Twine Episode 21


” Who did you call?” i asked Vicky as she hung up the call.
” I called a family friend. He should be here soon”
she replied nervously.
” This, this friend, will you be safe with him?”
Victoria sighed loudly. ” Tomi i will be fine.Thank you so much, you are a wonderful person”
Few minutes later….
A car honked at the gate and we both went outside. The guy parked his car and got out. He was a tall, handsome guy with packs. He certainly looked Like a knight to the rescue.
” Is he the one?” i asked.
” Yes.”
He walked over to where we stood and we exchanged pleasantries.
” Tomi meet Tosin, he’s a family friend” she said, gesturing.” Tosin, Tomi”
His hand captured mine in a firm handshake.
” Hope you didn’t tell Kelvin i called you” Vicky asked him. ” I don’t want anyone to know where i am”
” No i didn’t.” he said.
” I will follow behind you in my car.” She said. ” thank you”.
” You are welcome”. he called, walking towards his car.
With Victoria gone, my apartment felt so lonely without her. I stood against my door, looking out into the night. A big fat lonely tear dropped down my cheek and i wiped it off with the back of my palm. Life is so lonely when you are a lazy girl, you don’t have friends because you are either too lazy to make one or keep the ones you have. Once guys percieve that you are lazy they make it an excuse to give you the dump and most people are under the misconception that a lazy person is a stinky person so they do their best to avoid you. Even My co_workers shy away from me because to them i am ‘ unfit’. Lord knows i try my best these days to fit in but it is not easy.
I heard a car pull up again, the screeching sound of the tires pierced the serene atmosphere and i braced myself. i was so sure it was Linda, but the person who walked through the gate was Richmond. I hate to admit it, but i missed him. The guy deserves some credit for putting up with my shiit for six good months.
” Hey” he leaned closer and pecked my cheek softly.
” Hi” i whispered back, burying my nose into his shirt. He smelled of soap, sweat and something dark and masculine.My heart fluttered.
” Can we go inside?” He asked.
I know what he meant. My feelings was still tangled and i don’t know how to untangle the sticky hot mess that was my life. Once a cheat, always a cheat right?
” No, no, Rich what are you doing here?”
” Tomi…….i thought we have settled this.” He said.
We heard another car pull up and the gate was thrown open with force.Two ladies marched into the compound, in our direction and i cringed inside. This doesn’t look good. There was something familiar about the fairer lady and i searched my head until it hit me. Oyinyechi Okafor. She stole my scholarship in high school.
” Victoria! I know you are here!” Linda screamed, she spared a glance towards Rich and blanched.
Rich looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here and the albino girl was starring daggers at me.
” Rich? What are you doing here? and you! Why are you keeping our sister here against her will?” Oyinye asked.
” What do you want here? you s–t! have you taken to stalking me now?” Rich said, roughly grabbing Linda’ s arm.
” Richmond please stop it! She is my boss”
He tensed up, shock written all over his face before letting go of her.
Oyinye’ s glaring gaze was fixed on my face.” Don’t i know you from somewhere?” She asked.
” Miss Linda, I am sorry but your sister is not here and i also apologize on behalf of my friend here”
” Yes! I remember you now! You are that dirty girl from high school” She shouted like she was announcing an important discovery. ” You lost a scholarship due to your dirty nature!”
” Shut the hell up!” Richmond turned his wrath on her.
” Oyinye let’s go” Boss lady said.
” But Linda…”
” Let’s go!” Linda screamed, already going towards the gate and her puppy hurried after her.
I let out a pent up sigh.
” Why couldn’t you just keep your mouth shut?” I snapped at him angrily.
” why didn’t you tell me?” he said.
” Tell you what?!”
” You could have told me that she was your boss”
I walked into the house and locked my door. He was the cause of the problem now i have to fix it somehow. I know Linda wasn’t pleased to find out that her mousy assistant also had a taste of something she had eaten.
I woke up earlier than usual, i wore a light make up and ironed my best trouser suit. I needed to look good for the confrontation with Linda at the office. I knew it was inevitable, so i had to prepare myself for it. If i looked good, i would surely feel good i told myself. The receptionist wasn’t on seat when i entered the building, it was a good sign. I won’t have to endure her false cheerfulness. I saw a large carton box sitting on my desk, a quick glance told me someone had taken the liberty to tidy up my office. I could see my make up brush which had rolled under my desk months ago in it, my tea mug which was carefully hidden under my bottom drawer because of the green mucky stuffs growing in it was also in the box along with some of my books and other junks which i had failed to dispose.
I wondered who the kind soul was. I always told myself that i would get around to tidying things up but it always skips my mind. I was so happy to find my things neatly placed in the box that i didn’t hear my office door open. I smelled her presence before i turned around to see her. She pulled one of the office chair and sat down, she motioned for me to do same and i fixed my butt on the second chair.
” Good morning Miss Linda” i said, rubbing my sweaty palm on my trouser.
” Save it. You can see i took the liberty to help you tidy up your office.” she said.
” I was going to………. ”
” Don’t bother. ” She handed me an envelope.” Sadly, your employment with us has been terminated”.
” Why? I have done nothing wrong!” I cried out.
” You think so?” She smirked.” If you want me to give you a reason for firing you, then i will give you one.”,She said in a low menacing tone.
” Is it because of Rich?” i asked foolishly. ”
” I don’t have time to trade words Tomi. I have a company to run ” She stood up regally and cat walked out of the office. She stuck her head in again, ” Of course you will be handsomely paid for this month and next month”.
I picked up the box containing my belongings,I should have expected this from that wicked lady! I wondered if i should get Miss Maggie involved but pride took the better of me and i walked out with my box.
To be continued ..