we jealous?” He teased lightly, a smile on his lips.
” No” I snapped. ” What do you want?”
” I thought you were consuming too much wine. Trying to drown your sorrows in liquor? ”
So he was the one staring at me! no wonder i had a feeling that someone was watching me but i thought it was ridiculous since i was in a crowded place. Everyone was looking at everyone else to judge if they were doing better than them or not and i had pushed the nagging feeling to the back of my mind.
” Shouldn’t you be with your bride or are you tired of her already?”. I quipped.
I made to go but he took hold of my arms and pulled me against his chest. He lowered his head dangerously.
” Kelvin what are you doing?”.
” Tell me it was a lie……those words you hurled at me. Tell me you don’t mean them”
” Kelvin we both know we have no future together so its best we go our separate ways”
” You still haven’t answered me. Did you mean them?”
He lowered his lips and claimed mine. I gently pushed against the hard wall of his chest.
” Please Kelvin go back to her”.
” Come. I will take you home ”
” I came with my car ” I protested.
He raised up a brow in question.
” My official car.” I explained. It feels good having my own ride even if it was an official one.
” Give me your car keys” he demanded.
” Why?”
” Give them to me”
I handed the keys to him.
” Good. You are in no condition to drive, i will have someone bring the car to your place tomorrow morning.” He loosened his grip my arm ” You want to use the convenience right? ”
I walked into the ladies and banged the door shut. I decided to waste as much time as i could so he would get fed up and leave but i remembered that he had my keys and i walked out in a huff. He was still patiently standing where i left him. He draped his jacket round my shoulders, taking my hand in his and we made our way through the throngs of people now dancing. He was driving a different car, this one was a sleek red car, i am not good with the names of such things because to me they are just means of transporting from one place to the other so i didn’t bother to Check its brand.
” Kelvin this is not the way to my house.” I said when he took a route not familiar to me.
” Congrats on your award but i wasn’t surprised tho.” he said, deliberately ignoring the question i asked.
” Thank you. What was Linda doing there? ”
” It is her alma mater too”
He continued driving, his darks eyes were focused on the road. I felt my lashes flutter and i blinked back the sleep threatening to get the best of me. I felt myself lifted up in his strong arms minutes later, he carried me up several steps in my estimation and i found myself being dumped on a warm comfortable king size bed.
” Did i fall asleep?” i asked, drifting awake.
He laughed softly. ” Obviously ”
” Where is this place?”
” My house. Come, get out of those clothes”
” Why?” I asked, feebly holding my dress tighly in my hand.
” Bath time or do you want to munch on something first?”
” No i am okay. I can help myself to the bathroom.” I stated.
He ignored my protest and peeled the garments off me. He carried me to the baththub filled with warm soapy water. There was no artificial scent, just plain warm water and soap. He sat on the edge of the bath tub watching me while i scrubbed myself clean. When i finished, he wrapped me in a big towel,he carried me back to the bed. He went back in to shower, i could hear the water running and for some unknown reason i suddenly had the impulse to watch him. I walked stealthily on my toes and peered into the bathroom. He was standing in the shower, he had his back to the door so i had a good view of his derriere, his jutted and proud masculine anatomy. I shook my head several times as if i was willing my senses to come back.
” It must be the wine” i muttered under my breath, stealing back to the bed.
I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep when i heard the bathroom door open. He flicked off the light and climbed into the bed. He pulled me closer to him in a spooning position. I could feel his hot breathe on my back and his heart beat.
” If you wanted to watch me, you only had to ask nicely and i would have given you a grand show for free rather than risk breaking your neck to peep at me. Do you know what happens to little girls who peep?” he asked.
I yawned and stretched out. ” What?”
He laughed. ” You are such a terrible actress Tomi”
He caught my lips in between his and i lost myself in his arms.
To be continued..