Twine Episode 32


I was on the way to my see my father when my phone buzzed out. I swiped the screen to the right and kept it on speaker.
” Hello Tos ”
” What’s up? still nursing your broken heart? he teased.
” Come off it dude unless you want to see my fist buried in your nose”
He laughed. ” Easy boy. What are you doing tonight? Kelly is spending the night with my mom so i am a free man tonight.”
” I am going to see my father. ”
” What’s up with that issue?” he asked.
“” He called to apologize and he want to see me.”
” Will you marry her? especially now that her life is in danger”
” I don’t want a murderer for a father in_law and i am going to tell my father that. I will find some other way to keep Linda safe.”
” I think the best thing is to find a private investigator to dig into his past. Maybe he could find something else which we could use to put him behind bars.”
” That is a good idea. How’s Tomi?”
” I thought you would never ask. She’s a very talented and dedicated person and a hard worker too” he gushed out. ” She’s fine”
” Tosin she’s kind of ……….” i scratched my beards uncertain how to begin. ” She’s um ………”
” What?”
” She’s a bit clumsy and careless. Please be patient with her “.
” That doesn’t match the description of my executive assistant she’s anything but clumsy and careless”.
” Alright. Just be patient with her, thanks.”
” What are you going to do about her?” he asked.
” To be honest with you, i don’t know. I don’t want to drag her into this mess especially if i am going to camp down with a murderer’ s daughter. Besides she made it plain it was just s-x and meanwhile i didn’t even f*uck her.” I let out a pent up sigh. ” She’s the first woman i have made love to and that goes to show how much i feel for her.”
” I understand you. I can’t remember the last time i made love to any woman and i don’t think i can even remember how to make love to one.”
I laughed. ” So you have only been f* ucking them and moving on to the next. Sharp guy!”
” Do you blame me?”He asked.
I pressed the horn in front of the gate. ” I got to go. Please look out for my girl”
” Sure will. Laters”
The gate was opened and i drove into the compound. My eyes caught Mr Joseph’ s jeep and i felt my blood boiling. How could my father be consorting with a murder? I could hear their loud laughter as i turned the door knob and walked in. Mom got up, a glass of wine in her hand. She welcomed me with a kiss. I exchanged pleasantries with the others present in the room. Mr Joseph and my father were discussing politics while the women were discussing fashion.
” Welcome Son” Dad said. ”
” Thank you sir”
I got an empty glass and filled it with the red wine in front of them. They argued on about politics while i observed them. Merely looking at the middle aged Joseph Nwosu with his kind handsome face etched with some fine laugh lines along his jaw you would never know that he had a heart of stone. My glance shifted to my burly father with his loud laugh and jovial ways you would never guess that he was as cunning as the proverbial tortoise and he was just as greedy. Oyinye was vividly describing her time in London to the other women like they had never stepped a foot outside Lagos before.
She was a girl who had grown up in the slum and in abject poverty. She had even gone to high school on her church’ s charity welfare. How she had wormed her way into high society baffles me. She had no gainful employment yet she lives a lavish life one can only imagine what she does to sustain her expensive lifestyle.
Victoria was munching on some snacks. She was a very beautiful girl with angelic features but she could do with some confidence and guts. She was also very timid, insecured and quiet. If i hadn’t know how good a person Tosin was i would have gone to pluck her from his place the night he called to tell me she was at his place for some reasons he doesn’t even know. What girl in her right mind would go stay with a hot blooded guy who lives alone with just his five year old daughter as chaperone?. My gaze shifted from her and settled briefly on Auntie Maggie. She was equally beautiful but i felt sorry for her, she was sleeping with a murderer and i could only hope she won’t be the next to follow the late Jennifer Nwosu.
” Kelvin!” Mom shouted my name. ” Where is your mind?”.
” Sorry Mom.”
” You haven’t congratulated Maggie on her engagement ”
I was stunned by the news but i got up and gave her a hug. ” Congrats Auntie. Who is the lucky man? “.
She blushed.
” I am” Mr Joseph replied happily. ” She has finally decided to make an honest man of me”.
” Congratulations sir” i called out.
” Thank you son”.
” You and Linda should hurry up and pick a date already” My father said.
” Maggie we have a lot of planning to do.” Mom said. ” I am giving my event decorator a call tomorrow. Your wedding has to be the talk of Town since it is your first and Linda’ s own has to be just as glamorous. ”
” Why should she have a glamorous wedding? after all dad has been married before and she’s old.” Linda said viciously.
” Maggie decides if she wants a glamorous wedding or not” her father reprimanded her. ” Mind your manners young lady “.
” Linda don’t forget the reunion is tomorrow ” Oyinye said. ” Have you informed your fiancé yet?”
” Oh Sweetheart. Tomorrow is Linda and Oyinye’s school reunion, both pretty damsels have elected you to go with them” Mom said sweetly, she was persuading me to go.
” Or i could go with them” Dad said which drew laughter from the others.
” Kelvin i was going to tell you when we are alone” Linda said.
” You went to the same school with Oyinye? ” I asked.
” Yes but i was her senior and we met during one of the reunion ” She explained. ” Please will you come? i will understand if you can’t ”
I said the only logical thing a gentleman would say.” Sure i will come”
To be continued..