Twine Episode 28


I was making a cold sand which for myself when Dantata walked in, flashing me a killer grin which i was sure most women fall prey to. I ignored him and continued shredding the boiled chicken b—-t for the sand which.
” Hey pretty. How are you?” he drawled.
I started humming a song whilst mixing the chicken with mayornaise in a bowl. I made two wraps, placed them on a tray and sashed out of the kitchen with him trailing behind.
” Tomi I am sorry. Please forgive me buddy”
” Dantata i don’t know what you are apologizing. Care to enlighten me?”
” Awww Tomi! come on!” He said throwing his hands up in frustration. ” Alright. I neglected my buddy and i wasn’t there for her when she needed me.” He said dramatically.
” Alright! I will let you off the hook just this one time ”
” Thank you princess” he said charmingly.” So what’s up?”
I gave him one of the wraps and proceeded to tell him every thing that had happened. He listened attentively and offered advice. I couldn’t help forgiving him. The door was forced open and Richie walked in.
” Wow! So now you are a classical s–t! Who is this one again? ” Richie said, walking inside. ” Is this why you don’t pick my calls anymore?”
I went into my bedroom, retrieved his ring. ” Take your ring and leave me alone!” i flung the velvet box at him.” Go away!”
” Tomi why are you doing this?”
” You heard her Mister! take your sorry a-s out of here!” Dantata said, advancing on him.
” You have not seen the last of me!” He spat out, picking up the box and left muttering under his breathe.
” was that the crazy ex?”
” Yes one and only”
” The dude is truly crazy. I think his ego is hurt because it was you who broke things off with him.” Dantata said. ” Maybe he’s obsessed with you”.
” I am getting fed up of this drama! I feel like a cast in a Mexican love drama ”
He laughed. ” How about the other guy? The hero. What’s up with him?”
” Kelvin? we……we are good i guess. I like him, a lot ”
” You be careful okay? i don’t want you getting hurt”
” I will”
I sat up in bed. My head felt as heavy as lead. I know what goes on in our circles, wives cuckolding their husbands, husbands having mistresses with b.astards outside their home. So many political and business arranged marriages. What i couldnt wrap my mind around is murdering your own wife! the mother of your kids! I wondered what his motive was. Money. That was the only thought that comes to mind. The late Jennifer Nwosu was an only child and an heiress. It made sense that the person who would wish her dead most was her spouse. He stands to benefit more from her death. If he could murder his wife heartlessly, he could also murder his daughter just to keep that secret safe and it would mean one more beneficiary out of the way. My heart went out to the little girl who had witnessed her mother’ s murder and there was a rumor that Maggie had easily slipped into the role of mistress as soon she died.
My life was becoming complicated. I don’t know how to untangle myself from the web of my father’ s greed. Tomi. Sweet young girl, without a care in the world. She was so trusting and open minded. My thoughts keeps wandering back to her.
I let out a sigh of frustration. ” My dad will be on my case till i take that walk of pain down the aisle and someone’ s life is also at stake now!” I said outloud, pulling on my shirt.” I can’t drag Tomi into this mess.” i decided.
” Son may i come in?” Mom asked, knocking on my door.
” Yes mom”
She walked in and planted a kiss on my cheek ” Good morning dear. How was your night?”
” Good morning mom. My night was fine”
” Kelvin please sit. I want to talk to you ”
We sat down.
” What is the emergency you spoke of last night?”
” My son you know that i love you very much and your happiness is key to me and i will never give you any Ill advice”
I nodded.
” I overhead your father talking to his lawyer last night. He wants to cut you off, out of his will and he wants to will the companies to only Tolu, your younger brother ” she whispered. ” O de mo pe eniyara logun gbe” she went on.
I felt my blood raising through my vein.” He wouldn’t dare! I made that company what it is today! I will fight him in court! That company is mine as much as it is his”
” My dear. He is your father and this is Africa, Nigeria. Will you listen to me?”
I nodded.
” You see that girl, Linda, i don’t like her too. She’s just too rude and sassy. Her tongue is as swift as a new blade and her mother had a condition. How do we know that the children she will give birth to won’t have that disease of the heart? Sugbon o da ki a pe werey lo Oga.”
I nodded my head again. She placed her hand on my thigh.
” Kelvin, oko mi, please marry her just to please your father. ” she raised up her hands. ” I know you have a girl you love somewhere, you are a handsome young man. See, when you marry Linda and your father is happy with you. We can arrange one small wedding between you and that girl you love! ” she announced. ” She can live abroad while you stay here with Linda”
” I can’t mom. I can’t live a double life”.
” It is not a new thing! Hope you know that your father has a mistress? when i lay my hands on that tooth pick ashawo ehen she will hear wen. Even Linda’ s father has a mistress! that Maggie woman!”
” Auntie Maggie?” i couldn’t keep the surprise out of my voice.
” I have been in this world before you. I know what i am saying.”
” Thank you mom. I will think about it”
” Will you be going to the office today?”
” Yes mom. Has Linda left?”
” That one? Shior! she’s waiting for you downstairs. Remember this situation requires tact. I will go tell cook to make you something.” She stood up.
” Thank you mom”.
We had Breakfast in stony silence. I breathe a sigh of relief when Linda announced that she was leaving. I watched mom hug her and invited her to come again. I shook my head. Our world is really crazy and it was filled with false love. I drove down to the office, honked severally but the gateman didn’t open it. I got down angrily and banged on the gate loudly.
” Yes?” A scarred face mopol asked.
” Na Oga son” another one replied him.
” Sir we have orders not to let you in” scar face informed me
” Who f—–g gave you that stvupid order? ”
” Chief ” he replied tersely, before banging the gate in my face.
To be continued..