Twine Episode 26


I parked my car outside her gate. She looked so innocent and beautiful. She had made me laugh so much during dinner, which had earned me glares from other diners. There was something angelic and pure about her. Although i am aware that angels could be so troublesome at times. Especially that cupid, poking his arrow where he wasn’t needed. She hadn’t known what to order, the menu was strange to her.
She dumped the menu on the table. ” I will have whatever you are having” she said, her left hand snaking up her cheek to touch an invisible thing.
” Wait!” i brought out my hankie which i gave to her. ” You will get make up spot on your dress.”
She accepted it and wiped her hand on it. Dinner was fun, it was the first time i talked during meal time. Talking during dinner is a forbidden thing in my parents’ s household, if at all there was a discussion it should be about business. She talked about her parents, her love for them glowed brightly in her eyes. Her vivid discription of her childhood had been laughing at the top of my lungs. My childhood was about my mother hammering it into my ears that i must never soil the family name and my father was only concerned about sealing a match between Linda and I. He desperately wanted a portion of their wealth, why?that’s an answer i will never know but it all boils down to greed. After dinner, i signalled to the waiter who brought us our bill.
” Fifty thousand naira?” she shrieked. ” Why? was it the head of a state we ate?”
I quickly slotted my ATM card into the POS machine which the waiter held, i punched in the figures and pressed send. i gave the waiter some tips and while my date gaped at me.
” Shall we?”
” Kelvin that was too much for just some creamy leaf! the chicken is not even up to my little finger!” She said, holding up the said finger.
The ladies in my circle would have demanded for a finer diner or hotel. They would have ordered the most expensive wine on the list. They would cuss out every body from the waiter down to the owner of the place and they would haughtily demand to see the manager if their order was a second late. After dinner, they would would expect a box of the most expensive foreign chocolate money could buy, they would also expect you to compliment them every second. When you drive them home, they would expect you to wrap the most expensive diamonds and pearls round their necks. Tomi hadn’t complained when our meal was delayed, she had greeted everyone including the other diners like she knew them.They were initially surprised but they recovered quickly and returned her greetings with a warm smile. The only thing she had complained about was the bill and not the tip i gave to the waiter.
” Umm. I should go in now” she said awkwardly.
It was that time where you struggle with that strong decision. To kiss or not to kiss. She was already fidgety. If it was any other woman i would have tried my luck, get laid and take her off my mind but this is different. I leaned in, i gave her time to react, either slap me or push me away but she sat so still, her eyes closed. I leaned closer, i could feel her hot breath on my lips, my own lips was only few inches away from hers. Chris brown’ s voice revebrated in the car and i let out an expletive.
” Hello Mom” i said into the receiver.
” Hello Kelvin. Please come home right away, there is an emergency situation that requires your attention ”
” What happened Mom?”
” We will talk when you come. I will wait up for you so hurry” she disconnected.
” Is anything the matter?”
” An emergency. I will see you tomorrow Tomi ”
” Thank you for dinner.”
” Thank you too. I enjoyed myself”
She stretched out the make up stained handkerchief. I collected it from her and stuffed it into my pocket. It would serve as a monument of our first date, as little as it was.
” Good night Kelvin ”
” Good Night Sweetheart”
I watched her walk into the gate before i drove off to my parent’s. My younger siblings were schooling abroad so the house was quiet. I wondered what emergency awaits me but knowing how dramatic my mother could be it could be a trivial matter. I walked up the stairs and knocked on their door. My mother opened it, her eyes were red from sleep.
” Kelvin” she murmured.
” Mom i am here now. What happened? ”
” What is the time now?”
” Mom its few minutes to eleven”
” I am so sleepy son. We will talk tomorrow morning ”
I didn’t want to argue with her so i nodded and walked towards the room i slept in whenever i visited. I opened the door and flicked on the light. A mass of golden curls was on my pillow. I had found Goldilocks in my bed.
To be continued..