Twine Episode 20


” Where are you going at this time of the night?”
I almost jumped out of my skin as the parlour flicked on, i almost jumped with glee when i saw that it was my brother.
” Sola i thought you were already asleep”.
” I was watching a movie and i slept off. You jarred me out of sleep” he said with a bone_cracking yawn. ” Where are you going?”
” I have to be somewhere now”
” Where?”
I knew he would persist until i tell him and i didn’t want our voices to wake up our father.
” Promise me this will only be between us”.
” I promise.”
” Mom is ill” I informed him.
He suddenly looked pensive. ” What happened to her?”
” I don’t know but her condition is critical ”
” Tosin you know that i had to throw her things out…..Father expected it of me and i had to.”
” He sent her away like a dog and he cut her off without a penny! I said with pain.” You should have stood with me against Father.”
He had the good sense to bow his head in shame. ” I feel so terrible. What should we do now?”
” I want to go see now and give her some money too.” I said.
He smiled. ” I wish i could also come along but one of us has to stay here so Father won’t suspect. Please tell her I’ m sorry and give her my love.”
” I will. Sola you got my back on this?” I asked.
” Sure Lil bro. I got it. Oya go quickly and come back before Father wakes up.”
” Thank you”
I drove off to the hospital where my mother was taken by the management of the hotel she lodged. I met her shivering at the reception, and a saucy nurse was shouting on her. I paid the bills and she was given a bed. I left at the break of dawn so my father won’t suspect that i had gone to see her. But when i got back,my bags and my family outside.
” Tosin so you defied my orders! ” he shouted.
I looked at Sola, he had a big grin on his face and i felt my hand balled into a fist. I wanted to smash the grin off his face. He had betrayed me. Our Father couldn’t have known that i went out or even saw my mother if he hadn’t tattle on me.
” Father you should have seen how i begged him not to go.” Sola lied, his eyes were trained on mine.
” Why? Why did you go see her despite my warning? do you have any idea what that woman did to this family? She has dragged our good name through the mud! She soiled our reputations! ” Father said, taking a low pain laced tone.
” I am sorry dad. She was critically ill and i only went to give her some money.”
” A married woman who can lie with another is capable of murdering her husband. You have shown where your loyalties lie on countless occasion and i am no longer comfortable with you being under my roof.”
” Father please. I apologize, it won’t happen again.”
” I am sorry too but i don’t want to be strangled in my sleep. I want to sleep with both eyes closed. Take your things and leave.” He said with a note of finality.
” Where is the key to the car you took out?” Sola demanded.
I opened one of the boxes, removed the file that contained my certs. I threw the key at him and my treacherous brother caught it in one fluid motion. I walked out of the gate with just the clothes on my back but i left the young foolish boy in me behind. I knew then that i won’t rest until i see my father and brother shed blood from their eyes.
To be continued ..