Twine Episode 34


A loud banging sound woke me up. I blinked hard trying to recollect where i was, i felt something hard pressing into my lower back, i wiggled my bottom trying to get away from whatever it was but it only seemed to grow bigger.My head was pounding fiercely and there was a bitter taste in my mouth.
” Hey Sleeping beauty good morning ” he murmured into my ear.
” My head” i moaned.” Good morning “.
” Hangover” he replied tersely.
The loud banging sound came again and i felt him stiffen beside me. He got up, pulled on
a jean and polo.
” What is that noise?” I asked, throwing back the covers.
” I don’t know. I will go investigate ” he said before strolling out of the room.
I found my dress and dorned it, I padded down the stairs and stopped midway. Onyinye and Linda were in the living room.
” How could you do that to me Kelvin? you left me stranded when you knew i didn’t go with my car!” Linda shouted.
” Where is the shameless s–t you brought back here with you?” Onyinye demanded. ” Where is she?”
” Oh you again?” Linda shouted, on sighting me.” Kelvin you have no idea who you brought home with you! this was the same girl that stole Aunt Maggie’ s ring!”
” You mean the ring you planted in my box?” i asked.
” Linda if your shadow here was born and raised in the gutter shouldn’t you know better?” Kelvin asked. ” what do you want Linda? why are you acting like we had a deal or a relationship going on?”
” Even if you don’t love me Kelvin you owe me some respect as your fiancée! ”
” You still haven’t answered my question and i owe you nothing Linda. Don’t you have anything better to do or a better way to spend your weekend? please leave my house”
Linda’ s gaze burned through me like a laser light. She started in my direction, but Kelvin drew her back.
” Don’t you have any shame at all Tomi?”She asked.
” You are a fine one to speak! Please deal with the person you came here to see” i retorted.
” Oh so now pigs think they can fly” Onyinye screamed.
” You should leave when you are through with your rants” Kelvin said.
” Kelvin you think you know her but you don’t! What has she done to you? how could you bring yourself so low to the status of this low life?” Linda asked.
” Your barks no longer mean anything to me Linda! You planted that ring in my box! I overheard you and your hand bag talking last night. How could you be so cruel?”
The duo were stunned and they traded looks, for once they were rendered speechless.
” I knew it” Kelvin said. ” And to think that i beloved that trash story about your dad! ”
She took a step closer to him.” Don’t listen to her! What would she say before? She’s only a criminal! “.
” What did i ever do to you? Why Linda?” I asked her.” I want to know. I caught you sleeping with my boyfriend and i broke up with him. I worked diligently to earn every cent you paid me at the end of the month, you fired me for no just reason and as if all that wasn’t enough you framed me up!”
” Tomi i have known you since high school so i know how evil minded you are. You are a thief and liar! how could she plant something in your box, what would she gain by doing that?” Onyinye retorted. ” You think you know it all?” She scoffed.
” Yea she actually thinks that she knows it all” Linda replied, clapping her hands in mockery. ” Kelvin why don’t you tell her?”
” You have had enough fun. Its time you left” Kelvin said correling both of them towards the door.
” Tell me what?”
” Oh he didn’t tell you? Why Kelvin? Afraid her young heart won’t be able to take it?” Onyinye taunted.
” He’s just using you! He’s a player and a master at what he does! If not what would he be doing with someone like you?” Linda laughed viciously. ” He will soon throw you out like a piece of dirt when he’s had his fun with you! ”
” Kelvin loves me you can both go to hell”
They both laughed animatedly.
” You think you are the first to have him, don’t you? or perhaps you think that you know who he truly is! ” Linda asked. ” ask him who Jane and jacy are! he bleeped two sisters at the same time”
” I also had a taste of him too so don’t start feeling fly” Onyinye announced.
” I know the s-x is good because we have all had a taste of it but is it really worth the pain you will go through when you realize that you have been had? How many times has he tossed a girl he was through with to his friend Tosin?” Linda said dramatically.
” Tosin? Tosin Williams?”
” Oh she has started riding him too!” Onyinye laughed.
