Twine Episode 27


” What are you doing here?”
” Oh Kel you are back” she said sweetly, she stretched out both hands. ” Come to bed”
” You still haven’t answered my question! what are you doing here and in my bed Linda? ”
” Kelvin please grow up! What does it seem like?” She hissed.
I turned the door knob. ” You have some growing up to do too.”
She jumped up and hugged me from behind. ” I am sorry. Please don’t go, don’t leave me in here all alone ”
” What game are you playing this time?” I asked.
” This is no game, i swear. I have decided to honour our Fathers decision. I want to marry you Kelvin”.
” How much did your father pay you to agree to the marriage proposal? ”
I felt her flinch as if i had landed a mortal blow on her jaw. She pulled back..
” I know i haven’t been a good person. I know i don’t deserve a chance but please hear me out. Do you really know who i am Kelvin? do you know how lonely i get? do you know that i cry myself to sleep every night? do you have any idea how much pain and bitterness is in my heart? ” she sat down on the bed.” I am sorry, i will pick up my things and leave ”
I felt like a leech. She looked so vulnerable and lonely. So unlike the tough mean lady i knew her to be.” No, i will bed down in another room. You stay here.”
I walked out of the room, i could hear her sniffling back tears. I just couldn’t walk away from her. I pushed back the door, pulling it close after me.
” What do you want?” she asked, wiping away the tears.
” I want to hear your story”
” No. You won’t believe me anyway.”
” Trust me”
” My life is in danger and this is the only way i could be saved.”
” Your life is in danger? have you notified the authorities? ”
.” No. I have my reasons”
” Talk to me Linda. Who wants to harm you and why won’t you tell the police? ”
” It was the same person that murdered my mother ”
” What do you mean? your mother died from the hole in her heart! She wasn’t murdered! i should have known you will pull a stunt like this! are you saying all these to buy my pity?”
” I am not lying! why would i lie about something like that! I loved my mother!” She picked up her bag and shoes. ” I knew you won’t believe me”.
I held her back as she made to brush me aside. ” If your life is in danger shouldn’t the authorities be aware ? and if you know your mother’ s murderer why have you brought him or her to book? why should i believe you Linda?”
” Kelvin……feel my heartbeat. Look into my eyes, you will see the truth reflected in them.”
” Who?”
She shook her head. ” I can’t tell you but marriage to you will keep me safe. Please help me”
” How do i know you didn’t cook this up? and how will you being my wife keep you safe?”
” I know it will. I know. ”
” How long have you known this?”
” I saw him. He stifled the breath out of her with a pillow. and he has promised me similar fate if i breathe a word of it out.”
” How old were you then? Eight? Are you sure you didn’t imagine all that? you were very dramatic as a child.”
” I have resisted this union for so long! why would i change my mind now?”
” Power. You like being in control. I don’t know!” I scratched my head. ” Your father murdered your mother?” I guessed. Her ashen palor confirmed that wild guess. ” Why? what was his motive?”
” No. No. He wasn’t the one!” She cried out too quickly.
” You need to report him Linda”.
” Kelvin i was only eight years old! who would believe me? my father is an influential man, he has the right connections too! who would f—–g believe me?” She burst into tears.
I pulled her into my arms.. ” It will be fine”
” Do you believe me now?” She choked out.
” Yes ”
” Why do you believe me kelvin?”
” I believe you because Tosin’ s mother was shamefully cast out five years ago by his father. It has just come to light that the poor woman was innocent and the whole scandal was masterminded by his grandmother. In this our world., anything is possible. ”
” Will you keep me safe?”
” Yes” i promised. ” With my last breath ”
” Will you marry marry me?”
Tomi’ s rosy cheeks, her smiles, her trusting heart and warm eyes flashed before my eyes.
” I don’t know ” i said truthfully.
To be continued..