” Don’t say we didn’t warn you little one. He has left a string of broken hearts all over this country, trust me you are not special.” Linda said before walking out through the door.
I was stunned, something in his expression proved that for once the girls were being truthful. I hurried up the stairs back into the bedroom. I picked up my bag beside the bed, i heard the door swish open and he walked in.
” Hey….what are you doing? don’t tell me you are actually going to let them win ”
” What sort of game are you playing with me Kelvin?”
” Tomi you know how Linda is……”
” Kelvin did you or did you not sleep with either of them? ”
” Tomi we all have our past and mine wasn’t lived in sainthood but believe me all that was in the past.”
” Did you ever shared a girl with your friend?”
” Babe all that happened before i even met you!”
” Did you know that i was working for your friend?”
” I recommended you to him” he replied exasperatedly. ” Its nothing like what Linda implied, i was merely looking out for you.”
” I don’t want to do this anymore! I am fed up of this drama. I want out of whatever it is we have.”
” Tomi with you its different! you awakened feelings which i never knew i had inside of me. You changed something in me”.
” Please no more lies”
I brushed past him out of the room. I wouldn’t let him see me weak, i wouldn’t let anyone make me feel worthless. Never again!
” Tomi!” i called after her.
I could hear her the sound of her feet running down the stairs. She was hysterical and i couldn’t let her go home all by herself. How could i just tell her out of the blues that i bleeped Onyinye at a party on a dare! I despised myself for it the following day. We were at a party and the booze was flowing freely, almost all the guys at that party had seen her panties and i was issued a challenge which i couldn’t back down from. The whole nasty stuff had taken less than an hour and i had slipped her panties into my trouser as a proof.
” Tomi Please wait!”
I caught up with her at the bottom of the stairs.
” I am not ready for this sort of drama! ”
” Tomi i am in love with you!” I blurted out. ” I know this is all messy but we can sort it out”
” Just let me be!”
She darted out of the room like a deer which had caught sight of a hunter. I let out several expletives and ran back the stairs for my car keys. I ran down the stairs once again, Tosin stood with a frown on his face.
” What’s going on?” He asked worriedly.” Linda’ s car almost ran me off the road and on getting here i saw or i thought i saw Tomi running down the street”
” I am going after her” i called out, running out.
He tailed after me without a word and i drove out of the compound. I caught up with her just as a bus pulled up and she got into it. I followed the bus expecting it to make a stop so i would pull her down and talk some senses into her.
” Kelvin slow down! I have not written my will yet! ” He shouted, clutching his chest.
I slowed down the car in frustration.” Sorry” i muttered.
I followed the bus and got stuck in a little street traffic. The traffic was moving nicely and the bus was still in my sight. It should make a stop at the next bus stop already i thought frustratingly. I followed the bus onto the highway.
” My God what is that crazy driver doing?” Tosin shouted in fear.
Truly the crazy driver was trying to takeover a fuel tanker. It seems the tanker driver was resisting the overtake. The driver relented and the tanker driver got through. The driver tried to overtake a private car once again, it swerved and hit the pavement causing a traffic light to crash down heavily on it and the bus went up in flames. I got down and started running towards the inferno. People were running helter skelter, some motorists fled down from their cars, some people were already trying to put out the fire with buckets of sands. I forced my way through the onlookers, i kept screaming out her name and i was close to the burning bus when i felt a hard hand on my shoulder.
” Kelvin are you mad?” Tosin pulled me back.
” Tomi….. My Tomi is in there” i shouted. ” Call the fire services!”
The crowd was pouring sand and soapy water on the bus. I suddenly remembered the fire extinguisher in the trunk of my car. I stood few feets from the burning bus and trained it on it until the empty can remained in my hand. A distant siren could be heard now, i had thought it was the fire fighters but it was the police men.
” Kelvin step back!” Tosin drew me aside as one of the glasses exploded and flew in several directions.
The policemen were now pushing onlookers backwards
” Come, Come” Tosin Pulled on my hand. ” Its over”
” Tosin am i dreaming?” i asked.
To be continued..